Long sleeve wedding dresses 2015 in UK

Wedding dresses, it’s difficult to say “almost” for our brides when they pick their best gowns. It’s a sweet dream that haunts young ladies many years to wear their beautiful wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are most attractive gown at the weddings, and there are large quantities of styles are avaiable at online dresses shops. Do you like wedding dresses with sleeves? Today, let’s talk about long sleeve wedding dresses.

With regard to the workmanship of your perfect wedding dresses, there are so many things to say. I think every design of wedding dresses is deserved to see, because each of them are created painstakingly by talent designers. Let alone those vintage and classic wedding dresses are in vogue for many years. According to the sleeve length of wedding gowns, wedding dresses with sleeves have different features and patterns. The emerging of long sleeve wedding dresses  often appear in chilly days. That’s why such wedding dresses are welcome in cold winter weddings all over the world. In 2015, how about long sleeve wedding dresses at spring or summer weddings? I think it’s all right for your romantic beach wedding dresses in summer or garden wedding dresses in spring. Chiffon wedding dress with lace sleeves will flatter you a lot even in hot seasons.

buy discount princess style wedding dresses 2015
Long sleeve princess wedding dresses

In UK, the climate is fine. Neither it’s too cold nor is it too hot in the whole years. If you intend to  choose long sleeve wedding gowns for your special day, just got it. This  elegant designs are widely used in vintage wedding dresses. In most classic wedding dresses as far as I know, the wedding gowns with sleeves are more enchanting than others. In 2015, lace wedding dresses seem sweep across the world and become a storm in fashion, and the love for long sleeve bridal gowns with lace sleeves become hits for many young brides.

Where to buy cheap long sleeve wedding dresses UK 2015? In the market of wedding dresses today, a best but cheap wedding dress is not easy to find, despite you have spent much time and money searching it.  For most brides, they have tight budget for their wedding items. Indeed, it is very wise to narrow down your wedding budgets with cheap but high quality dresses. Currently, if you are interested into cheap long wedding dresses, buy your dresses online is very chic and economical. For example, Aiven is professional and reliable stores online, where you can find your best wedding dresses with good discounts, and most importantly, the good service here will make your shopping time more exciting.

buy affordable bridal gowns with sleeves 2015
Wedding dresses with sleeves

In short, we can draw the conclusion that cheap vintage wedding dresses will enjoy its popularity in this new year. If you have order your elegant long sleeve wedding gowns for your marvellous wedding time. Terrific!  Finally, wish our brides have their best wedding dresses at their important days. Good luck!

More information about dresses from: http://www.persun.cc

2015 Prom Dress Trend

Girls love beauty and have natural instinct for stylish dresses. They often bask in the beautiful aura, and it is not easy for them to miss the rare chance to show themselves at prom parties. Graduation is an important stage for our life. Why not dress up for it?  On the prom nights, everyone longs to wear a chic and stylish prom dress. But it is too much for your free and pleasant prom night unless some actions have been taken ahead. How to select a perfect prom dress? This will be the topic we discussed below.


In 2015, prom dresses have a trend of gorgeous and sexy style. Dresses with off shoulder, open back and irregular shape trains are chic for graduation girls. Meanwhile, extensive assortment of colors and ornaments will add to these beautiful dress. Hence, lovely ladies and girls, follow the trend you will be popular and attractive.But where to find a prom dresses cheap ?  With so many prom dresses online, it is not easy to find a good website for your decent dress. Trend goes that the short dress continue to enjoy popularity in 2015. Dynamic and exquisite, short prom dresses impress us on its superior sense of fashion. On top of that,  your dress should be convenient for dancing. Take PERSUN for example, you can find tassels hemline, bubble skirt, high low style and so on. In addition, a pair of stilettos with long and straight legs will add more charms to your  ensemble. The funchion is same with right accessories.

Bold and bright colors are fantastic for short prom dresses. It is no wonder that one shoulder prom dress continue to witness its miracle. At the same time, off shoulder, open back and irregular shape dresses also prevail in this year.

Admittedly, it is not difficult to find a stunning short prom dress. The point is how to find one dress that can flatter your figure and individuality the best. If you long to have a gorgeous night, it will be helpful to consider everything about dress including the flowers, sequins, beads, appliqués and embroidery and so forth.


