Beautiful wedding dresses photos by photographer–Vivienne Mok

Which place is your favorite wedding filmed? A place where is full of classic charm of the castle, or the sacred quiet church, or the fresh vast sea? If you have not decided, photographer Vivienne Mok tells you, you may as well hand by hand with your love immersed in the gurgling water of the lake, feeling the most beautiful romance.

On this group of wedding dresses pictures, photographer Vivienne Mok select the place of Constance in Swiss to express her inspiration, when the model put on the dresses which by New Zealand wedding brand, Kelsey Genna and Pony Anarchy launch of “The Bride of Lake Constance” wedding series, also combined with Vivienne Mok classic aesthetic photography, how can you not be attracted?

Female photographer, Vivienne Mok, was born in Paris France, she is good at collecting the natural of romantic atmosphere when creating her works, she was once a professional fashion designer, she worked in the famous fashion brand Anne Valérie Hash and as a designer in it, and later engaged in photography, this romantic aesthetic style on wedding dresses photos has become her classic.

This time, Vivienne Mok shoot in a place which is one of the Western Europe’s largest lake– Constance. The bright dazzling sunshine, sway in the blue sky and the lake, adding with the model in that kind of cool temperament, becoming the best match of the screen. Three-dimensional lace, lightweight chiffon tulle, and a combination of hand applique woven lace Kelsey Genna dress, this is the most beautiful and aesthetic scenery in the world, just as pulling you into a fairyland and the pretty fairy is waiting for you there.

For Vivienne Mok concerned, maybe tulle is not only as decorative accessories, but also the important role of manifestations. Gently brushed the bride’s skin, as if have the feeling of the warm mellow moments. Natural light goes through the tulle, lace and lace hollow echo, beautiful but not pretentious, perfectly showing the bride’s delicate temperament, how it would not be attracted by her?

Just enjoy the photos:

Taking real and natural wedding photos

The wedding photos shot out are always like puppet with fake smile, stiff looking and poses. We all have trouble like this. In fact, if you want good wedding photos and you want to retain those beautiful moving moments, you need to expose the real side of you two. Do not do so much preparatory work. Maybe just a light makeup, a simple wedding dress, you will be beautiful in the photo.

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The equipment

A simple wedding dress: you can choose the kind of simple style and of better fabric and drape. And it will be better that the surface is covered with a layer of gauze, which can make the bride look more light and mellow.

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A clean makeup: you should not wear too thick makeup to take the wedding photographs. Pearl powder can be used to emphasize the reflective sense of the T-zone and triangle to highlight the skin texture. The foundation should be thin and lip gloss can apply a small amount. The focus is the makeup of the eyebrow and eye. You should strengthen the modification and portray of eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelash.

The headdress: commonly use the veil, exquisite crown, flower-shaped hair ornaments, small crystal hairpin. In addition to the veil, the use of other accessories can dot proper places in small area.


Know about what style of wedding photos you want.

The couple ready to hold the wedding ceremony must have looked at a lot of other people’s wedding photos, right? So you may have known about what kind of wedding photos you want. Or you can look through the wedding magazines and find out your favorite photographers. If you have time you can go through the wedding expo, where you will find a lot of inspirations.

Make good communication with the photographer.

Let the photographer know about what you want. In case he misses the meaningful pictures you want, you should list a list in advance, telling the photographer the screen of the happy moment that should not be missed. With the images created for you by the photographers, you will make your wedding photos even more beautiful.

Do not miss the classic lens.

For the two newcomers, what is the classic scene? Possibly for different people, they will to have different opinions. But may be the sweetness, caring and loving feeling inadvertently revealed between you are the most classic wedding shots. A good photographer seize these moments.

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About the smile

There are many brides smiling beautifully, but under the camera, the smile will be very stiff. So what should you do?

First, you should remain calm and do not panic. Once you are tense, your facial muscles will be stiff. Thus the smile will sure to be stiff. So breathe a deep breath and eat a chocolate, let yourself relax.

When you are under the camera, you can think about some happy things, and even some funny jokes. Then you will be able to smile naturally.
Funny is king! When shooting the wedding photos, the interactions between the bride and groom are very important. They must not stand there blankly like wood. Be sure to live up. Just relaxing that can make the picture dynamic.