How to wear Homecoming Dresses that are often short ?

Be honest! We all love the short homecoming dress which makes us sensual and feminine during the homecoming season. Light and convenient, we look like more mature in such gowns to enjoy the dance moves at the homecoming party. But how to wear homecoming dresses that are often short ? The following are some useful ideas which will show you the best way to dress up your homecoming dress, and look dazzling when you go out in it. You can click to see some 2014 homecoming dresses inspirations before reading this article 🙂

Sweetheart Homecoming Dresses with Pearl skirts
Sweetheart Homecoming Dresses 2014

Thigh high or ultra-short?

Cute Mid thigh Homecoming dresses Recommendation
Buy Cute Homecoming Dresses Online

It would be wise to opt for a short one (mid-thigh) for your homecoming party. It’s not only cute considering your age, but also a great look to let others see your beautiful legs in a suitable way. The ultra-short dress (below the buttocks), is only suitable for the events like club nights or parties between friends.

Does the short homecoming dress goes for everyone?

Yes, and especially for those who are petite. Short gowns just have the magic to elongates the legs visually as well as the silhouette. Don’t forget to wear it with high heels, you will be surprised by yourself because the result will be more than perfect.

Can I wear the short homecoming gown at other occasions?

Shop these styles at Persun!

You are hesitating whether you should wear it for fear that it may not be appropriate for the occasion? Besides homecoming seasons, you can also wear your lovely short dress during festivals, dating with your lover, performance or other dancing parties. These are all perfect occasions to wear a shorter dress. But if it s for a professional appointment: you may give to your supervisor, your colleagues or your customers an impression that you just get out of a sofa promotion 😉

What to wear with a short dress?

Once you have chosen a homecoming dress that appears stylish and goes well for your body type, some adornment and additional accessories will just make the dress look even better on you.

Coral short holiday dress with matching accessories ideas
What accessories to wear with homecoming dresses


A homecoming dress is the ice cream, and in order to complete the sundae, you may want great jewel. A pair of dazzling drop earrings goes well with a homecoming dress. Choose earrings which feature gemstones such as rubies and diamonds. If you want to justify purchasing such accessories, keep in mind that they are very stylish now and will still be in the future, and can be paired with almost anything –  including the little black dress.


Everyone has her own style: bracelets might not be your thing. But if you can wear them without discomfort, they’re a great complement to any homecoming dress. If you are already wearing some bold jewel. Choose some fancy bracelets to wear with your outfit. You may prefer to wear either the necklace or bracelet, but not both.


It’s never proper to attend a homecoming affair without the suitable clutch accessorizing your dress. Even a small one will be enough. Lipstick, tissue and other small things will just fit inside. Once more, stay with the overall ideas. If your outfit features beads, select a beaded clutch to complement your ensemble. The best match for your gemstone jewelry would be a shiny black clutch purse with a few rhinestones on it.


If you think that the dress is short enough to show your beauty, pair it with some ballet flats. Additionally, you could allow yourself to a pair of heels of about 5 cm but no more. The pumps will heighten your bum, which makes your dress even shorter.

For a simple homecoming dress, you can afford pumps for a chic rendering. In order not to focus others’ attention on the length of the dress, feel free to wear a belt and a piece of jewellery such as a bracelet or ear-drop.

Your choice of shoes should not only depend upon the length, but also the color and the style of your homecoming dress, not to forget feeling comfortable in the shoes. If you do not believe you can dance (or even walk) in a pair of stilettos, you can always choose a low-heeled option that can still be quite sexy. To discover what style of shoes you should be wearing with your dress, find your dress style in the list below:

1. Slinky and Skin-Tight: A slinky, cute dress calls for a slinky pair of shoes to accompany it. If your dress shows off your curves in all the right places, try wearing a pair of strappy, open-toed sandals or sling-backs with a stiletto heel.