Unlike the long standard ones, short prom dresses foreground the pure and fragrant nature of girls. They are not only simple and convenient, but also no less formal than the long classic ones.

In summary,the prom dress trend in 2015 is sexy and gorgeous. For example, a short one shoulder prom dress with applique or beads is nice and charming, and you may have another choice. Anyway, enjoy your party and have a good time!


Who is most stunning lady in 2014 Oscar dress?

The Academy Awards is an annual American awards ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry. It seem to be all about films, but for us, It is a pleasure to enjoy the red carpet fashion. Who is the Top ten best dressed ladies on the night?The answer to it only from your farsightedness, please share it if convenient.


Wow,perhaps the firs one is your favorite. Cate Blanchett wore a nude Armani Prive gown with white floral applique. When she floated down the carpet,she was like a goddess. What’s more,charming smile and beautiful dress capture much attention.


To be honest, a black dress on red carpet is not that popular, but in this black gown she really won over many audiences. With a dramatic silhouette and good craftsmanship, it matches her perfectly. What’s your opinion?


Aha, Jessica Biel  have a nice dress, i like that style. And she really is beautiful, but my curiosity for her charming and mystery look is suspended. A fair lady with certain air of mystery, your beloved one?


Kate Hudson wore a sexy Versace white dress.Is she the most stunning one on the night?With a classic Hollywood look she looks perfectly.


A different dress, what’s your discoveries? Kerry Washington has really perfected maternity style, the dress is also available at Persun. Though she looks less graceful on the carpet, she will choose a serious one when her baby was born.


I think Lupita Nyong’o knew everyone was watching her tonight. In that pale blue dress,she makes a good impression for their audience. Beside, a confident smile add more charms to her.


Margot Robbie was in black tonight. Her Saint Laurent gown add much glamour to her.Perhaps she was not recognized at first sight, but her goth glamour was different and unique.


Naomi Watts stunned tonight in a white dress,sexy and charming!Was she  your most stunning one?


How about this red gown?Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful in her dress.Though she met a problem,she still looks graceful while going down. For everyone else, too red is not ok, but she want to be the lady in red. I support her, and you?


In this gorgeous ceremony, we can capture the current fashion signal. When we enjoy the dress show, we are capable of learning some good tricks for our dress up. Sometimes a little change on our dresses will create amazing effect for yourselves. Therefore, enjoy your happy time with a pretty dress.


How about a Fruits theme wedding ?

Been busy preparing the upcoming autumn wedding and seeking an idea of decoration? Persun is here to inspire a whole new decorative idea for your wedding theme : the fruits! Leave aside the decorative accessories and opt for edible decoration: apricot, strawberry, melon, apple … all the fruits to enjoy and to put in the wedding scene!

Where begin ?

Never thought about your wedding decorated with fruits? You can start with your reception tables by choosing all the fresh fruits depending on the seasons, their shape and colour to fit your wedding theme.

fruit theme wedding decoration ideas, orange, mango

Choose your wedding theme color of fruit

As an essential element of the welcome region in a wedding ceremony, cocktails can not be ignored. Choosing the same fruit elements, you can specially design several delicious and engaging cocktails and they can also be one of the guests’ welcome gifts. Bright color, sweet and cool taste can both well reflects the fresh autumn wedding and ease the journey fatigue of guests, making them into the atmosphere of the wedding. Of course, if the budget is relatively well-off, the raspberry wedding is also a good choice. What is more, purple can well demonstrate the elegance of the wedding.

Ensure that the wedding is full of fruity every corner

Since it is a fruit theme, of course, the fruit appears in all the details of the wedding design making guests the most impressive. Do not ignore the wedding scene in every corner, it is best to choose something incense of fruity aromas to decorate in space, so that the whole wedding scene is filled with fresh fruit aroma. And the wedding turns into a sweet Eden and full of fruit!

wedding cocktail decoration with lemons with high foot toast

The details reflects the most exquisite design

Details decide the victory, which is the same last word. With carefully selected orange as vase, matching with a simple floral design, it will be able to reflect the original intentions. In the design of main table flowers floral, you can stick the tiny petals on the delicate ribbon and, both well balancing the sense of distance tall vase generating, but also adding to the elegance for the entire design. The more eye-catching is the vase decoration, with pieces of fresh oranges filled it; the fresh fragrance of oranges will make guests applaud for this delicate decoration.

