Taking real and natural wedding photos

The wedding photos shot out are always like puppet with fake smile, stiff looking and poses. We all have trouble like this. In fact, if you want good wedding photos and you want to retain those beautiful moving moments, you need to expose the real side of you two. Do not do so much preparatory work. Maybe just a light makeup, a simple wedding dress, you will be beautiful in the photo.

wedding dresses

The equipment

A simple wedding dress: you can choose the kind of simple style and of better fabric and drape. And it will be better that the surface is covered with a layer of gauze, which can make the bride look more light and mellow.

Sweetheart Tulle Princess Wedding Dress under 200

A clean makeup: you should not wear too thick makeup to take the wedding photographs. Pearl powder can be used to emphasize the reflective sense of the T-zone and triangle to highlight the skin texture. The foundation should be thin and lip gloss can apply a small amount. The focus is the makeup of the eyebrow and eye. You should strengthen the modification and portray of eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelash.

The headdress: commonly use the veil, exquisite crown, flower-shaped hair ornaments, small crystal hairpin. In addition to the veil, the use of other accessories can dot proper places in small area.


Know about what style of wedding photos you want.

The couple ready to hold the wedding ceremony must have looked at a lot of other people’s wedding photos, right? So you may have known about what kind of wedding photos you want. Or you can look through the wedding magazines and find out your favorite photographers. If you have time you can go through the wedding expo, where you will find a lot of inspirations.

Make good communication with the photographer.

Let the photographer know about what you want. In case he misses the meaningful pictures you want, you should list a list in advance, telling the photographer the screen of the happy moment that should not be missed. With the images created for you by the photographers, you will make your wedding photos even more beautiful.

Do not miss the classic lens.

For the two newcomers, what is the classic scene? Possibly for different people, they will to have different opinions. But may be the sweetness, caring and loving feeling inadvertently revealed between you are the most classic wedding shots. A good photographer seize these moments.

prince wedding dresses

About the smile

There are many brides smiling beautifully, but under the camera, the smile will be very stiff. So what should you do?

First, you should remain calm and do not panic. Once you are tense, your facial muscles will be stiff. Thus the smile will sure to be stiff. So breathe a deep breath and eat a chocolate, let yourself relax.

When you are under the camera, you can think about some happy things, and even some funny jokes. Then you will be able to smile naturally.
Funny is king! When shooting the wedding photos, the interactions between the bride and groom are very important. They must not stand there blankly like wood. Be sure to live up. Just relaxing that can make the picture dynamic.

Those everlasting weddings and dresses

When asked about the ideal wedding dresses, married women can depict every detail about walking down the aisle in their stunning gorgeous gowns in happiness, young little girls might have lost themselves in a princess dream they have always wanted to be on their wedding day. So precious and important is the event that every bride deserves to be a princess on her big day.

However, wedding dresses can date back to the Middle Ages. As time goes on, they only grow more and more popular and have derived various styles in multifarious colors and materials. But white or similar color as ivory and eggshell, etc. have always been the in the mainstream.

The first documented white wedding dress worn by a Princess was in 1406 by Princess Phillippa of England while white was then not prevailing yet. Before the Victorian era, brides throughout the world wore gowns in different colors on their wedding. It was in 1840 that white became prevalent when Queen Victoria married Albert in a white gown. Back in the Middle Ages, the luxuriousness of the bride’s wedding dress to some extent reflects her family background. Today wedding dresses are nothing about family background, but the bride’s individuality regardless of their budgets. The top most expensive wedding dresses ever are spotted as follows.

Grace Kelly

If you are going to break the bank on a wedding dress, it is definitely when you are marrying an actual prince. Grace Kelly, a famous actress as well as a noble socialite, married her real-life Prince in 1956, Prince Rainier of Monaco. She brought the happy fairytale ending into real life. $8,000 is how much she spent on her fabulous dress, excluding for hiring MGM costume designer Helen Rose who definitely made every penny worthy of its value. As far as today’s consumption level’s concerned, the princess’s wedding dress costs $68,000.