Elegant Creme sling back for homecoming occasion

2. High-Low or Asymmetrically Hemmed: This type of gown (with its short hem in front) is likely to grant more attention to your shoes and feet than any other dress style. Be sure to choose a pair of shoes with a moderate to high heel that shape and tone your legs. Your shoes should also boast some glitter, sparkle, or other pizzazz to draw attention toward them. If you are wearing a solid color dress, metallic shoes will complement your dress and add some glamour to your look.

Finding a cheap and trendy Homecoming dress from our site is only half of the battle. Once you find your dress, you should immediately begin thinking of all the finishing touches it will require. A perfect homecoming dress is not complete without the make-up, shoes, and accessories to accompany it. Wish you have a wonderful homecoming time!

Spot Your Unique Short Prom Dress

Trapped in a crowd of blazing and shining stars, how you are supposed to win out the rest? Absolutely a unique nifty short prom dress will work everything out. Short prom dresses are faddish for prom nowadays. But how to purchase the perfect short prom dress for your special nights still recalls skills and methods. Follow PERSUN closely to know how.

The first thing we should consider is whether it is cozy enough for you to enjoy your fabulous prom. Short prom dresses characterize wickedly funny hemlines as waved hemline, tassels hemline, ruffled hemline, simple cut hemline, bubble skirt and so on. You can definitely outstand others in a unique tailored short prom dress. If you can’t help with your creative ideas, you can be your own tailor and make a unique short prom dress, the only one of your kind.

A Line One Shoulder Beaded Applique Short Taffeta fuchsia Prom / Cocktail Dress
One Shoulder Short Taffeta Prom / Cocktail Dress on

hot pink prom dress as above can surely satisfy all your needs for comfort and relaxation. Short prom dresses reveal more purity and fragrant quality of girls than those elegant and mature dresses of floor length. With a simple cut bubble skirt hemline and lithe voile, you will rock your party like a breeze.

A Line Strapless Tassel Beaded silver Chiffon Cocktail Dress
Strapless Tassel Chiffon Cocktail Dress

This is a typical tassels hemline prom dress which is specially designed for our budget friendly friends who want to be a party queen. This is the most fashionable style in this season. And it is exclusive at

Strapless Sequined Mini tulle blue beading Cocktail Dress
Strapless Sequined Mini Cocktail Dress

Waved hemline also is a hit in all kinds of princess prom gown designs. Such a ocean blue short prom create a feeling of nobleness as well as a sense of mystery.

Strapless short white prom dresses can flatter your sexy collarbones the best. With your sexy shoulder partly hidden and partly visible in your straight or curly hair which naturally falls over your back, you are ready for your fantastic night already. One shoulder short prom dresses add more sweetness to your quality. While short prom dresses with two thin straps will make you look saucy and vigorous.

Choose your unique one of a kind prom dress to make your special night more special.

Five Hottest Prom Dress Looks With Straps

Hot prom dresses with straps are making their remarkable statement for this season. Multifarious prom dresses with straps at PERSUN are always ready to make your next debut ultra glamour and twinkle. Here we have had top five hottest prom dresses 2014 with straps elaborately selected for you.

Featuring close-fitted styles, short mini dress presents a lithe and graceful body appearance. The unique asymmetrical straps design adds to its novelty. Different from strapless prom dresses, this hermosa pink ruffle chiffon one shoulder dress can give you the most refreshing and feminine look.

Pink Wedding guest dress with ruched bodice and assymetrical straps & tiered skirt

Here comes the dazzling sequin cute halter short prom dress. Halter and bling turn out to be the hottest look for this season too. With intricate bead work, chic halter design in bald colors as royal blue and rose red, this dress allow you to dance your style out and feel free to show your sexy back in a modest way.

Though floor length prom dresses do not enjoy the same popularity as short prom dresses, with the right one, you can also make your debut classic and outstanding ever. This unique tencel one shoulder applique dress best shows your original vision for fashion. That have this outfit going with a pair of chic ball earrings, an iridescent rhinestone bracelet and nude heels will definitely make you the prom queen.

Which one comes first as you choose your prom dress, comfort or beauteousness? At PERSUN, you don’t need to make that nerve-wracking decision. You can have both at in this cute beaded applique short prom dress with single strap. Nothing involved in revealing, however, this perfectly tailored dress maintains no less quality of dignity and modesty and at the same time makes the most use of your sexy shoulders and collarbones.

