Tips for choosing right cocktail dresses according to your body shape

Even though we can get many beautiful cocktail dresses at local shops, that does not mean you will look amazing. It’s more important to opt for a suitable cocktail dress, rather than pick up a dress that you think pretty. This article concludes some suggestions for you to choose the right cocktail dresses according to your body shape, which can make you look fabulous on the cocktail party.

Turquoise above knee short cocktail dress

If you are tall and have long and slim legs, you can select short cocktail dresses which can show your perfect figure.

If you are oval shape, you should choose the following A-line cocktail dress which can hide your body flaws and can make you look slender on the party. Among the widely variants and selections of women’s dresses which are available nowadays, a line dresses is the perfect one that could hide the heavy bottom figure of yours perfectly. Such dress actually shaped like “╦ťA’ letter which is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of dresses like that that also could be found by you in the widely enchanting designs and styles.

Cocktail gown for oval shapes

The other thing you should think about is the color of your cocktail dress. You should choose some bright color to make people focus on your body. If your skin tone tends to dark, you can choose pink to make your skin color looks brighter.

Lace Embroidery Beading Sweetheart Satin&Organza A-line Vintage Wedding Dress
Click photo to see more colors.

According to above tips on choosing right cocktail dresses, I believe you can find out your best cocktail dress and be the focus of the night!

Who is winner of best evening dress look among those stars’ beautiful wives

In Hollywood this showy world, there are countless handsome men and beautiful sexy stunners, and it’s nature that handsome guys love beauty, being a famous actor, it not only means that you got the perfect chance to show your talents, but also means you got the precious opportunity to meet those beautiful actresses, many handsome actors’ wives are all the beautiful sexy stunners, who are also the red carpet queens as well, among those stars’ beautiful wives, who is the winner of best evening dress look? Let us see.

blue evening gown

If you ask who is the most charming man in the world, my answer will be Tom Cruise, and David Beckham, of course. One is the most sparking star in Hollywood, one is the god-like sport star. How many girls have dreamed about marrying to Tom Cruise one day. Tom Cruise has been through three marriages, her third wife is Katie Holmes, who is also a famous actress in Hollywood, in 2006, this lovely couple got married, and maintained their marriage for six years. Apart from her mysterious marrying with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is also a fashion darling when it comes to dressing style. In Emmy Awards, Katie Holmes picks out an elegant high-end royal blue evening dress by Calvin Klein Collection, the smooth silk fabric of the evening dress nicely curve Katie Holmes’s tall and slender figure, to enhance her slim waist line, Katie Holmes also picks out a shining silver waistband, when Katie Holmes was in the marriage with Tom Cruise, her dressing style tended to be more conservative, most of her evening dresses are in classic floor length design and the color of the evening dresses are mostly in deep color, maybe it suggests that how much Katie Holmes has tried to act like a good wife.

Victoria in little black dress and David Beckham

Unlike Tom Cruise’s complicated love life, David Beckham is a spoony man and his marriage with Victoria has stood all the test. If we say Katie Holmes is a good example of wife, who is always trying to show her elegant side to the public, then Victoria Beckham is definitely a wild and passionate sexy stunner. Victoria Beckham. she is a forever fashion model for young people, she and David Beckham have own famous fashion brand, one is DVB. As a super model, Victoria Beckham’s taste in fashion is definitely cool. As a passionate woman in business, Victoria Beckham has a special fondness for deep color evening dress, especially for black evening dresses, maybe they are the perfect ones to enhance her elegant status. On one promotional activities of Adidas, Victoria Beckham wears a sexy skintight low cutting evening dress, the delicate shape embodies nicely curve this Posh Spice’s amazing waist line, as for her charming husband, David Beckham wears a smart T shirt, they look perfect for each other.

celebrity evening dresses in black full length

It is never easy to be a good wife, especially a beautiful and posh wife who is elegant enough to goes with your charming husband, I think Victoria Beckham is the most successful one.