Kim Kardashian

Her wedding with the NBA player Kris Humphries has also caused a sensation. She had a three gown-change for her big event which pushed her total dresses budget up to an expected $75,000. The princess wedding dress she wore to walk down the aisle was the design from Vera Wang which was worthy of $25,000. It was absolutely breathtaking. However, her expense on the once-in-a-lifetime wedding dress is just the tip of iceberg. Another proof for their extravagance: Kim and Kris had an unprecedented wedding lasting for 72 days. 72 days for $10 million dollars. You can’t even imagine how splendid and luxurious it has been.

Kate Middleton

Fairytale happened again in our real life. Kate Middleton, the Cinderella married her Prince William in a ceremony straight out of a Disney movie. Her gorgeous vintage lace wedding dress from Alexander McQueen’s design took months to complete. Luxurious and exquisite, the dress is made of delicate fabrics including French Chantilly and English Cluny lace, ivory and white satin gazar, and hand-stitched lace appliqués. Middleton’s wedding dress cost about $400,000.

Yumi Katsura‘s White Gold Diamond Dress

Yumi Katsura is one of the most respected wedding dress designers from Japanese. Over 650,000 brides all over the world wore her design in their bog day. Her most famous and most expensive wedding dress designed so far is the white gold diamond dress which has not met the right person yet. A five-carat white gold diamond centerpiece and 1,000 pearls have been inlaid onto the dress. This spectacular dress is estimated for about $8.5 million.

Princess Diana

Lady Diana captured the world’s heart when she stepped out of her carriage with her pure exquisite gown to marry Prince Charles in 1981. Her Victorian-style gown became an instant legend with its 250-yards of lace, tulle and ivory silk taffeta with over 10,000 pearls and sequins. Princess Diana’s wedding dress was 25-feet long at its full length. Designed by David Emanuel, the poufy-sleeved gown is as magical today as it was over 3 decades ago. The legendary style as well as the beloved princess who wore it made the incredible dress impossible to price. We can only look up and appreciate its beauty.

Tips For Shopping Wedding Dress Online

1. Work out a budget and try to stick to it!

There is absolutely no need to feel guilty or apologize for the budget you have made, no matter it’s $100 or $10000. As long as you want, you can find the one customized for you within your budget. There is always something special which suits a certain people. What’s more, it’s not wise to have more expense than you can afford. That way won’t lead anywhere good!

2. Take full advantage of your previous shopping experience.

Girls are born to be fashionmongers and shopaholics. Never overlook what you’ve gained through all these years’ shopping experience. Explore and activate them. Make comprehensive assessments about every aspect including the material, quality, style, price and customer services. Everything taken into consideration, you can decide whether the wedding dresses is worthy of the cost. Never make any choice in haste. There are numerous gorgeous wedding dresses out there online! You deserve the most well-fitting one on your big day.

3. Secondhand is good.

Normally, wedding is the most important once-in-a-lifetime event, and wedding dress is the same important once-in-a-perfectwedding must-have. However, wedding dresses have typically only been worn once, you don’t have to be too extravagant on that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be gorgeous. A secondhand could be good and eco-friendly as well which also on the other hand makes your budget stretch further. You can also adventure on PERSUN for cheap fabulous wedding dresses. With the money saved from your dress, you can enjoy an amazing honeymoon in the place that you”˜ve always dreamed of. Perhaps, you can also invite more friends to celebrate your big day to share your happiness with.

4. Beautiful memories live in your heart, not in your clothes.

Every bride would love to keep their fabulous wedding dress in their closet after they’ve worn once on the wedding. They couldn’t let go because of the dresses witnessed their most important moment. However, beautiful memories deserve a position in your heart and mind rather than your closet. Besides, you do can treasure a copy of what in your heart in the album. It’s right and wise to have the intention of selling your dress after the wedding. Think about it, so lovely would it be that your wedding dress might make another bride as happy as it made you?

By the way, once you have a plan of selling your dress, make sure to do it the sooner the better. Make a deal immediately after wedding party while it’s still in great shape and fashion, which will get you the best price possible.

5. Nip the bud of giving your wedding dress to your daughter. Fashion changes with each passing day. It may be lovely for your daughter to wear the wedding dress which has witnesses her mom’s happiness decades ago. However, your daughter also deserves the happiness of searching for the perfect wedding dress to her peculiar, just like you did. So what you have to do is to have your own planning and stick to your budget. Live in the moment and enjoy your happiness to the fullest.

