Top Discount Prom Dress at PERSUN

Girls, are you looking for the best prom dress sales? You are come to the right place! Currently, PERSUN offer great discount on some fabulous and hotselling prom dress, the 10% off dress below is a very exquisite and glamour which are perfect for your special day. It’s one of the best selling prom dresses 2016 at PERSUN, today, I will briefly expose the beauty secrets behind it.

Serect 1 : Tencel

Have you ever heard this material? Soft, fluid, natural. Wear it,then you will love it.

Prom Dress in Pink Tencel with Criss cross ruched bodice
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Tencel is made from cellulose in wood pulp, which is harvested from tree-farmed trees. Cellulose is the natural polymer that makes up the living cells of all vegetation. The tree farms have been established on land unsuitable for food crops or grazing.

Tencel in pale pink at
Tencel in pale pink

The fiber is produced via an advanced ‘closed loop’ solvent spinning process, with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water. The solvent used in the process is toxic but 99% is recovered and continually recycled.

Production plant emissions are significantly lower in comparison to many other man-made fiber operations.

Serect 2:High Slit

Sweetheart Yellow Corset Prom Dress with Ruffle skirt
Ruffles Beading Sweetheart Organza Yellow Prom Dress

Deep V-neck is too sexy? Well, I truly recommend high slit prom dresses for you. The trend of high slits really started catching on from 2015 onwards. International celebrities who made it to the top list of beautifully carrying off the high slit dresses at various red carpet events starting end of last year were Megan Fox in her purple thigh high Donna Karan dress. After that, high slit dress start to show at red carpet frequently. Choosing styles which have slits at the side could make your leg looks pretty long and really sexy.

Serect 3: Green

Someone says that black is always in fashion. I agree but it’s also boring when everyone wears black prom dress at party. So, you can choose green. Green is one of the very fresh and appealing colors. It attracts the attention and has many positive effects : it helps you to increases zeal, stimulates energy, also boost the action and confidence and also a feeling of protection from fears and anger.

Green Prom Dress with beaded sweetheart bodice

The color is also known as the color of beauty and also correlated with the good luck and fortune.

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Happy Halloween, let’s party!

When it’s getting cooler, demons and ghosts appears. Are you ready? Go.

Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of  counties on 31 October. We love it, because it’s an interesting festival for fun. At that night,lots of special activities will be celebrated. Neighbors will get out of their house, and say hello to each other. When the night falls, it is the best time to take place an open-air parties. Bonfires will be lit and the costume parties begins. People join together and dress up as anyone if your will. Wow, a paradise of happiness! Where are the kids?   Absolutely, Kids are by no means the minors. Thrilled about candies and cute costumes, it is pleasant time to enjoy their trick or treat time. Anything else? Yes, it is also our show time for our art talent. Do you remember those lovely jack-o’-lanterns? you will have the opportunity to carve one on All Hallow’day.

Best day for entertainment, aha. It is still best time for shopping. With the advent of Christmas day and new year’s day, do want to buy a new dress for your upcoming parties?  If you have interests in latest new dresses online, PERSUN promises you that a good discount will be given on the Halloween. With the development of the Internet, shopping online is becoming a fashion today. But there are large quantities of shops present your mind, where to find a good dress shop online is not that easy. Maybe choose the famous is all right, while a big online shop means less discount and much money should be paid. Best of all, Persun can guarantee a high-quality dress at lower price. If necessary, you may visit our blogs for more suggestions.

I can’t wait for any minute, Let’s enjoy our party. Come on! Happy Halloween!