Style number : FCLA308557, Fuchsia Short One shoulder Bowknot Homecoming dress

Prom dresses that best compliment your body silhouette are doomed to be the close-fitting sexy mermaid dress. This stylish asymmetrical sweetheart beaded affordable prom dress is available in a variety of bright colors. No matter it is for a romantic evening dinner or for a vigorous amazing prom night, lemon yellow is always the most eye-catching. Prominent it’s remarkable look with a tassel purse, flashy fringe earrings and stilettoes.

Yellow Beaded One strap Prom dress with ruched top
Click the link to see more photos :

Make your next appearance outstanding in a unique prom dress with straps keep people’s eyes focused on you!

Different parties just require for different dressing styles

We all have various parties to go every year. Different parties just require for different dressing styles. Every girl wants to look her best at the party, no matter it’s a formal one or casual one. A party just offers us a great opportunity to show off our personal style and great fashion taste. You can either dress up with a new outfit or get inspired from the pieces you already keep in your wardrobe. Anyway, this can be a fun and challenging process. Take a look at the following tips and learn some tricks then!

Birthday Party

A birthday party can be varied in many different forms. The dresses you choose for the party should be determined by its special theme. If it’s your own birth day party, of course you have plenty of reasons to be the focus and different from others. Sometimes there may be some strangers that you have never seen before at your birthday party. For example, he or she can be the friend of your friend and you guys have never known each other before. So you need to take a leading role at the party and people can know that for the first sight when walking into the door. You can go with a dress designed with eye-catching details or in a bright and delightful color to be eye-catching. By the way, you do not always have to wear a dress at the party. Sometimes jeans, blouses and many other pieces are also acceptable, especially when your party is in a causal tone.

Casual Party

As ordinary people, we generally go to parties that are mostly in a casual and relaxing tone. In this case, we do have a lot of options on our dressing styles. Jeans, T-shirts and blouses are all fine for most casual parties. Generally speaking, these casual parties are full around our friends and it’s totally okay to dress down. For a more gorgeous look, you can dress up with some stylish dresses as well. For example, if you feel black works best for you, opt for a classy little black dress and pair it with a bold necklace in metallic tone for an interesting look. The simple and classic style can be hardly wrong for most occasions. As to the shoes, you are allowed to go with almost all kinds of styles. Either high heels or flats are acceptable, as long as they go well with your dress.

Homecoming Party

Homecoming is an annual tradition of the United States. People, towns, high schools and colleges come together, usually in late September or early October, to welcome back alumni and former residents.
The Homecoming Dance—usually the culminating event of the week (for high schools)—is a formal or informal event, either at the school or an off-campus location. The venue is decorated, and either a disc jockey or band is hired to play music. In many ways, it is a fall prom. Homecoming dances could be informal as well just like standard school dances. At high schools, the homecoming dances are sometimes held in the high school gymnasium or outside in a large field. Home coming dance attire is more casual than prom. Women generally wear knee length dresses with their hair down, and men generally wear a tucked in dress shirt with pants. At prom, women generally wear a more formal gown that goes to the ground with hair up, and men wear tuxedos.

Hairstyles to go with your homecoming dress

Every year this time as teenage are returning to school, girls may get to be crazy about what to wear to their homecoming party. On one hand, it is difficult to choose an ideal homecoming dress as in girls’ dreams. On the other, once you have found the one, you are the one and only gorgeous queen or princess as in your dream. However, the story doesn’t end here. Since you have got the dreamed dress, you will definitely need a celebrity red carpet hairstyle to go with your fabulous dress to ensure everything goes perfectly for your day.

Your hairstyle for a dance to a large extent is decided by your local weather. The best hairstyle can stand as the same perfect as that before you attend your party. Therefore, make sure you check your local weather a day before your day. If it is rainy and windy, you won’t want your hair hang down on your shoulder as well as in beautiful curls. Moreover, you can have several hairstyles options in store in case the surprises pop up unexpectedly.