Table cards can also be a unique wedding gift

Table cards appear to be normal, if carefully designed, in fact, make the guests moved. Echo fruit theme, select appearance lovingly crafted green apple, plus specially designed name card, fresh and elegant, is to give the guest a small gift.

Holding flowers also have fresh fruit

In the fruit theme wedding, the bride with white wedding dress should be like a beautiful fruit elves in the dream of Eden and generally appear in front of the guests. Bouquet specially designed holding flowers exuding fresh fruit aroma is of course the bride’s winning product.

Delicious and delicate fruit cake is essential

Of course you can make a tiered wedding cake according to your own preferences, fully decorated with all kinds of fruit. However, we still recommend Cup Cake of fruit flavors replace the traditional wedding cake, which is now more in line with international fashion trend. Cup Cake should be finer than normal weight. It could allow the visitors to taste several flavors and avoid unnecessary waste.
fruit theme wedding with green grape and leaves

Brightly colored cocktails are good decorative elements

As an essential element of the welcome region in a wedding ceremony, cocktails can not be ignored. Choosing the same fruit elements, you can specially design several delicious and engaging cocktails and they can also be one of the guests’ welcome gifts. Bright color, sweet and cool taste can both well reflects the fresh autumn wedding and ease the journey fatigue of guests, making them into the atmosphere of the wedding.


To create your brands-seats, you can simply use apples by planting a stick with a tag on which is inscribed the names of the guests. This is an original idea to impress your wedding guests.

Decorate your reception table with an amazing bouquet of fruits and vegetables. You can even customize the bouquet with yellow tomatoes, strawberries, grapes according to your tastes and your desires!

If you have opted for a wedding color theme, you can aso enjoy this wonderful fruity idea for your colorful wedding tables. Each table can be decorated on the basis of a particular fruit.

Fruit fit easily as elements of decorations and of taste. Use a kir of raspberry, peach or blackberry to naturally add the fruits elements in the wedding.

Animate your wedding by making available a small bar for your guests, where they can create their own fruit cocktail.

For desserts, leave place for stuffed or iced strawberries. Treat your guests with small customized jars of jam, they will enjoy!

There are some online websites which can offer online creation of your customized media labels: bottles of wine, champagne, olive oil, books and so on. Add photos, your own texts … the limit is only your imagination!

These fruity ideas have given you ideas? What fruit are you going to put in scene for your wedding?

Source d’inspiration : http://www.zankyou.fr/p/decoration-fruits-mariage

Orange Wedding storms

Orange is one of the most fashionable colors, and it as the wedding theme color is also excellent in the early autumn! Whether decorate wedding using pure orange, or mix with brown, black or gold, it can create a unique wedding. How to use the orange in autumn to create a wedding?
Orange Wedding storms

Step 1 reasonable proportion of colors

Orange itself is active and bright enough. If you blindly use orange in a large area in the wedding scene for decoration, it is likely to cause visual fatigue and clutter. So be sure to plan the design of ratio on the use of orange before the wedding.

Step 2 decorate the sign area according to conditions.

If you select a specialty restaurant to hold the wedding, you can choose the most interesting corner as the wedding attendance zone. In early autumn, the sun will be more dazzling, choose an ancient framework with Zen design as the background of the sign and decorate it by hanging the large and small orange garland above it, bringing the visual cool for the guests in the bright sunny day!

Step 3 wedding invitation is the first orange gift.

The invitation must be designed in unity with the wedding theme color. You can select the elegant orange card to break the traditional style-the greeting card style invitations. With a high-quality brown ribbon, you can connect the invitations, reply cards and wedding venue maps together and hand in the hands of guests like a string of beautiful photo frames, which is the first orange gift prepared for them.
an African wedding ceremony with orange bouquets and flower corset flowergirls in golden dresses

Step 4 Delicious orange dessert is the sweetest welcome gift.

