Prom dresses most important accessories

prom dressesIts basic fashion but how many people keen to fashion laws nowadays? If you have little fashion “˜schooling’ as many people around do today, you do not have to expose yourself in public gatherings by failing the basic tests and especially not at prom night. You do not have to appear in the most gorgeous of prom dresses in town only to leave out the very basic accessories that must accompany them.
It is basic that the corresponding accessories must accompany prom dresses. First up are the shoes. Your choice of shoes whether flat or heeled must be comfortable to walk around in. your prom night will involve lots of dancing, moving about and around and your footwear must be very comfortable for you. You don’t want your shoes to impede your movement while you jive and dance up and around with your friends.
You need a matching bag to go with your prom dress. Between the dress, shoes and handbag there ought to be color matches and blends. It is simple; if you are going in a red gown, then either or both your shoe and bag should be of same color. The bag itself also ought to be a simple small handbag that does not have to carry so much. Its only prom night; when you are heading for the shopping mall, you can take the very big one.
Your choice of jewelry must also be considered while planning your prom night outfit. Do not just pick up any pair of earrings, necklaces that happen to lie around as you dress up on the night. Even if you had that habit initially, you must train yourself to plan yourself long before the day of the event. Aside planning, try out the things you intend to wear on the night. Perhaps the gown is a little tight or maybe the shoe is very lose; you can fix all these long before the prom night arrives. You don’t want any unfavorable last minute changes. The cure? Plan early.
nice prom dressesWith the shoes, bag and jewelry in place your make up and perfume would be next. You do not want to look all so fine and flashy in your clothing only to have an awful stench repulsive to others. Such little things can be the difference between having a great prom night and a depressing one. Light makeup always wins; it’s not Halloween.
One more word on the prom dresses, it would be nice if you choose a simple yet unique style and design of dress for your prom night. Wear something beautiful not bogus, simple yet classy. You are a lady; you want to turn a few heads and other girls slightly jealous.
Do not forget your smile and friendly demeanor at home. It is not in vogue to pick up a fight with anyone at prom night. Its only prom night but then there is a possibility you might not see some of your classmates again. Leaving a good impression in looks and actions have not substitute.

Wedding Dress With Detachable Train

When choosing the perfect wedding gown, you should take the local weather, convenience of dancing and walking around, the dirt and the sand from the floor or grass, quality and price and so many things into consideration. What if you could just take the long train off?  And definitely yes, you surely can.

It might be unimaginable for people who have been used to a more traditional approach. However, in a wedding dress with detachable train would be super convenient no matter for dancing the whole night out or entertaining your respected guests. And, today, we are going to share with you this fabulous Organza Sweetheart Applique Beading Lace Wedding Dress With Detachable Train.

Aristocratic fabrics of silks and satins, traditional but unconventional inspirations of design as well as elaborate and meticulous embroidery make this wedding gown unique in its own way. Romantic lace upper adds more sexy maturity and femininity. Waisted design perfectly shows your lovely curves to the best.

What’s worth paying attention is the original removable long train which offers you a gorgeous a-line silhouette appealing to most figure types. With this long train made from organza with matched elaborate applique, you can walk down the sacred aisle full of elegance and dignity.

When the reception is beginning, you don’t bother to change a more comfortable evening gown or formal wear for your first dance. Taking the long train off, you will magically turn into a breathtaking mermaid. You are free to have fun and do whatever you want. Or you can dance the whole fabulous night away. It is fantastic to have two dresses at the price of one for your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Find a unique wedding gown with a detachable train, you can get changed in minutes from a princess in your dream to a queen rocking your wedding party. In this way, both your dream of being your princess and having a carefree perpetual unforgettable wedding can come true. Original designs and chic look of these distinctive elegant wedding dresses from PERSUN have witnessed one after another gorgeous brides who also enjoyed their wedding as much as possible. When is your turn? 🙂

Prom Dresses 2014 New Arrivals

What’s the newest look in style for proms 2014? PERSUN offers you this golden opportunity to catch a glimpse of the latest and trendy prom dresses 2014. Huge discounts up to 30% are offered at Persun now. Get ready now to check out new arrivals at before they are actually sold out!