Wedding Raiders

Plus the creative personality and taste to create a sensual and completely original wedding that belongs to only you two. In this fairy tale, when once it is absolutely heroine!

wedding dress

The first Wedding Raider trick

Making thank-you card, in this way you can make them feel very warm and happy. Meanwhile, ask a friend of you to complete a special task and that is when the guests arrive, take photos for the couple guests and the family or group guests. The guests will get separated after the arrival. At the end of the wedding ceremony, send thank you letters attached these photos, which will bring them a surprise.

The second Wedding Raider measure

Think about the time or place of your engagement. If it can be appropriate to add the element into the wedding? For example, a bride places the blueberry flowers on the middle of her wedding bouquet, because her husband asked her to marry him at a place called blueberry. (Remember to put on each table a prompt telling guests the matter).

becautiful scenery

The third Wedding Raider measure

Use each girl’s birthday flowers to personalize the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Remember to use the uniform color flowers (pink roses, peonies or tulips).

The fourth Wedding Raider trick

Design your own logo and use it on the invitations? And extend it to the details of the wedding now such as the playbill, menus, thank you card, gift boxes and so on.

The fifth Wedding Raider trick

Toast to the woman that made the biggest impact on your life (mother, grandmother, grandmother, etc.), and then send them the bouquet you were ready to throw to the crowd.

The sixth Wedding Raiders trick

You can add your own style on the card at the hotel reception to write different words each different greeting guest. Close friends can be addressed, such as “××, thank you for coming from so far away to our wedding!” Or on the card of guests being not so familiar draw a smiley face and write “Wish you happy!” Then sign your name and it is also very warm.

The seventh Wedding Raiders trick

Customize a stamp to make your gift personality. Go to custom hand shop to customize a rubber seal that the pattern from your own design (sailing, puppy, film or something), and then find an office supplies store to add some simple decoration on it. Finally, of course, print the wedding date on.

The eighth Wedding Raiders trick

Set a candy bar and put your favorite candy, then put some beautiful bags. This will make it convenient for guests to have what they love.

In addition, you can also use the color match to show your creativity.

Pink wedding

The bride liking pink must be a lovely and romantic girl. Peach-like color always gives people a feeling of sweetness. With such a color tune, the wedding will be full of happiness. Whether floral, cakes or small decorative objects, everything is so pink and seductive.

Passion collision of yellow and blue

“Hit color” is now a popular matching method. When the yellow hit the blue, the mix is undoubtedly the most eye-catching one. Bright and lively yellow set off the quiet blue so cute.

Snowy forest, brown and white

If the wedding is held in the winter, then use some winter color to render winter theme. Mix these natural colors such as brown, green and white subtly. And pine cones, trees, snow; these elements can make your wedding unique.

wedding Scene

Quiet blue wedding

Light blue wedding always brings people fresh and elegant feeling. If you like quiet, then this tune is for you. Blue and white are cool colors that will not only bring fresh cool feeling, but also make the venue empty. Newcomers liking the lively and festive should be careful with this color. You can wear wedding dresses of different colors and styles to match your wedding theme.

There are also some other measures to make your wedding unique. Try them boldly and your wedding will be the one that is most impressive.

Tips for choosing the wedding menu

In the wedding, the most important element for the couple may be floral arrangements are beautiful or not, whether the process of the ceremony is smooth, whether the overall atmosphere is rising, whether the  wedding dresses and the bridesmaid gowns is suitable and so on, but for the guest, the hotel wedding menu is a measure for the quality of absolutely enjoying of the wedding, so whether the dishes is delicious is important for a perfect wedding. So, what are the measures that can ensure a perfect dish in advance and how to choose hotels wedding menu?

wedding theme

1. Cuisine choice

The wedding is often a blend of major cuisine which can be described as a collection of one hundred of them; the couple will focus on different cuisine of their own. The new venues can do some research before the wedding.

2. Menu selection

For wedding packages at the same price, in fact, the hotel always has a variety of restaurant menus to be chosen from. The new venues might be more considerable during prior study of the menu. Heavyweight dishes such as lobster, crab, abalone, shark’s fin, sea cucumber, etc. are generally well-designed for the wedding. It may be different for newcomers that have different needs. Furthermore although it is difficult to reach every guest’s need, the couple still have to consider whether there are choices just next to guest’s need, and try to make different arrangements.

braid and groom3. Try to eat in advance

Many wedding venues offer chances to eat before wedding services, usually 4 to 6 people for free. The couple may wish to invite their parents or guests for that in advance. First, try the tastes and preliminarily determined whether it is the expectation of the wedding menu; Second, test the amount of meals, so it is best to eat the whole table wedding dishes in advance, in order to avoid the wedding guests leaving with hungry embarrassment; third, besides eating, it is actually the process of value the local field service of the hotel. If the hotel really does not provide free services of eating inn advance, you also can request for a low price to eat in advance.