It is the best time for guests to enjoy your wedding decorations during waiting for the ceremony begins after the attendance. Some prepare delicious desserts specially designed for the guests and of course, they will be fresh and natural orange color.  Wake up the taste buds of guests with the sweetest welcome gift and bring them a good mood.

Step 5 level of scattered orange floral

The wedding table of elongated shape can match with simple and elegant orange flowers. You can choose orchids, orange roses or dahlias as a major wedding floral. Not too many floral acquired processing, select the same simple vase, showing the most natural beauty of flowers and unity with the fresh style wedding. If it feels too saturated of pure orange, you can add a little embellishment of goose yellow floral.

Step 6 elegant orange bride holding flowers

The pure orange flowers, elegant gold ribbon, holding a bouquet of orange in your hands, with the most pure smile, today you is the noblest orange bride!

Step 7 sweet delicate orange makeup and orange dress

The stylish orange wedding, of course, you should have stylish orange dress. Choose for your bridesmaids orange dresses, or your wedding dress could be bright orange. Or you can use a pair of beautiful orange high heels or an orange handbag to run through the wedding theme in the end. Then wearing a delicate sweet orange makeup, a vibrant orange wedding bride is the most wonderful protagonist.

Delicious orange dessert for wedding table set

Step 8 special salute draws a perfect full step for the wedding.

Select a special salute, marked with delicate packaging; back to donate guests after the end of the wedding. A deep sense of gratitude will warm the hearts of every guest, making a perfect ending.

Tips of wedding day from Collette Dinnigan

The first Australian to be invited to show at the official Haute Couture week in Paris, down-under design sweetheart Collette Dinnigan is best known for bridalwear and flirty, feminine gowns fit for the red carpet. Dinnigan dishes on the wedding perfect dress, making yours a day to remember, and adding a sexy twist.

one shoulder bridal dress

After 23 years in the dressmaking business, Collette Dinnigan knows a thing or two about searching for the perfect gown. When it comes to the perfect wedding dress, the rules are much the same. “The important thing for us is that you look at those dresses up close and you can tell the quality of the fabrics is amazing,” she says of the attention to detail she pays to designs like the ones recently launched at Sydney’s Watsons Bay Hotel’s new wedding venue, the Sunset Room. “We spend a lot of time working on it.”

LACE Collette-Dinnigan-Wedding-Gowns-2014

Now that the bridal side of her business is in full swing, she’s more than qualified to be dishing out advice. Her top wedding-day tip? “Do not invite too many people you don’t want to talk to. It’s not a PR exercise. Enjoy the moment. I have so many brides tell me they can’t even remember the day, it just flew by, and I guess my wedding was such a contrast because we made sure we lived it.” Dinnigan ensured her own wedding in Italy’s Positano two years ago was low-key and relatively stress free.

Silver-luxury-wedding gowns

The respected designer’s trick is to keep things modern. “We’re a fashion brand, we’re not a bridal house and we’re not just trying to cater to a bridal market. It’s still a fashion-forward bride,” she says. Dinnigan explains her bridal aesthetic draws heavily from her ready-to-wear collections. “It doesn’t feel like a fairytale. It feels like a very strong confident woman who’s actually quite sexy, too.” Cue her new range of hosiery, available exclusively at David Jones and featuring back-seamed pearl-encrusted stockings in ivory or noir. Sexy indeed.

Five Hottest Prom Dress Looks With Straps

Hot prom dresses with straps are making their remarkable statement for this season. Multifarious prom dresses with straps at PERSUN are always ready to make your next debut ultra glamour and twinkle. Here we have had top five hottest prom dresses 2014 with straps elaborately selected for you.

Featuring close-fitted styles, short mini dress presents a lithe and graceful body appearance. The unique asymmetrical straps design adds to its novelty. Different from strapless prom dresses, this hermosa pink ruffle chiffon one shoulder dress can give you the most refreshing and feminine look.

Pink Wedding guest dress with ruched bodice and assymetrical straps & tiered skirt

Here comes the dazzling sequin cute halter short prom dress. Halter and bling turn out to be the hottest look for this season too. With intricate bead work, chic halter design in bald colors as royal blue and rose red, this dress allow you to dance your style out and feel free to show your sexy back in a modest way.

