How much do you know about classic wedding dresses?

Wedding ceremony, it’s the most important event in our lifetime. How to find the best wedding dresses? it’s top priority of our prospective brides. In my opinion, the best wedding dress is the right one. Every bride is unique in this world. No matter you choose short wedding dresses or plus size wedding dresses, the most important thing is the the perfect one for you.

Today, in this article, let me introduce some classic wedding dresses for you, they are come from different styles.

N0.1 A-line wedding dresses

The most common silhouette of wedding dresses. No matter what figure you have,you can find a right A-line wedding dress for your weddings.

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A line strapless wedding dress


NO.2 strapless wedding dresses

Strapless wedding dresses is the combination of elegance and fashion. Many brides love this style wedding dresses, and such dresses are really beautiful and charming. What’s  your opinion?

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Strapless wedding dresses

NO.3 wedding dresses with sleeves

I can’t agree more with the wedding dresses with sleeves.If you have wedding dresses with sleeves, i think you will be most graceful ladies at your wedding. Anyway, i like the dresses, and such dresses will be perfect for fall or winter weddings.

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wedding dresses with sleeves

NO.4 Lace wedding dresses

Lace wedding dresses is classic, and it seem never fade away. At least in 2015, you can see many lace wedding dresses. From wedding dresses with lace fabrics to lace embellishments. I think every fair lady will prefer this style of wedding gowns.

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Lace wedding dress

In short, classic style wedding dresses will be in vogue and it will never disappear. Of course, some changes may happen with the past of time,but the pursuit of best wedding dresses will call up the classics. Well, wish our brides have their best wedding dresses for their wonderful time.

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Stylish short bridesmaid dresses in 2015

At present, many young ladies like to wear short bridesmaid dresses, and in 2015, such short wedding gowns will be in vogue. Today, let’s see some short bridesmaid dresses from Aiven dress shop.

No.1  Purple bridesmaid dresses

More or less, we often regard short dresses as sexy style, but short purple bridesmaid dresses can release more signals of elegance and loveliness. If you wear such dress to attend your wedding party, it will add more glamour to our brides and you will have nice wedding time.

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Short purple bridesmaid dresses

No.2  White bridesmaid dresses

Thought it’s same color with wedding dresses, the short style will distinguish bridesmaids and our brides.In general, our brides will wear beautiful floor length wedding dresses to attend their weddings. If it’s not the case, short white  bridesmaid gowns should be avoided.


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Short white bridesmaid dresses

NO.3  Red bridesmaid dresses

Short red bridesmaid dresses are very gorgeous, it can give off the signals of warm and passion. In the weddings, such bridesmaid dress will add more vigor to the weddings.

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Short red bridesmaid dresses

No.4 Blue bridesmaid dresses

No matter sky blue or sea blue, I like the natural blue tone. It is gentle and soft for young ladies. If you want to buy cheap light blue bridesmaid dresses, it will be very endearing at the weddings.

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Short blue bridesmaid dresses

If you want to buy cheap short bridesmaid dresses 2015, you can go visit online dress shop like Aiven. At the weddings,the bridesmaids will play important role in providing all cares for our brides, so short bridesmaid dresses are very convenient for our brides. Particularly in summer weddings, such wedding dresses will be very comfortable for our young ladies.In my opinion, such bridesmaid dresses will flatter our young bridesmaid a lot, do you still remember those lovely girls in short bridesmaid dresses? Wow, it was really cool. In the end, wish our brides have nice bridesmaid dresses and have wonderful wedding time.

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Best Beach wedding 2015 in your mind

I will never forget the scene of beach weddings. There is soft sands and blue sea in the golden beach. What’s more, in sunny days, the gentle breeze will relax you and give you comfort.As for me, there are thousands of reasons fall love into such romantic and interesting weddings, then how about our wedding dresses for beach weddings?

1. Beading wedding dresses

Beading wedding dresses look better on the beach, the sand is sparkling and so is your beads on your wedding gowns.

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Sweetheart beading wedding dress

2. High low wedding dresses

It’s graceful and convenient for your beach wedding, and you will find it not difficult to walk in the sands.

high low wedding dresses sale 2015 UK
High low wedding dress

3. Strapless wedding dresses

A strapless wedding dress is always elegant and attractive.