4. The dish service

First make sure the exclusive channels and management for serving wedding dishes. Actually the timing of waiter serving in the wedding hotel is to be appropriate. The cold dishes can be easy meet the need of hungry guests who may be a little kind pad hunger. Inform the serving leader in advance of the wedding process to make sure that during the toast each guest has their own wine or drink at the table. Immediately when the official ceremony ends, the dishes on the menu should be served. It may be appropriate to explain the name of the serving dishes by the waiter.


5. Consumer Trap

Because it is difficult to precisely aware of the actual number of guests of the wedding day, when ordering the hotel the couple can generally make spare tables for communicate in advance. Sometimes trying to eat serving dishes and the actual wedding will be errors, so a contract can be signed about attribution of responsibility.

The Color Black in Wedding Dresses Design

Do you remember the main popular trend of the design of wedding gowns and dresses of the year 2011? And do you remember the famous designer of wedding dresses by Vera Wang. She is who that broke the routine of style of wedding dresses design in the design of wedding gowns and dresses in the year 2011. She has designed several wedding gowns with black color, which makes that in the design of wedding gowns black color becomes one of the important color. What’s more, such strange style still continues to be popular this year, 2013.

 Short Cocktail Dress

Although the color black is not the common color of the wedding ceremony, the unique style of it makes black wedding gowns and dresses become the focus of countless women. Many designers said that the brides who wearing black wedding gown just like fairies who finding their love walk out from the deep forest. It always gives brides a feel of mystery. At the same time, it makes that the brides’ dream of being the focus of the wedding ceremony come true.

Lace Wedding Dress

In such an age of fashion, more and more couples are no longer limited to choose white or pink wedding gowns. They are tired of the same old white and ivory. At the same time, there are more and more brides begin to change their thought on wedding dresses design. As for the new and the young, such unique style of wedding gowns can make the wedding become a memorable one easier. That is what they want to make.

Wedding Dress

However, choosing the color black as the main color of a wedding in still a thing which needs courage. It is because that the color black is not a lucky color in the traditional culture of various places. For example, as forChina, such a traditional country with a long history of wedding culture, the color black used to be the exclusive color of funerals. That’s one of the main reasons that most of Chinese do not dare to choose the color black as their main color in wedding dresses design. As a consequence, many stylish wedding dresses designers try their best to find the breakthrough of designing to persuade more and more brides to overcome their fear of the color black. They made it by combining the style and the color black in the design. Since there has been a growing interest in black wedding dresses, various kinds of popular styles should be the most important factor that makes influence on the choices of brides on wedding dresses. Many designers of wedding gowns believe that there is not a girl will reject a wedding dress with perfect design just because its color is black.

We all know that being the focus of the wedding ceremony with a perfect wedding dress is one of the most beautiful dreams for girls from all over the world. If the color black can make the wedding dress more special and gorgeous, why should the bride reject to choose it?


The most beautiful formal dress looks at the screen of those shining female artists

Accepting the research carried out among girls, girls are more likely to resonate to the romantic experience in the movie which ends with happy wedding ceremony, which it is because they also have a romantic love life which is full of hope, and happiness and surprise, there are many beautiful actresses have successfully shaped the image of bright and lovely lady, and their formal dress looks have impressed young people deeply, now let us look back to their gorgeous formal dress look at screen.

yellow formal dress

The romantic love story in the movie have aroused girls’ unlimited imagination and yearning to pure and passionate love life, and the happy ending of the story always meet their desire to perfect ending, apart from the romantic plot in the movies, the beautiful leading actress is also another reason for girls being crazy about romantic love story, hoping one day they can become one of them. In the movie of “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, while playing the role of Queen Amidala, Natalie Portman wears a quite stylish formal dress, and her excellent performance also helps her rocket to international fame, the low cutting design at the neckline seems so attractive as it enhances Natalie Portman amazing curve and plump breast, especially the delicate handmade embroidery at the formal dress also make the dress much more stylish and chic, also makes her role as Queen Amidala much more gorgeous and elegant, the white veil at her head is also embellished with many sparkling jewelry and sequins, if you are a fan of Natalie Portman, you can actually take after her dressing style in this movie at your wedding ceremony, for her dressing style is quite like an elegant bride.

