Strapless Prom Dress Hit the 2012 Fashion Trend

Strapless dresses always make a stunning appearance and resemble more and more beautiful body becomes visible behind the gown. Strapless dresses give the appearance of the chest curvy at the same time accentuate this. Even, in the 2012 Golden Globes Awards, many celebrities choose the look of a strapless dress their bodies when they are on the red carpet.

Strapless Celebrity Dress

So do you want to select a strapless prom dress like a celebrity and look special, beautiful stepping onto the red carpet when you make your entrance at prom?

There is no need spend hours poring over magazines, watching celebrities on television and perusing dresses online to find the perfect dress. Because once you begin to do this, you realize how many style options there are, from elegant beaded or printed gowns to short strapless prom dresses, and myriad choices in between. The celebrities in red carpet always give us a hint of the dress fashion trend. The strapless prom dress is sexy and bold!

Strapless Prom Dress

Get unbelievable looks with this strapless prom dress and truly make your mark in style! This strapless chiffon dress is a timeless prom gown. The strapless waist has delicate pleated detailing and bead embellished waistline.

You can truly be the princess charming with the strapless prom dresses that are now available in a variety of stylish designs.


Top 5 Best Dressed in Golden Globe Awards

What an amazing night at the Golden Globes! In this eye-catching Red Carpet, apart from the exciting moment when the winners accepting the prize from the host, what made us crazy is the celebrities who showed us their glamorous style on the red carpet arriving in a bevy of sexy mermaid silhouettes and sequins. Now share the top 5 celebrity dresses in this Golden Globe Award together.

Top 1 Angelina Jolie in Slit Evening Dress

Slit Front Evening Dress

Angelina Jolie is absolutely one of the most eye-catching celebrities in this ceremony as a famous Hollywood actress. She kept her style and showed off her sexy side in slit front evening dress in that night. The striking touch of sultry red in one shoulder is impressive and adds the alluring detail.

Top 2 Charlize Theron in High Low Evening Dress

High Low Evening Dress

Charlize Theron is wow in this ivory high low dress. The plunging V-neck and long train in back is special enough to catch audiences’ attention. The Young Adult star accented her dress with Cartier jewels and a vintage Cartier diamond headband.

Top 3 Katharine McPhee in Flounce Evening Dress

Flounce Evening Dress

Top 4 Elle Macpherson in Mermaid Evening Dress

Mermaid Evening Dress

Supermodel Elle Macpherson wore an ivory silk tiered tulle mermaid evening dress. This show-stopping tulle mermaid silhouette is sure to turn heads when she walking along the red carpet! Softly pleated strapless bodice is feminine and romantic. Mermaid silhouette shapes a stunning silhouette.


Top 5 Rooney Mara in Column Black Evening Dress

Column Black Evening Dress

Best actress nominee Rooney Mara selected a plunging Nina Ricci column black evening dress  with a slight ruffle at the hemline. The plunging V-neck and cut out front made her look sexy and great, the column show her figure in perfect way. The smart updo is in perfect match with her dress.


Best Prom Makeup Tutorial

The weeks before prom are exciting, we need prepare our prom dress, make up and shoes to create a glamorous, out-of-the ordinary look, it is important to have a good normal base of makeup to work with so you don’t end up looking too made up or not at all like yourself, The key to prom beauty is to be natural with a little added glamour. Here are some tips to create perfect prom makeup!

prom make up


Before put on prom makeup, be sure your face is clean and properly moisturized. Makeup blends best into moisturized skin. Also, if possible, put your dress on before doing your makeup to prevent any stains or smudges that might get on the dress while slipping it over your head.


Not all women under the age of 25 need foundation, but if you have an uneven skin tone, or acne, you might want to use it to make the skin perfect and smooth. The secret is in making it look as natural as possible. Do not apply heavy makeup to the whole face. Instead use a good Concealer. The green Concealer neutralizes the reds, for example. It should be applied to spots only. This way, the foundation that will come on top of the Concealer will not have to be heavily applied.

Choosing the right color is important as well. It should match the skin tone on you jaw line. Beware: the color of the bottle does not reflect the color it will have on your skin. The best way to find the right shade is to go to stores that allow trying the makeup on your face before you buy. Try to see it in daylight as well. Apply the foundation to your problem areas and blend the edges well, whether it is around your eyes or down the neck.


A Very important ingredient to a healthy overall look are the blushed cheeks. Make sure you apply the blush correctly and in the right space. Smile as hard as you can and apply it on the spots that extend out when you do. Those are the apples of your cheeks. Use a large soft brush and apply in circular motion. A light dusting is usually enough. To introduce more color and shape to your face, you can dust lightly you temples and your chin.