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Strapless A line beach wedding dress

4. Short wedding dresses

In summer, short wedding dresses are very stylish. If you have beach weddings, such short wedding dresses will make brides looks more charming and they will have pleasant wedding time without much pressure on their dresses.

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Short wedding dress

Different from traditional wedding parties, beach wedding parties can be more casual and free. At present, many young ladies love this style of weddings and they enjoy their special days without too much pressure. In accordance with the wedding theme, some simple or short wedding dresses are becoming very popular for them, and they can enjoy their weddings with a casual wedding dress.

If you want to cheap short wedding dresses or other wedding dresses for your beach weddings, i think you can go visit some dress online shop like Aiven or for best beach wedding dresses 2015.


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The allure of spaghetti straps wedding dresses

At every year of this time, wedding dresses will be hot words in recent news. With the advent of spring weddings, I’m sure that many prospective brides are searching their best weddings. Wow, if you will have romantic and interesting weddings in spring, it will be very exciting and gorgeous. Anyhow, it’s a season of lovely flowers and beautiful butterflies. How to choose your best wedding dresses? It’s a question that has been asked more than thousands of times.

Today, when I open the website page of Aiven dress shop, i found very sexy and beautiful wedding dresses. At first sight, I can’t believe my eyes. A spaghetti straps wedding dress can be so gorgeous and charming.

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Spaghetti straps wedding dress

Different from the straps wedding dresses, the spaghetti dresses can reflect the subtle beauty. In the culture of oriental nations, such dresses are very graceful and sexy. Of course, it’s also popular in western countries.

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Straps wedding dress

In 2015, strapless princess wedding gowns will be in vogue again. The difference between the strapless wedding gowns and the spaghetti one is that the latter one is more elegant than the former one. Though strapless wedding dresses is already very graceful and stylish, it’s  has a little elegance than the spaghetti ones. If not, what’s your opinion?

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Strapless wedding dresses 2015

If you want to buy cheap but affordable wedding dresses for your best wedding time, it will be very graceful to the spaghetti wedding dresses from Of course, you may like the strapless one, but i like the spaghetti best.

Wow, a nice day! Glad to see such beautiful wedding dresses. In the end, wish our brides have wonderful wedding dresses for their important days. Best wishes.


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Bridesmaid dress: The various effects of same color gowns

As a rule, the brides are busy with their wedding dresses, but bridesmaids are also busy selecting suitable bridesmaid gowns. If you are bridesmaids, how to choose bridesmaid dress for yourself will be immediate thing. As the maid of honor, your image is not only show your own charm, more importantly it is related to the bride’s face, but you can’t dress up more beautiful than the bride and not upstage the bride. Today, let’s discuss how to choose bridesmaid dresses from Aiven dress shop.

1. Black bridesmaid dress

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Short black bridesmaid dress

When selecting bridesmaid dresses it is important to choose the color of the dress. Wedding as a visual enjoy place, bridesamids should pay attention to the color of the dress with their own skin. Black bridesmaid dresses are graceful and classic, and its versatile function are favored by many ladies. No matter prom party or cocktail night,such dresses will make you night perfect. Although the colour is slightly conservative, its concise and beautiful bowknot make it fashionable. In my opinion, it will be the right and safe choice to choose black color as bridesmaid dresses. How about little black bridesmaid dresses from aiven dress shop?

2. Red bridesmaid gown

When you choose the red bridesmaid outfit, it is noted that in the traditional Chinese wedding, generally the bride can wear red formal dress, so if the maid of honor put on red bridesmaid dress, she will have the suspicion to catch the bride’s limelight. But if it is in western-style wedding, bridesmaids wearing a classic red dress will bring the festive atmosphere. So, at the Chinese wedding, you’d better choose a classic but mere dress, only in this way can it be show personality and not grab limelight.

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Red bridesmaid dress

3. Blue bridesmaid dresses

Blue is a universal tone. No matter navy blue or sky blue, it is widely used all kinds of dresses. There are a lot of women like romantic designs bridesmaid dresses with silk which dispaly their feminine temperament. And the blue bridesmaid gowns can give you the feeling of soft silk and the romance of flowers.