Generally speaking, that simply do up your hair is always the best match to a gorgeous homecoming dress, no matter it is long chiffon dazzling homecoming dresses or white short homecoming dresses. What’s more, if done correctly and securely they can last the whole evening without flattening like curly hair might do.

As to so much experience with suggestions on choosing the right gowns for a perfect night, PERSUN sees strapless and covered up dresses the most graceful with the right kind of up do. A wrong one to pair with a strapless dress may make you look like a street walker. So ensure you have the right hairstyle to go with your fabulous dress. If you don’t know how, make full use of the Internet. There are unlimited courses teaching us how to do the hair as well as which hair style goes perfectly with what kind of dress.

When it comes to curly hair, just simply pin them up can be really chic. Or if you have short hair and don’t like them that way, you can add some shine spray and swoop them to the side. Have a sweet headband can be very nice and princess. As to long hair with soft loose curls or large waves, hang them down your shoulder naturally. Beautifully cascading around bare shoulders and sexy collarbones, your hair just adds more charm as well as some modesty to your beauty. This year, I have noticed that side swept waves enjoy great popularity among celebrities on res carpet. This hairstyle looks elegant as goes with a strapless long gown.

Distinctive and elegant as one shoulder dresses are, they are not matches for side-swept wavy hair. Well, up dos go along well with this dress style. Plaiting your hair in different kinds and textures is popular as well. Braids with a cute one shoulder pure colored homecoming dress can either be trendy and sweet or mature and elegant.

Half up do’s have quite similar effects as making side swept waves. With only one side pinned up and the other hang down along your neck to your chest, your face is flattered the best as well as the fabulous dress. If your dress is not dazzling, you can DIY your own special style: add some embellishments the way you like.

As to low cut dresses, the simpler with your hairstyle the better. If you have long hair, wear them straight or make a simple up do. Too much hair around or hang down your shoulder just cover up the beauty of your fabulous dress, leaving an impression of too overwhelming.

Finding the perfect hairstyle for you and your gorgeous homecoming dress calls for lots of trial and error. If you don’t want to be entangled with what to do with your hair as to go with your fabulous dress, here is a way to loaf on the job. Plait a simple, sleek high or low ponytail. That works out with any type of homecoming dress. For example: buns, French twists, curls etc. can all be made up to look great for the homecoming dance.

Every girl want to look perfect on their homecoming night, as lots of pictures are to be taken on this special evening. Everyone definitely wants to make some frame worthy photos including the boys. For girls, there are many ways you can do with your hair besides surfing on the Internet for your perfect homecoming dress. As I have said before, millions of sites can absolutely offer you some clues and hints on how you shall get your hair and integral shape done for your special evening. You can also get together a group of friends together and discuss and help with each other. Lots of money as well as time saved plus one more wonderful experience added to you and your sisters’ memories of high school. How nice!

Homecoming: Dress Like a Queen Within Your Budget

As the homecoming proceeds, all the jollification at the same time means that summer holiday is waning to a close and it’s time to return to school and focus on the study. On the other hand, with the Homecoming season in full gear, this also means a revelry for the young ladies wearing all kinds of dazzling dresses that flatter them the best and enjoy the moment peculiar to them.

That being said, finding the perfect fitting dress for homecoming turns out not that easy. You may spend hours looking through magazines or browse online for this your special event. Because not just you, every girls want to remember as well as want others to remember due to such an important event in high school even years later. Not every day is a girl supposed to dress up and be a queen.

Everything related to fashion changes with each passing day, so if you don’t want to go out of style, you have to always keep pace with the latest looks. However, most teenage girls are budget friendly students, and it can be super extravagant to throw large amounts of dollars on a luxurious one-off dress. While good news is that there are multifarious cheap homecoming dresses online on!

We have a massive collection of short cheap homecoming dresses 2014 for you to choose from. Various fashionable homecoming dresses and other formal dresses with fine quality at adorable prices are available at PERSUN.

