How to get ready for a beach wedding ceremony ?

a new couple kiss each other for their wedding at the beachThe wedding day is the most memorable day and joyful celebration in human beings life! Everybody wanted to make it the most cherishing day in their life. Especially when it matters with ladies beach wedding dress which plays an important role. A beach wedding can be conducted with a lot of amusement and fun. That is the charm why so many couples go for a beach wedding plan these days. You can make it simple, affordable and also you can plan it as a big bash too! It all depends how you want to make the event as a memorable one. Many people would not like to make their marriage as an expensive affair due to various reasons. It could be part of social commitment to make it a simple and private affair. But still there are lots of things to be taken care of as you are bound to invite your friends and relative to be part of the ceremony.

There could be a number of options in a beach wedding and you can plan your wedding in a beach resort or lake side resort or even consider a rich beach resort with full of activities. The choice is always yours as this is your wedding ceremony and you have all the say on this particular day, how the entire episode needs to be conducted. But, remember no matter what you’ve decided to do and how the functions are going to be conducted, the bride is the princess of that day, and hence the bride need to dress in the finest form of wedding dress that can give her the required special appeal.

love letter under sunset wedding photoLocation:

How do you plan your wedding? Well, there are lots more to discuss and decide. You need to start doting down the plan if you are not engaging a wedding planner. You have to choose one of the best venues with pristine beach and wonderful sun set from the plethora of options to make the event a memorable one, not only to you but the guests too! Just imagine, when you are able to tie your knot with your lover, the finest moment of your life among a group of friends and distinguished guest in the back drop of nature’s most beautiful location, with gentle breeze kissing all over your body!


Planning your marriage is simple. You have to decide how you want to have the event. Whether you are planning for a simple marriage with close friends and relatives or a traditional function with a large group of people you can still opt for beach wedding! Certainly there would be lot of fun and the ambience of love you can enjoy in a beach wedding. You can select an exotic beach location if you are having good budget to meet the expenses. The decision on location is directly related to your budget and types of guests who are going to participate in the vent. A private resort attached to hotel is always a good venue to conduct a beach wedding. The venue of the beach wedding should be easily accessible to the guest with good and safe parking locations.

Groom hold his bride whose hand holds a bouquet without shoesThe right moment:

Plan in advance the time of the wedding ceremony. You can decide the “I do” function within the back drop of sun set. Never plan the beach wedding very late after the sun set. The beauty of the beach wedding is to conduct the ceremony during the sun set time. Sun set time would be ideal to take photography. The sea beach will be generally quiet and calm!

Ease yourself:

It is better to appoint a wedding planner and bridal consultant who can do a good coordination job for a beach wedding. Sometime, the wedding venue required permission from the authority. The consultant can organize officials to register your marriage which is a mandatory affair. The bridal consultant can take care of your wedding dress preparation. The only special occasion in your life ““ your wedding day, make memorable with the most of you!

Orange Wedding storms

Orange is one of the most fashionable colors, and it as the wedding theme color is also excellent in the early autumn! Whether decorate wedding using pure orange, or mix with brown, black or gold, it can create a unique wedding. How to use the orange in autumn to create a wedding?
Orange Wedding storms

Step 1 reasonable proportion of colors

Orange itself is active and bright enough. If you blindly use orange in a large area in the wedding scene for decoration, it is likely to cause visual fatigue and clutter. So be sure to plan the design of ratio on the use of orange before the wedding.

Step 2 decorate the sign area according to conditions.

If you select a specialty restaurant to hold the wedding, you can choose the most interesting corner as the wedding attendance zone. In early autumn, the sun will be more dazzling, choose an ancient framework with Zen design as the background of the sign and decorate it by hanging the large and small orange garland above it, bringing the visual cool for the guests in the bright sunny day!

Step 3 wedding invitation is the first orange gift.

The invitation must be designed in unity with the wedding theme color. You can select the elegant orange card to break the traditional style-the greeting card style invitations. With a high-quality brown ribbon, you can connect the invitations, reply cards and wedding venue maps together and hand in the hands of guests like a string of beautiful photo frames, which is the first orange gift prepared for them.
an African wedding ceremony with orange bouquets and flower corset flowergirls in golden dresses

Step 4 Delicious orange dessert is the sweetest welcome gift.

It is the best time for guests to enjoy your wedding decorations during waiting for the ceremony begins after the attendance. Some prepare delicious desserts specially designed for the guests and of course, they will be fresh and natural orange color.  Wake up the taste buds of guests with the sweetest welcome gift and bring them a good mood.

Step 5 level of scattered orange floral

The wedding table of elongated shape can match with simple and elegant orange flowers. You can choose orchids, orange roses or dahlias as a major wedding floral. Not too many floral acquired processing, select the same simple vase, showing the most natural beauty of flowers and unity with the fresh style wedding. If it feels too saturated of pure orange, you can add a little embellishment of goose yellow floral.

Step 6 elegant orange bride holding flowers

The pure orange flowers, elegant gold ribbon, holding a bouquet of orange in your hands, with the most pure smile, today you is the noblest orange bride!

Step 7 sweet delicate orange makeup and orange dress

The stylish orange wedding, of course, you should have stylish orange dress. Choose for your bridesmaids orange dresses, or your wedding dress could be bright orange. Or you can use a pair of beautiful orange high heels or an orange handbag to run through the wedding theme in the end. Then wearing a delicate sweet orange makeup, a vibrant orange wedding bride is the most wonderful protagonist.

Delicious orange dessert for wedding table set

Step 8 special salute draws a perfect full step for the wedding.

Select a special salute, marked with delicate packaging; back to donate guests after the end of the wedding. A deep sense of gratitude will warm the hearts of every guest, making a perfect ending.