Girls, you deserve a unique prom dress for your next special date on your calendar! Today, we bring you three gorgeous looks among our hot sales which have just arrived. New look No.1 is a Cute Sweetheart Pleated Prom Dress. It’s perfectly suitable for girls with hourglass, pear or rectangle figures. No matter it’s for proms, cocktail party or for homecoming, this dress is definitely a hit. Split joint is prevailing for this season and will enjoy greater popularity in the year to come.

It’s getting more and more common that proms and all the formal occasions are calling for more original and unique dresses. However, most boutiques can’t satisfy the needs with their limited stocks. While, at PERSUN, you are free to browse hundreds of distinctive styles. New look No.2 turns out to be a Sexy Trumpet Pleated High Low Prom Dress With Flower. High-low design appears to be another hot topic for the next season. Besides hot red, more colors as aqua and silver grey are available for this distinctive long prom dresses. Big flower by the waist adds to your chic look and fashion taste. Pleated design combined with graceful ethereal trumpet skirt maintains to be the most picturesque scenery at PERSUN.

Here comes the New look No.3, a Sexy Low V-Neck Beaded Blue Chiffon Mermaid Prom Dress. Whether it is more mermaid or more trumpet, you take charge! Girls with gorgeous figures as hourglass, pear, rectangle or inverted triangle should throw yourself into this fabulous prom dress right now without hesitation. Vintage embroidery with providential emerald encrusted, intoxicating linellae and waisted design make this outfit a piece of art from nature.

Quantities of new collections of formal and semi-formal inexpensive dresses for proms, cocktails party as well as evening dinners are distinctively tailored and elaborately designed to your fashion taste. All kinds of sizes are available as well. You are bound to find the perfect look for your next grand debut.

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Prom Dresses Short and Tight

Different person interprets the style of glamorous prom dresses differently. It is your adorable figure that determines the distinctive shape and color of your wedding dress, not the other way around. Today we have two fabulous short prom dresses meticulously selected of the latest arrivals for you.

For this season, prom dresses short and tight are going berserk. It’s time to let your legs do the talking. In consideration of prom dresses short and tight are always close-fitting, PERSUN only use fine and compatible materials like satin, taffeta, silk in order that you can enjoy your whole night in a comfortable dress. This Square Neck Beaded Prom Dress Short and Tight is made of satin as well. You can complete your perfect appearance in a pair of closed toe heels. No more dazzling accessories as bracelets and statement earrings and necklaces. That’s redundancy. Accessories can add more charm to your appearance if you had them in the right way.

In a fabulous prom dress short and tight, your legs naturally become the focus. Therefore, do everything you can to primp your legs and maintain them in the optimal condition for this Strapless Beaded Rosette Mini Prom Dress Short and Tight to show your best appearance. The Glamour about this dress lies in the rosette design, which is original and distinctive. Featuring glittering beaded top, the pleated seam waist perfectly creates a smaller waist and sculpts your fine curves. Complete the feminine touch with stilettoes and long pendant earrings.

Short sexy prom dresses 2014 are more casual compared to floor-length gowns. Thus, with your hair exquisitely up-done or freely hanging down the sexy shoulders, you can enhance their chic nature and vitality even further. Prom dresses short and tight are amazing. Unlike long conservative or revealing gowns, they perfectly embellish your body type and hot curves while still leave something to the imagination. With a prom dress short and tight, you are one of a kind star on your party, because no one gets a admirable figure as you. You are unique.

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The new Western-style yacht wedding

The Western-style wedding is always romantic. To receive the bride, you do not have to use a wedding car. You may be willing to hold the wedding ceremony on a luxury yacht on board. And dozens of loved ones come to celebrate and to share the sky and sea. The wind blow the white wedding dress and this moment will be into eternity. In addition, for smaller parties such as the engagement ceremony, Bridal Shower Party and Bachelor Party, even the after-wedding celebration, the yacht is a spectacular choice.
The new Western-style yacht weddingThe best seasons to hold the yacht wedding are late spring, summer, and early autumn. These are the best time to sail on the yacht. Because there are too many factors at sea that are more difficult to grasp, for all perfection, we must pay attention to the following points:

Yacht facility

Notice the Sleeps of the Yacht, and the entertainment equipment and facilities, such as the sanitary facilities, the seating comfortable or not and so on. After all, the performing ceremonies and the following parties are all held at sea. You must ensure the comfort.