What’s more, if you have a budget under $100, while you also want to dress like a queen or princess at your fabulous homecoming party to refresh your long-time-no-see school fellows, I would love to share some helpful tips with you. There are three things you have to ponder over as follows:

1. Figure out your personal style.

Homecoming dresses under 100 come in all styles and shapes at PERSUN, from simple and sophisticated to sweet and girly as well as unique and individualized. There are definitely one style that compliments you the best no matter in mini, short or long shape. In addition, limited budgets never equal limited options for your breathtaking homecoming.

From paillettes and sequins homecoming minis to sweetheart-cut short bubble dresses to elegant ankle-length formal dresses, you will certainly find the perfect style that you love for more than a fair price. Therefore, to show your personality as well as beauty without having to stretch deep into the pocket, pay a visit to and everything works out easily.

2. Work out the suitable size.

The only disadvantage about online shopping is that you can’t try your dress on to know if it’s perfectly suitable. That’s why all the customers from PERSUN have developed the habit of carefully reading the specific details about sizes and measurement. No one would like to spending extra money on an ill-fitting homecoming dress, especially for the budget friendly school girls.

3. Choose the best color for your complexion.

When it comes to pick the color of your dress, you don’t need to follow the trends or latest fashion, just follow your own individuality. It is what suits you the best other than what looks best on the majority of people that we are talking about. Although red may look sexy and hot, you should let it go if you have fair skin, which will only make you look shabby. Or despite the fact that royal blue makes people look fair, you should leave it if you are beautifully tanned. So figure out what color of skin you have and which color goes well with your skin color is of much importance.

Winter ““ pale skin with cool undertones of pale blue and dark hair. The best suitable colors are solid colors of black and white and vivid shades of red, blue, and green.

Summer ““ pale, creamy skin with pink undertones with a light blonde or brown. The best suitable choices are neutrals, pastels like pink, baby blue, and lavender.

Autumn ““ golden brown skin with warm olive undertones and brown hair or dark blonde. The best matchable colors are rich earth colors of browns, reds, and oranges.

Spring ““warm skin with gold undertones and auburn hair or light blonde. The beast matches are pale pastels, neutrals, or vivid colors, and no dull ones.

Read more…

Fashion Revolution in London Olympic 2012—Who Dressed Best in Olympic

London Olympic 2012 is not only a sport campaign, but an opportunity for athletes and representatives to shed their fashion dress-up now. Exactly, it is a fashion revolution in London Olympic 2012; as a feverish fashionist, how can you miss this rousing moment. Now let’s see who dressed best in Olympic 2012.

KATE Went Her Elegant Route in Blue Satin Coat Dress

Elegant Princess Kate Long Sleeve Satin Coat Dress
Elegant Princess Kate Long Sleeve Satin Coat Dress

 Of course, Princess Kate must show up in London Olympic 2012 opening ceremony. We’re fairly sure this is the Duchess of Cambridge’s first outing in what is perhaps London’s coolest label, Christopher Kane. Her patel blue satin dress made her the chicest ice princess at Buckingham Palace, and the Opening Ceremony.

Mobama Wears Mendel Sequined Knee Length Dress

Pink Cap Sleeve Sequined Knee Length Dress
Pink Cap Sleeve Sequined Knee Length Dress

That’s J.Mendel people, the US label which has become the red carpet’s new best friend. Accompanied by ambassador to the UK, Louis Susman, to a reception at Buckingham Palace, the First Lady looked; well, impeccably flawless, super-chic and effortless as ever. This also can be labeled as fashion model in London Olympic 2012.

Samantha Looks Glam to Greet the Torch

Floral Belt Knee Length Dress
Floral Belt Knee Length Dress

How great did Samantha Cameron look at 10 Downing Street last night to greet the Olympic flame? The summer 2012 look from London Fashion Week design duo Peter Pilotto floral knee length dress homecoming 2012 was trimmed to perfection with a nude belt and her preferred shoe – a round-toed platform court (style tip from the Duchess there readers). It is such an awesome look to welcome London Olympic 2012.