Though floor length prom dresses do not enjoy the same popularity as short prom dresses, with the right one, you can also make your debut classic and outstanding ever. This unique tencel one shoulder applique dress best shows your original vision for fashion. That have this outfit going with a pair of chic ball earrings, an iridescent rhinestone bracelet and nude heels will definitely make you the prom queen.

Which one comes first as you choose your prom dress, comfort or beauteousness? At PERSUN, you don’t need to make that nerve-wracking decision. You can have both at Persun.cc in this cute beaded applique short prom dress with single strap. Nothing involved in revealing, however, this perfectly tailored dress maintains no less quality of dignity and modesty and at the same time makes the most use of your sexy shoulders and collarbones.

Style number : FCLA308557, Fuchsia Short One shoulder Bowknot Homecoming dress

Prom dresses that best compliment your body silhouette are doomed to be the close-fitting sexy mermaid dress. This stylish asymmetrical sweetheart beaded affordable prom dress is available in a variety of bright colors. No matter it is for a romantic evening dinner or for a vigorous amazing prom night, lemon yellow is always the most eye-catching. Prominent it’s remarkable look with a tassel purse, flashy fringe earrings and stilettoes.

Yellow Beaded One strap Prom dress with ruched top
Click the link to see more photos : http://www.persun.cc/elegant-trumpet-one-shoulder-sweetheart-beaded-evening-dress-p-2427.html

Make your next appearance outstanding in a unique prom dress with straps keep people’s eyes focused on you!

9 must-have in an Amazing Red theme wedding ceremony

Once upon a time, we mistakenly believe that red is antonym of western wedding, and no one dares to wear a red gown on her big day. No! No! No! Red stylish wedding gowns are coming on the vogue these months! In fact, as long as the red is used properly and you focus on the harmonization of the scene and the re-combination of details, it will show everyone plenty of new ideas and surprises.

Red wedding dress and gloves
Be a red modern bride, will you?

Strawberry Corner

Credit : http://truephotography.com

Fresh berries and strawberry and bright red flowers decorated in red and white ribbons on a white wedding cake bring incomparable fresh feeling. The traditional three-tier wedding cake is filled with vanilla cream and hibiscus jelly, wrapped by a layer of white sugar paste, liking an elegant young girl wearing a sweet new clothes.

Bouquets of red hapiness

white wedding dress
The structure of bouquet in the bride’s hands is not complicated. Just red roses, sea jade, cockscomb and red orchid freedom combine with a number of dazzling laces, silhouetted against red flush of joy on the bride’s face, flaunt incomparable happy expression.

Warm seat card

Table card spelled by rose petals with warm and unrestrained written numbers on it, waiting for guests to find them. They act as a seat card role of the appropriate guidelines. The dotted fresh and elegant flower pattern on the silver-gray silk tablecloth echoes silk saffron on the welcome table.

Red joy

Red invitations set the tone of beaming and the printed handwriting is angrier than stiff writing body. Florists personally glue a bow on the cardboard and glue one of the most beautiful roses with the help of the tweezers, simple lines, warm feelings, just waiting for the guests to go to this wedding dinner.

Tropical drinks

The vodka blends with fresh strawberry juice and the girl guests will love this cup strawberries sinks. The lemon slice on the edge of cup, red tablecloths, red edge of napkin, these make every single girl recall their last single time.

Dazzling chair

Red chairs for wedding decorations

Red chair flowers behind the white leather seats avoid the unexpected sense in the visual brought by the white; while two roses adorn the main table in the back / direct guests seated, echoing the overall tone and style.

Sincere thanks

The heart-shaped chocolate cookies packed in plastic sheets, hung red ribbons by the bride and groom, representing newcomers most sincere gratitude.

Red bridesmaid’s dress uniform

4 Red bridesmaid gowns in short

Under the blue sky, the bride with white wedding dress is the most beautiful woman. As a bridesmaid, how to echo the red theme? Maybe red bridesmaid dress is a little too stunts, but if everyone takes a red silk umbrella, it is not only elegant but also full of Chinese characteristics?

The red color is the most suitable bride

Red reveals fashion and passion. The bride wearing a red haute dress appears in the dinner to entertain guests, with the right handbag and jewelry, this evening the “most Reds” is the beautiful bride anyway!