yellow formal dress

Romantic love story is one bright spot for an excellent movie, if you want to catch more attention for young people; you still need to pay more thought in the dress picking out issue for your leading actresses, an excellent movie is also a great fashion magazine, from which girls can learn some useful tips about dressing up. In the movie of “Marie Antoinette”, Kirsten Dunst who is becoming more and more popular by playing the role of Mary Jane in “Spider-Man 2″, at the movie of “Marie Antoinette’, she wears a very traditional but luxury royal formal dress, the huge tail of the formal dress is nearly as large as a table, which is quite popular at that ages in the movie, and the silk-like satin fabric also makes her dress look shining and sparkling under the light, with such a gorgeous formal dress, she successfully plays the role of a beautiful and proud princess, and her performance as Austrian princess is also considered as classic.

Shoulder formal dress

While you are being attracted by the romantic and exciting plot in the movie, do not forget to pay attention to the dressing style of the leading actresses, by taking after her dressing style, you can also be sparkling and dazzling as well.

Western youngsters are fond of “green wedding”

Banquet halls are replaced by their backyards; wild flowers take the place of luxury bouquet; invitation cards are made by recycled paper; buy second-hand wedding dresses online”¦”¦

green wedding

There are words written on the wedding invitation card of 42-year-old Rosa brook who is professor atGeorgetownUniversityin theUnited Statesand his fiancé 44-year-old George Moeller like that: “Our wedding is just like a picnic party and no one needs to be in western dresses and leather shoes. Come to our backyard in your favorite clothes. We greet any gift: a packet of chips, a bottle of wine, a back cushion or a chair.” In addition to this paragraph, there are no redundant adornment and complicated packaging on this new couple’s invitation card, only the names of the new couple and the guest, wedding time, location and traffic road map.

The bride Brook said: “it is like a normal family get-together and just more than a ring and a people who will marry you.” The guests Brook and Moeller are going to invite are a total of 16 people. Wedding preparation is just spent less than two weeks. Then Brook added: “her wedding dress and formal attires are second-hand bought online. Dinnerware and long tables are borrowed from neighbors.

wedding dress

Although some luxurious weddings are become topics to chat about in people’s leisure life, more and more youngsters are deeply in love of a simple and personality green wedding in real life like Brook and Moeller.

“Green wedding advocates making the complexity becomes simpleness, breaking the tradition and reducing the waste of resources.” Ariel Lin who is the boss of the green wedding planning website said.

Green wedding becomes more and more popular inBritainwhich devotes particular care to traditional wedding.Britainwedding designer Ruth calvo said: “there was not a hint of “green” inLondon’s wedding. At that time, he tried his best to explain for idea about green wedding.” Nowadays, there are businesses of green wedding to do every week in calvo’s company. He said: “Maybe some people think that green wedding is the pronoun of poverty, yet the new people do not think like that. I fact, green wedding is not only chic, but also beneficial to environment protection. Why not enjoy doing it?”

bride and groom

Some industry analysts think there are two reasons for that European change traditional wedding custom to select green wedding: firstly, current general economic low is the main cause; more and more youngsters buy electron invitation card, second-hand wedding dresses and idle wedding gifts online when they are planning their wedding due to it can save a lot of spending. Secondly, people’s concept on wedding is changing. New couples start to realize the truth that it is better to enjoy the madness of a unique wedding rather than spending much money on wedding. In addition, a wonderful green wedding will not make the guests be vexed about cash gifts.