Newcomers should respect all the wedding guests; in that case, the couple has the responsibility to reject any intruder’s presence, such as pesky mosquitoes, flies and various insects. Especially when the flies fly in food, it is indeed large boil scenery. Therefore, you should communicate with the relevant managers of the venue in advance and take every safeguard measures to prevent the mosquito and pest. If it is a winter wedding, it is certainly colder the outdoor. You should put some heaters, bringing the warm to the guests to show your care.
The Western-style yacht wedding


The wedding music is also an important prop to create the romantic atmosphere. And guests are all hoping to witness the entire ceremony by the eyes and ears, so the outdoor audio equipment can not be ignored. So you should communicate with the relevant units of the venue beforehand carefully. Ensure all the guests at the wedding be taken care of thorough.

Safety Measures

Holding the yacht wedding, the couple should be sure of the normal operating conditions, and complete life-saving facilities. It is better to ensure the presence of two lifeguards to ensure safety on that day.
beach wedding

The plan B

Everything must buy insurance, and it could not be better to prepare a back up plan. For example, have the measure to deal with rain. But you must communicate with the service provider clearly about your requests and Plan B content, and identify each feasible project at least one month before the wedding.


The outdoor temperature often affects the quality of food. So try to avoid the perishable foods, such as some dishes mixture of the mayonnaise, the cutting fruit. Likewise, the wedding cake, the material should also avoid the category relatively easy to melting. And you should mention the outdoor wedding matters with the cake supplier, so that he can design your wedding cake materials and shapes according to the outdoor environment.

2014 Spring and Summer Fashion Week-Christian Dior

In the early 1950s, Christian Dior dresses’ characteristic are mostly position as multilayer structure and exaggerated silhouette, like flowers, patchwork, complicated but not chaos and appear a delicate beauty, so these series clothes get a “Corolle Corolla” reputation , even then become the landmark works which is difficult to be ignored by these fashion-loving. After a lapse of nearly half a century, Raf Simons turn this elements moved back to the T stage, not only the field full of flowers, the Wizard of Oz or the clever transformational flowers folds behind the design , everything appears to be as natural philosophy, skillful technique, and almost sincere.

It is naturally that we do not have much to say mastery on evening dresses. Raf Simons, add Christian Dior’s brand founder’s bulky evening dresses to his series dress this time, in color, he also added a layer of metallic luster which has a strong sense of the future, unobtrusive, not absurd, back to elegant posture and also let the world appreciate his cleverness and “ambition”——Not flamboyant personality, not discerning the thoughts, we do have the reason to have an infinite hope in him.

Primrose, since the 15th century, has been used to represent the best thing. But when it connected behind the “path trail”, it has become a metaphor of words in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, and was for the first time to use– with a certain subjective selectivity and pleasant journey of self-destruction, provocative, pioneering and chilling pioneer flavor. Oscar nominated director Gregory La Cava also produced a same-name movie in the forties, the storyline is about how patriarchy is collapse, and how is replaced. This time, it is presented in the form of cloth using by Raf Simons’ iconic “statement collage”, which constitute a strange and harmonious combination together with “Hyperrealism ” and other words, and then think of the show, it happens to be arranged into a lively spring atmosphere, everything seemed has its deep meaning, just like an aesthetic revolution is about to begin. In this fashion show, what means more is, we are no longer hazard a guess, we surely believe that the series will be released more——Revealed more puzzles.

2014 spring and summer, is the season of pleated skirt. All the brands have released their similar ones, but the applications of Christian Dior more like makes sense – mining directly from the archives of the brand in the fifties, Raf Simons inject a more modern flavor of smart for these old-fashioned elegance , it revealing a poststructuralist extraordinary beauty and height temperament.