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Blue bridesmaid dress

4. Green bridesmaid gowns

Green is the color of nature,  but it is difficult to find the right people to suits for green dresses. To be honest, when wearing green, it is not good-looking. But if you are bridesmais with green dresses,it will be very lovely and graceful. In 2015, light green bridesmaid dresses are becoming more more popular. If you choose a pale green bridesmaid gown or a mint green bridesmaid dress,it will be nice for your pleasant wedding times.In most occasions, green bridesmaid dresses are perfect for white wedding theme.

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Light green bridesmaid dress

In my opinion, the same color bridesmaid dresses can create harmonious effect for the wedding, and they will add more glamore to the brides. Therefore, if you want to be charming and endearing bridesmaids, why not choose the elegant bridesmaid dresses in same color at

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Wedding dresses 2015: Different colors adorn your wonderful wedding time

White wedding dress dating back to the Victorian era, and since then, has maintained its leadership role for many centuries.Up to now, the craze for white wedding gowns doesn’t fade away. Maybe it’s the charms of classic items.Nevertheless, with the development of times.It’s not difficult thing to buy wedding dresses with various colors.

At the beginning of the New Year, which colored wedding gowns do you like best? Today, illustrated by wedding dresses 2015 from, let’s introduce wedding dresses 2015.

White wedding dresses

This traditional color will be in fashion in this year again, but it’s the only one in vogue in this New Year.Of course, wedding dresses with this tone are very beautiful and graceful.

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White lace wedding dress

Ivory wedding dresses

It’s a little different from the white wedding gowns, but the changes will mean more chic and fashionable.

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Ivory wedding dresses 2015

Pink wedding dresses

In oriental world, red or pink wedding gowns are common in the weddings,but with the development of the society, pink wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular. What’s your opinion about the pink wedding gowns?

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Pink wedding dress

Of course,apart from the three color wedding gowns, at or other dress shops, you can choose any wedding dresses in champagne and silver tone, as long as you can find the color palette.

If you want to buy your best but affordable wedding dresses, it’s a good idea to buy them online. With so many shop with varieties of fashionable dresses, you will find your perfect wedding gowns in the end. Meanwhile, quite a few wedding dresses online are customizable. You can select any fashionable and lovely color we mentioned in this article. If you have had a master of basic knowledge and practical tips, it wills be useful to find your best wedding dresses 2015.

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Elegant black bridesmaid dresses 2015 in UK

With the advent of your upcoming wedding parties,young girls and ladies, are your ready for your roles as bridesmaids? If not, why not take action now? At every year of this time, it’s best time for your cheap bridesmaid dresses online. At the beginning of the  New Year, lots of promotion activities will be released, and you can choose elegant bridesmaid dresses for yourselves.Today, let’s talk about elegant black bridesmaid gowns at

When it comes to elegant bridesmaid dresses, you may have many pretty dresses in your mind. Whether sleeves or sleeveless bridesmaid dresses, or from one shoulder bridesmaid dresses to strapless ones. it’s not difficult to capture the signal of grace.Similarly, black is another graceful element.

Little black bridesmaid dresses

The short black bridesmaid dresses are cute and elegant. They are popular for among young ladies. Even in prom, homecoming parties, such versatile black gowns will be very welcome.

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Little black bridesmaid dress

Halter black bridesmaid dresses

The halter design is very graceful for young ladies, simple but charming.

Elegant black bridesmaid dresses UK online
Halter bridesmaid dresses

High low black bridesmaid dresses

Black gowns with this style are very convenient and sweet, and it can well display the graceful temperament of femininity.

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High low black bridesmaid dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses

Is it possible to wear long dresses at the weddings for bridesmaids? Though short bridesmaid dresses almost account most markets of bridesmaid gowns, the long gowns is also common at the weddings. If you have such dresses at the weddings, you will be extremely elegant.

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Elegant long bridesmaid dress

As the young bridesmaids, it’s an interesting but challenge job to play active roles at the weddings,but it deserved to help your dear friends with saying goodbye to their young girls time.Because it’s a token of friendship and love.Well, happy New Year and wish our bridesmaids have nice wedding time with your elegant bridesmaid dresses.