Eyes and Lips

Experts say to choose one of those areas and highlight it on the expense of the other. If your eye makeup is heavy, the lip color should be dialed down. If you like your lips as your best feature, by all means, give them your outmost attention, but go lightly on the eyes.

You want to draw the onlooker’s attention to your best feature. If you do both of them heavily, you might just look overly made up.

Use colors that compliment your skin tone, and compliment the clothes.

  • For olive skin, the latest fashion experts say, use colors like bronze, yellow or orange. It makes your skin appear natural.
  • Pale white skin ““ Green, gray and pink go well with this shade. A grey eye shadow can make the eyes look smoky.
  • Dark skin ““ Yellow, plum, red and brown will flatter this skin tone.

For a dramatic affect use liquid eyeliner, for a more conservative look use pencil. You can make use of both ““ pencil on the inner side of the eye and liquid on the eyelid. It takes some practice to get the line straight and unbroken so do not get discouraged after a few tries. When using liquid let it dry before you apply mascara.

Look at red carpet pictures

Most of those actresses were made up by professional makeup artists. Whether it is Penelope Cruz’s smoky eyes, Scarlet Johansson red lips, or Emma Watson natural look, they can inspire you to choose a style you’d like to duplicate.

Practice before the big night

Practice makes perfect. For a little more peace of mind, decide ahead of time what colors you are going to use. You don’t want to remove eye makeup and apply another shade instead. Experiment with different color combinations and choose one that is complimentary your features.

What should you take with you?

  • Lipstick and Lip gloss, mascara, and a small mirror.
  • Small bottle of spray, if you use it.
  • Breathe mints.
  • And almost as important as those – blotting paper. Great to blot out oily skin and great for blotting out sweat.

Before having the picture taken

  1. Blot out shine and oil. Do not wipe, blot! With a help of a mirror.
  2. Reapply your lipstick and liner.
  3. Check under the eye and correct smudges.

How to Select Perfect Shoes for Your Prom Dresses

You’ve finally found your dream prom dresses and you’re thinking that your days of tirelessly searching the shops are over. Prom dresses are really given a great deal of attention by teenage girls given that prom night is one of the most important nights for high school students.

Any way, it is possible that come cross your Prince charming with your lucky prom shoes in your prom party.

With the perfect accessories, you possibly can enter the ballroom floor at your prom looking stunning and fascinating. The best accessory would be the shoes. It is possible to opt for simple shoes or flashy ones.

T-strap Sandal

For the asymmetrically hemmed costume, your legs will shine and so will your feet. So select glitzy high heels on strap sandals to attract all eyes to your feet and legs. With a protracted evening robe, put on promenade sneakers with a stiletto heel. This may make your legs and toes look slender while making you look taller overall.

Red Prom Dress

Medium Heel

With a flared gown that’s the length of your leg calves, put on closed toe sneakers with a medium heel that straps around the ankle. These additionally look nice with a high-low dress cut. For the lengthy, flowing eveningwear, promenade footwear will receive less attention, so you would possibly think about selecting plain, open or closed toe prom sneakers that are the identical coloration as your promenade dress. You might take into account dye-able promenade shoes when you’re unable to find the exact coloration you need.

Purple Prom Dress

With princess style prom dresses, the open toe or closed toe sandal will work great. Choose heel top in response to your personal peak and the shape and length of your legs.

White Prom Dress

Prom dress would truly make you to be noticeable with the proper shoes. Whether they are ballerina flats, strappy sandals, or sharp heels, prom shoes need to make almost any girl light on her feet for a night of love and pleasure.

How to Choosing Right Hairstyles to Highlight Your Prom Dresses

After finishing selecting loved and great prom dresses, are you sure that have made good preparation for your prom party? Another important problem is waiting for you: Hairstyle. The aim is to achieve the right balance between your dresses, your hair.

The most favored prom hairstyles are subject to prom dresses style. Here are several favorite hairstyles for your choices!

Luscious Curls

Today’s most favored prom hairstyles are luscious curls or waves. Multiple layers close to the face, fresh curls, and shoulder time period frizzy hair combine into a perfect belonging for that feminine the mirrors the style of top pop divas. Bangs are also in, especially large or sultry bangs swept to one side.

Generally speaking, luscious curls style is a perfect match with off shoulder prom dresses, which will show off your feminine charming look and reveal your great prom dresses at the same time.

