Endangered honeymoon destinations in the World

April 25, 2015, the 8.1-magnitude earthquake destroyed 12 world heritage buildings in Nepal. In fact, there are various types of geological hazards. For example, global warming are threatening many countries and regions. If we put off the date for these honeymoon in San Diego, we will be likely to miss them out at the rest of our life. Today let me check out those noted honeymoon San Diego in danger.

First, the Maldives
Clear water, coconut trees and colorful underwater world are elements of Maldives. The perfect holiday paradise will disappear from the earth in 38 years if the temperature rises 2 degrees, so seize the time and spend your wonderful honey time with your lover!


In Maldives, every island has a hotel. There are more than 1000 islands and 202 inhabited islands, each island has its own character, Huvafen Fushi is the perfect honeymoon couples shrine, has the world‘s first underwater spa, Jimmy Lin & Chen if the instrument wedding was shot here oh ~ Vera Tuvalu island is surrounded by palmitic, leisurely relaxing holidays and privacy Lagoon is an essential element of the honeymoon; Kandooma is the best diving point, Strait, caves and underwater rocks make the seabed adds a touch of fantasy mystery, the Maldives and many beautiful islands wait for you to explore together.

Second, Venice

Venice has been suffering from flood erosion, coupled with rising water levels, sinking 0.5 centimeters every year, if not found an effective solution to Venice will soon be submerged. This unique water show and brings together a diverse variety of artistic style, it has not been overwhelmed by taking advantage of time to experience it.

Carnival of Venice attracts a large number of world tourists come to watch, cosmetics, parades, dances, parties and a variety of performances, of course, wearing a mask of the most characteristic travel, honeymoon Venice will let you enjoy unparalleled romance.

Third, Australia’s great barrier reef
Located on the east coast of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef due to excessive degree of human development has caused the death of coral bleaching, damage the ecological balance of the oceans, if it continues like this, the beauty of this is likely in the next 8 – 10 years disappear, another honeymoon Holy Land on Earth.It will disappear.


The Great Barrier Reef is known as a colorful underwater Garden of Eden, over one thousand kinds of marine organisms, over two hundred kinds of birds, many of which are rare species, in this dive the Great Barrier Reef can enjoy a unique underwater scenery, there are strange heart-shaped Great Barrier Reef, a honeymoon trip to experience the incredible Great Barrier Reef.

Four, India Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is the emperor Shah Jahan in commemoration of the late Queen Ji Man · Ballet slaves built the mausoleum, with the deterioration of the environment, the Taj Mahal is now suffering from acid rain, corrosion, cracks in the walls already, a few pillars have also been inclined , precarious.

The Taj Mahal itself is a symbol of love, it symbolizes the Shah Jahan and Queen sincere love, the fascinating Taj Mahal, on a bench in front of ornamental pond garden center Taj Mahal reflection in the water, feel Taj stirring beauty, tighten her hands together to enjoy this romantic moment, let the love heat up.

Beautiful wedding dresses,and splendid scenery. Together with your beloved lady or gentleman, I think you will spend a gorgeous time in your life.

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The charms of sweetheart wedding dresses

Beautiful wedding dresses are sweet dreams for our brides. Nowadays there are large quantities of wedding dresses with different styles online, and you can find your right bridal gowns. The differences of wedding gowns come from lots of factors such as colour, fabric, neckline, embellishment, etc. In this article, I will introduce sweetheart wedding dresses.

What’s sweetheart wedding gown like?

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Sweetheart white organza wedding dresses

In most cases, sweetheart wedding dresses are special examples of strapless bridal gowns. The distinct heart pattern will be most important marks to tell you a sweetheart dress. For example, halter sweetheart wedding gowns are also charming for your weddings.

The sweet design for your wedding theme of love

buy discount mermaid style wedding dresses UK online
Sweetheart mermaid style wedding dresses Aiven

Wedding is an important event of your claim for love. At that day, everything is about your holy love and you will have wonderful wedding time. If you pay more attention to some details on your dresses for something else, you will create big surprises at the wedding day. For example, the sweetheart bridal dresses will display your elegance and reflect your consideration on that special occasion. The longing for love will be written by your delicate and beautiful sweetheart skirt.

The charms of sweetheart gowns for weddings

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Floor length A line wedding dresses UK online

Though strapless wedding dresses or halter bridal gowns are elegant enough, the sweetheart design will add more glamour to your best dresses for wedding. In terms of sight effects, it will display your enchanting curves and contribute to your confidence. In my opinion, confident brides are the most beautiful in the world.

In short, sweetheart wedding gowns will be very nice for your weddings. If you want to be a pretty and confident bride, why not choose such a dress for your best time?