Beautiful wedding dresses photos by photographer–Vivienne Mok

Which place is your favorite wedding filmed? A place where is full of classic charm of the castle, or the sacred quiet church, or the fresh vast sea? If you have not decided, photographer Vivienne Mok tells you, you may as well hand by hand with your love immersed in the gurgling water of the lake, feeling the most beautiful romance.

On this group of wedding dresses pictures, photographer Vivienne Mok select the place of Constance in Swiss to express her inspiration, when the model put on the dresses which by New Zealand wedding brand, Kelsey Genna and Pony Anarchy launch of “The Bride of Lake Constance” wedding series, also combined with Vivienne Mok classic aesthetic photography, how can you not be attracted?

Female photographer, Vivienne Mok, was born in Paris France, she is good at collecting the natural of romantic atmosphere when creating her works, she was once a professional fashion designer, she worked in the famous fashion brand Anne Valérie Hash and as a designer in it, and later engaged in photography, this romantic aesthetic style on wedding dresses photos has become her classic.

This time, Vivienne Mok shoot in a place which is one of the Western Europe’s largest lake– Constance. The bright dazzling sunshine, sway in the blue sky and the lake, adding with the model in that kind of cool temperament, becoming the best match of the screen. Three-dimensional lace, lightweight chiffon tulle, and a combination of hand applique woven lace Kelsey Genna dress, this is the most beautiful and aesthetic scenery in the world, just as pulling you into a fairyland and the pretty fairy is waiting for you there.

For Vivienne Mok concerned, maybe tulle is not only as decorative accessories, but also the important role of manifestations. Gently brushed the bride’s skin, as if have the feeling of the warm mellow moments. Natural light goes through the tulle, lace and lace hollow echo, beautiful but not pretentious, perfectly showing the bride’s delicate temperament, how it would not be attracted by her?

Just enjoy the photos:

Select a prom dress that can attract everybody towards you

prom dress beautifulIn the United State of America prom dress is generally worn by young girls during their prom night. Prom is a formal dance function held at the end of academic year by high school or college girls.  This has lot of relevance among the teenagers hence selection of prom dress is vital for young girls. Girls do give much importance for the selection of prom dress as this is one of the most important nights in their life. So keeping the prom memories as warm as anything you can apply bit of your imagination to get the right choice of prom dress.

How can you select a best Prom Dress?  Each girl wants to be seen and noted in her best form on her prom night. The color of the prom must be matching to your body color. The design should match with your body structure. So typically, a prom dress would be ideal for you that match with your external personality. Since it is going to be your first great important night of your high school/college life you have to apply a concentrated effort to select a best prom dress for you. It would be difficult for you find out a good dress on your first attempt of shopping. So it is preferably advised to start visiting garment show rooms to find out a dress that suits most to you. There is an adage which says, if you look for something so immensely you won’t it. So keep the idea of buying a prom dress when you are on a shopping and if you find across a good prom then buy it without wasting time.

Constant visiting in the garment shops will give you a better understanding about the market trend. You can consider going through fashion magazines to find out the latest models of prom dress.  You can go through different sites and check what kinds of dresses are being used by celebrities in their latest events. Prom dress offered through internet portals made revolutionary changes in the shopping. If you are decided on a particular kind of prom dress then with a single mouse click the order is confirmed and processed. Within in next couple of day’s time you will have the dress in your wardrobe. In the event if the ordered dress does not match with your body size then options are available to ask for a replacement.

cheap prom dressGone are the days when prom dresses are only affordable to the rich celebrities. Now, anybody can buy prom dress according to their budget. You can have copied cheap prom dress as worn by celebrities. Buying a cheap prom dress will not degrade your personality. Most people do not have the ability to judge the cost of your costume. It is your personality radiated with your confidence control the mass. Somebody who wear a costly dress and do not have the confidence to carry the body language to the required level will not match with the quality of the dress. So it is you, only you and how you present yourself among your friends give an edge on you than others.

Prom dresses are available in different colors, fabrics and styles. You need to wear the dress in the trial show room before you buy the dress. You can also take advises of your friends or the sales people to confirm the fitness of the dress. Once you are completely satisfied with the fitting then you can decide on it. Check the style of the dress and if you feel the style suits you then go for it rather than going after its price.