Key Hole Prom Dress

Smart Updo Style

If you are wearing a dress that has a high or a fussy neckline, then it is often best to wear your hair up if you have medium length or long hair. Actually, updo will best complement this style. Because the neck of your dress is such a feature, you will want to keep your hair simple and elegant.

If you are wearing a dress that has a soft and floating skirt such as chiffon prom dress then think about wearing your medium-long length hair down. The movement of your hair will complement the movement in your skirt.


Chiffon Prom Dress

Whatever you choose, be particular the hairstyle is consistent using the dress you have chosen. Choosing the right hairstyle not only can show your prom dressbeautifully but also add your feminine touch.

2012 Fabric Trend: Tencel—From Nature to Closet

In the fabric world, tencel is known for its “drape”. It flatters the human form. The look is luxurious and refined. This new fiber also represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles.

Tencel is a natural, man-made fiber. It is the trade name for the generic fiber Lyocell.

Tencel Prom Dress

Tencel prom dress is always proved to be comfortable and classy for tencel fabric high quality. Here are five distinctive features tencel prom dresses have.


1 Eco Fliendly

Tencel is made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp. The fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources, and is fully biodegradable.

 2 Moisture Absorbent

This eco fabric has natural breathability and 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton.

 3 Good for Health

Due to its moisture management, tencel is also anti-bacterial. Feel of fabric is similar to rayon in feel, soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Tencel has an extremely smooth, soft surface that drapes beautifully to flatter every figure.

Yellow Scale Prom Dress


4 Suitable for sensitive skin

Tencel’s smooth fabric surface feels soft and supple against the skin and its incredible wicking abilities keep the skin dry, making tencel a great fabric for sensitive skin.


5 Durable

This super fabric can hold up to a beating when both we and dry, and is most conveniently resistant to wrinkles.

White Prom Dress


Have you been any person who feels as even though that you simply are linked with merchandise of that nature? As soon as upon a time, tencel prom dress take a look at all the gorgeous prom dresses inside of the marketplace and display up at how effectively they match up your search.

Coffee Prom Dress

Kate Middleton Wow in Lace Evening Dress

Kate Middleton wowed in a sexy, floor-length lace evening dress Sunday at the War Horse premiere in London’s West End. The Duchess, 29, and hubby Prince William, also 29, walked the red carpet at the premiere, which benefited the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Black Lace Evening Dress

Kate is no stranger to lace “” in fact, two of her most memorable appearances to date involved lovely lace frocks. From her custom-made Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress to the lace Erdem sheath she debuted on the Royal Tour, the feminine look is stylish and understated “” and it looks great on Kate!

Lace Evening Dress


Among all women’s clothing, the most one touches me and gives me the deepest impression is lace prom dress. The subtle and delicate that lace evening dresses send out affect me all the time. I doubt all women love lace prom dresses.


A lace dress has become the modern definition of chic. Whether it is an inky black lace shift or a vintage styled women evening dress, this beautiful fabric lends itself to subtle sexiness and elegant panache. Lace dresses are the modern equivalent of the little black dress for evening wear.

How to Find A Stylish and Cheap Cocktail Dress

A blue and white envelope just arrived in your mailbox. Inside is an invitation to cocktail party next week. It is going to have wine, cheese, hor dours, and entertainment. and it will be a dazzling event and you know you should dress up and select a chic cocktail dress to stand out in the party.

Here are some features 2012 new cocktail dresses should have.

Sweetheart Neckline

The sweetheart neckline is typically two curves that curve and meet in the middle of the bust area. Many celebrities have been found in sweetheart cocktail dress for special occasion, such as famous Selina Gomez. This type of design has been around for many years when it comes to ladies clothing. This gives the neckline a heart-shape. It is good to ensure that the bust is covered adequately, while still keeping it a little revealing to ensure that the figure gets its due attention. It is considered more graceful when compared to the deeper necklines and the box type necklines.

Sweetheart Cocktail Dress

Beaded embellishment

Beaded cocktail dresses will be hot sell dress in 2012. Because of the exqiuiste hand-made bead work which should take much time to make, the beaded cocktail always looks high class and great. Every fashion conscious woman must possess a good collection of cocktail dresses in her closet. It is the age of socializing and networking and what really matters is how you carry yourself with supreme self confidence by donning that pretty looking dress.

Beaded Cocktail Dress

Flared Organza Skirt

Like chiffon, organza is light and thin so it is also widely used for making flared cocktail dresses. However, organza has a stiff and shiny texture while chiffon is soft. An organza cocktail dress looks vivid and cute. It is especially popular with young women. The dress glistens brightly in the sunshine and in the night light.