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Persun is an online shop brand which specialized in the sale of medium and high grade dresses and shoes for women. Having over 5 years of experience in the business of apparel, this oversea e-commerce leader knows exactly how to satisfy womens’ clothing desires, and always at a reasonable price with a correct customer service. Taking benefit from the stable, long-term and cooperative relations with a number of domestic manufacturers, the diversification of clothing types and accessories is ensured. Customers from almost every corner in the world just keep sending us their kindly review to us: France, Germany, England and America … Persun’s principal mission is to constantly provide customers with the latest fashionable outfit for their social events.

Main products

Persun.cc is an international provider of the latest formal dresses including prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming and plus size dresses and so on. Women shoes like red bottom heels and other elegant pumps and sandals are also provided in different catalogues on the website.


1. Supply Chain

In order to give our customers the best products on the market, we actually visited hundreds of factories distributed in South-east China, a region famous for its light industry, or, in another word, textile. We also tested their products in order to find some serious cooperators as the embroidery and beads embellishment on a woman custom-made dress call for a dedication for the career in terms of professionalism. In this way, we’ve filtered out a few credible manufacturers which are capable to satisfy our needs of professionalism and norms.

2. Fashion leader

As you may find out when typing Persun on Youtube or browsing fashions blogs, our name has captured fashion enthusiasts from all around the world thanks to the unique appetite for up-to-date trends and designs, in which we’ve always insisted. Most of our customers are young, professional women, who want fashion that reflects their up-to-the minute sense of style, fashion that gets compliments both at work and in daily lives. As our shop pays close attention to the popular trends in women dresses and shoes, we are always excited  to see how people love our goods and their desire to bring them home as many as they can.

3. Best quality and price

As a saying goes, “Distance tests a horse’s stamina.” Persun has been incredibly strict with its products’ quality following the highest industry norm. When coming to the question of fixing the price for each dress and shoe, all the marketing group would go through a scientific research of the local market purchasing capacity, product fabrication difficulties and selling points, and finally come out with an acceptable and competitive price for the detailed customer to ensure that they feel comfortable at the price and that all different budgets can find their way out on our e-shop.

4. Excellent Service

As a customers-oriented e-commerce runner, we understand that it is vital to meet our customers’ needs for the development. We try all means to meet all YOUR needs and requirements and make you have an enjoyable shopping experience. What we have to mention is that Persun.cc can put a dress into reproduction from the pictures or sketch provided by our customer, which you may feel interested to drop us a line.

All in All

Persun.cc is committed and ready to provide you with high-quality clothing and shoes with unexpectedly low prices and satisfactory customer services. Persun.cc, the right spot for you to get a colorful and trendy life! Wish you a great on line shopping experience!

Sincerely welcome all the customers or people who read this to establish a long-term business relationship with us!

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  1. if the dress i would like to order from the website is already in stock and ready to ship do i have to wait a processing time?

    1. Hi Kenisha, if this is a in-stock product, it would take usually one or two day to process your order and send out the dress from our warehouse. You would have to add the delay of the delivery (usually 3-5 working days) for your expecting receiving time.

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