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Six Classic Bridal Gowns, which one is your favorite?

For a romantic wedding, to choose a beautiful wedding dress is a must. If you have not selected your wedding style, then take a look at the six kinds of recommended classic wedding gowns.simple wedding gown1. Colunm wedding dress

Straight, hanging skirt. The most classic style is strapless, empire waist.

Fits for petite brides.

Not suitable for plump brides.princess wedding gown2. Princess wedding dress

Down expanding skiry make this style restrained, but with girl temperament too.

Almost fits for all kinds of brides, especially brides with pear-shaped body, wide hem is a good way to hide the body.A Line Wedding Dresses3. A Line Wedding Gowns

Difference of this style with the princess dress is, the skirt is smaller than princess dress , the overall is a standard A-form.

Fits for any kind of bride, especially brides with not so slim waist, which will brings a visual effect of tighter waist.

mermaid wedding gowns 2015
Affordable mermaid wedding gowns

4. Fishtail wedding dress

Also called trumpet dress, which is synonymous with sexy. It is tightly wrap the waist and hips, spread a fishtail at the knee.

Fits for slender brides in hourglass figure with voluptuous curves.ball gown wedding dress5. Ball gown wedding dress

This is the most classic wedding style, the inspiration came from prom style of aristocratic women .

Suits for brides in pear-shaped.

Not suitable for plump body.sexy wedding gown6. Spaghetti straps wedding dresses

Ultimate sexy style, closly fits from the hips to the thighs.

Fits for the brides with perfect body. This style will magnify all figure flaws, so, be careful to choose it!

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New York 2016 Wedding Fashion Week

2016 wedding trend

The semiannual New York wedding week starts. The Fashion Week brings together the world’s best wedding dress designers and their latest series. Pure lace and tulle dress interwoven, showed a white sea world. Today, let us enjoy the beauty of the new wedding season, create a fantasy wedding!

Top 5 spring and summer fashion trends!

1. Simple and elegant design

The 2016 spring and summer wedding design tends to be more simple, adding sophisticated decor on tulle, soft fabric. From shoulder Marchesa crocheted lace stitching to Houghton lace design, exquisite and beautiful.2016 wedding weeksimple wedding gown2. Sweet crepe skirt

Integration between the layers of sparkling lace crepe, which brings unusual beauty. Exaggerated puff skirt or wave-like soft dress, or starry stitching lace skirt, showing the most touching look of the wedding dress.sexy wedding gown 20162016 wedding gowns

3. Bold deep V

The corset dress deep V-neck design has long been popular on the major red carpet this year, this design also appeared in the 2016 spring and summer wedding in New York Fashion week. Simple V-neck design, without a trace of excess decorative embellishment, everywhere are very sexy and impressive.V Neck Wedding Dresses2016 v neck wedding gowns4. White suit

Though such suits not suitable for all, but there still a lot of designers introduced this style. This year’s design tends to be more classic suits, no exaggerated decoration and shape, clean and pure.

2016 bridal suit wedding suite5. Fantastic layers

Different tulle appear in the 2016 spring and summer wedding dresses, Monique Lhuillier empire design, Theia and lace cloak design, as well as Houghton’s details of back, all will surprise you!wedding dress with sleeves 2016 designer wedding


Elegant Green bridesmaid dresses UK online

Elegant bridesmaid dresses are always popular. From blue bridesmaid dresses to green bridesmaid dresses, if you have one for your best bridal gowns,it will be very pleasant things for your perfect wedding time. Today let me introduce elegant green bridesmaid gowns for.

Light green bridesmaid dresses

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Elegant light green bridesmaid dresses

Green bridesmaid gowns

Buy discount green bridesmaid dresses UK online
Green bridesmaid dresses online UK


Dark green bridesmaid gowns

buy discount dark green bridesmaid dresses UK online
Gorgeous dark green bridesmaid dresses Aiven

The lures of bridesmaid dresses green

With the advent of summer weddings,many young ladies are getting about their best gowns for wedding party in summer. Green is a soft and gentle tone in nature, especially in summer. To some extent, it will bring you comfort and give you refreshing sense in hot seasons.Beside, the bridal gowns are always white, green gowns will flatter our brides. The two colors will create striking tone in sight effects.

If you want to buy cheap green bridesmaid dresses, it will be good idea to buy your cheap bridesmaid gowns online. In general, large quantities of dresses mean there are more cheap bridesmaid gowns for your selection. After all nobody is willing to buy a expensive dress for single day. In 2015 summer weddings,elegant tea length bridesmaid dresses will be in fashion? Are you ready for your upcoming wedding parties?

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