The sparkling Hollywood actress, Emma Watson has grew into a gorgeous lady

The sparkling Hollywood actress, Emma Watson has grew into a gorgeous lady

The premiere of “The Bling Ring” was held in Los Angeles, and Emma Watson the leading actress in this movie has draw great attention for her mature dress up, and showed her elegant feminine charm, from the role of Hermione, to today’s sparkling Hollywood darling, Emma Watson has grew up into a attractive lady, every time when she shows up to important events, she will impress us with amazing dress up, now let us look back her gorgeous evening dress looks.

sexy evening dress

In this week’s fashion magazine, Emma Watson tops the popular list again, but this time Emma Watson has been named as “the most dangerous famous people” for her name at many search engines, such as Google and face book, is being link with link spamming, Emma Watson is being so popular among young people all over the world has something to do with her inherent elegance, and her unique taste in fashion, in the real life, Emma Watson is much more sensitive in fashion and she tends to dress up in a mature way, at the premiere of the bling ring, Emma Watson wears a grey and black montage evening dress, the grey shadow at the evening dress better shape her curve, and with a cute black belt at her waist, this lady looks like a wild hunts women from the movie of The Snow White and the Huntsman. Emma Watson has a special preference to deep color evening dresses which can enhance her mature temperament, at the promotion ceremony of “This is The End”, Emma Watson wears a zebra stripes evening dress, continues her mature dressing style.

white evening dress

Apart from the classic grey and black evening dresses, this fashion darling is also fond of picking out the classic white and black evening dresses, though most of the dresses she picks out tend be in the deep colors, but this dressing style is assuredly the safest way in Hollywood red carpet events, it will never make you rand at the list of “the worst dressing style” list. At the Louis Vuitton promotion event, Emma Watson picks out a nice black and white evening dress by Channel 2013 haute couture, the sweetheart neckline is embellished with shining sequins and the stunning mermaid tail let her look gorgeous and elegant, the backless design of the dress also enable her to show off her fair skin and amazing curve, even when standing with many veteran actresses, she still glow and shine beautifully. At the Movie Awards, Emma Watson still continues her favorite deep color dressing style, the hanging neck style knee evening dress of Maxime Simoens 2013 makes her the most eye-catching one that day.
evening dress
Emma Watson becomes the most dangerous famous people for her name at many search engines, such as Google and face book, is being link with link spamming has suggests this beautiful lady has become the most popular star in Hollywood and the hottest actress, Emma Watson has impressed us with her excellent performance in movie career, but also for her classic deep color evening dress looks.

Expert Tips on Planning a Wedding

braid and Bridegroom

A wedding would feature a great bride and a great groom, both walking beautifully in their exquisite wedding dress and sleek black suit respectively, but it would not be that simple to get a wedding to be set in order and right up to one’s expectations would it? There are often a plethora of considerations to make, and a lot of them could spur up as a nuisance for the majority of people. Sometimes you get those “Oh, am I glad you told me that!” moments, it is a sign that you have missed out on something, but in order to be safe, check out our indispensable planning secrets that would help you be assured that you would not be missing out on anything in your beautiful big day.

A bouquet of flowers would be sufficient to make the bride happy, but not everyone shares flowers with the bride, it is simply not enough to make everyone attending the wedding ceremony happy. Put the guests first, they are what make up the scene, so they are indispensible and very crucial. Get a hold on the estimated amount of people or guests you intend on inviting to the wedding before you actually start it up with great glory, or else the wedding would not be as glorious as you think, with everyone grumping. This is so that you could be sure of the fact that your crew has gotten ample space for things to be done. Go for approximately 25 to 30 square feet for each guest, for good measure.  Those numbers may look big, but if you compared them with the tables, waiters, band members and the rest you would actually notice that it is not that great of a number as you would have expected.

Check out for possible big events that may occur on the day of your wedding. You never know when the president would be lending a location nearby your wedding for his own use. Events like charity walks, religious festivals or conferences and debates may affect the road system nearby, causing traffic diversion and congestions, which would be highly inconvenient for your guests to get to your wedding. You would not want a wedding with only two or three people showing up to celebrate due to a big event that takes place. Check them beforehand before running the big day.

Another helpful tip would be to check out for the weather. Look at the weather report; adhere to the call and cries of Mother Nature. It would add burden and nuisance on the part of your guests, annoyance would certainly not be preferred by them, if a heavy rain pours, or if strong winds strike the land, your guests would be troubled in trying to get to where you are. Think of all the potential annoyances, if everything is unwell for you to host a wedding ceremony outside, you could opt for indoor ones. Also, beware of the bugs for some seasons if you ever intend to host your wedding outdoors, be on the watch for bugs.

These tips are pretty helpful and very practical if you would like a perfect wedding. Have fun hosting your wedding!