Tips for choosing the wedding menu

In the wedding, the most important element for the couple may be floral arrangements are beautiful or not, whether the process of the ceremony is smooth, whether the overall atmosphere is rising, whether the  wedding dresses and the bridesmaid gowns is suitable and so on, but for the guest, the hotel wedding menu is a measure for the quality of absolutely enjoying of the wedding, so whether the dishes is delicious is important for a perfect wedding. So, what are the measures that can ensure a perfect dish in advance and how to choose hotels wedding menu?

wedding theme

1. Cuisine choice

The wedding is often a blend of major cuisine which can be described as a collection of one hundred of them; the couple will focus on different cuisine of their own. The new venues can do some research before the wedding.

2. Menu selection

For wedding packages at the same price, in fact, the hotel always has a variety of restaurant menus to be chosen from. The new venues might be more considerable during prior study of the menu. Heavyweight dishes such as lobster, crab, abalone, shark’s fin, sea cucumber, etc. are generally well-designed for the wedding. It may be different for newcomers that have different needs. Furthermore although it is difficult to reach every guest’s need, the couple still have to consider whether there are choices just next to guest’s need, and try to make different arrangements.

braid and groom3. Try to eat in advance

Many wedding venues offer chances to eat before wedding services, usually 4 to 6 people for free. The couple may wish to invite their parents or guests for that in advance. First, try the tastes and preliminarily determined whether it is the expectation of the wedding menu; Second, test the amount of meals, so it is best to eat the whole table wedding dishes in advance, in order to avoid the wedding guests leaving with hungry embarrassment; third, besides eating, it is actually the process of value the local field service of the hotel. If the hotel really does not provide free services of eating inn advance, you also can request for a low price to eat in advance.

4. The dish service

First make sure the exclusive channels and management for serving wedding dishes. Actually the timing of waiter serving in the wedding hotel is to be appropriate. The cold dishes can be easy meet the need of hungry guests who may be a little kind pad hunger. Inform the serving leader in advance of the wedding process to make sure that during the toast each guest has their own wine or drink at the table. Immediately when the official ceremony ends, the dishes on the menu should be served. It may be appropriate to explain the name of the serving dishes by the waiter.


5. Consumer Trap

Because it is difficult to precisely aware of the actual number of guests of the wedding day, when ordering the hotel the couple can generally make spare tables for communicate in advance. Sometimes trying to eat serving dishes and the actual wedding will be errors, so a contract can be signed about attribution of responsibility.

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