There will be more and more celebrities and athletes in fashion look, we just look forward their performance. If you are a fashionist, you should not miss PERSUN.

Cheap Cute Homecoming Dresses Under 100 For Your Fresh Year

It seemed that homecoming at college maybe a little strange for freshmen, because it would be a little different from the one in high school. Homecoming dance is a good chance for freshmen who always like to give a good impression to others. No matter what the homecoming will be, it is no doubt that you should prepare a right cute homecoming dress.

It is always an exciting thing when we find a quality homecoming at cheap price, not to mention the availability for the customization :

Cute purple Homecoming dress in Short Chiffon
Strapless design with draping details : this cute & sophisticated purple gown makes you glow !

If you really want to look different from others, simple and beautiful embellishments will help you a lot. You can add some beads or sequins in the straps or belt to make your formal skirt shinier.

Sweetheart Pink Cute Short Homecoming Tutu Dress

If you really want to look different from others, simple and beautiful embellishments will help you a lot, such as a beaded bodice. You can add some beads or sequins in the skirts or belt to make your formal skirt shinier.

Fuchsia Cute Sweetheart Beading Short Homecoming Dress

So opting for an ideal homecoming skirt is quite essential. Follow the advice what have been referred above will make your choosing easier and more convenient. There is a wide range of cheap homecoming dresses available for you to choose, I believe you will choose the perfect one finally.

2012 Hottest Celebrity Dresses

What’s in your mind when you think of celebrity dresses?

Fashion? Fine workmanship? Luxurious? Or expensive?

Definitely, all of these are celebrity dresses features! You must also dream of possessing of such a great celebrity dresses 2012? Now it is proved to be an easy job because of PERSUN.

Dresses are the only thing that can enhance the beauty of a lady and celebrity dresses are the dream of every woman. Every woman wants to look like a celebrity and most importantly when you are going out for a party or any occasion you want a dress that makes you more beautiful.

Now let’s have a look at celebrity homecoming dresses!

V-neck Ruffle Selena Gomez Purple Chiffon Celebrity Dress
V-neck Ruffle Selena Gomez Purple Chiffon Celebrity Dress

This celebrity homecoming dress 2012 is made up of high quality material and is comfortable to wear and really soft like feather in touch. This dress is actually designed for beautiful ladies like you. So get your celebrity dress and be the most charming one in the party. You can customize these celebrity dresses according to your size and fondness easily.

V-neck Ruffles Blue Nina Dobrev Satin Celebrity Dress
V-neck Ruffles Blue Nina Dobrev Satin Celebrity Dress

This celebrity dress gives you a mind blowing look that will make you look like a real celebrity. So take out the real celebrity in you and show off you new style and grasp heart of many with your flawless look.

Sexy One Shoulder Ruching Kate Beckinsale Satin Celebrity Dress
Sexy One Shoulder Ruching Kate Beckinsale Satin Celebrity Dress

Common perception is that dresses gives freshness of mind and person feel relax himself and happy with their beautiful dresses and same thinking is working there. If you will wear celebrity dresses, then you must feel such feeling like your favorite celebrity. You cannot share your inner feeling with others, but your personal inner self will happy and feel proud after wearing such celebrity dresses.

There is no need of envying about the shiny look on celebrities in amazing dresses. Now,  you also can do it. It is a funny experience of dressing as a celebrity. More important is that you just can get the celebrity dresses at low price but in high quality.

How to Find Cheap and Cute Homecoming Dresses 2012 —-2012 Academic Year Begin with Homecoming

No prom, no party? Definitely, it is time to get ready for your homecoming. Time to show off your new homecoming dresses 2012!

But the question is that how to find your cheap and perfect homecoming dresses. Where can she find a huge selection of homecoming dresses or prom dresses for 2012 that are both stylish and affordable? PERSUN will help you!

Why so much confidence in PERSUN?

First, a variety of special occasion dresses 2012 are available.

They provide a wide variety of special occasion dresses2012  that young ladies are searching for. When you shop at PERSUN, it is easy to find homecoming dresses and prom dresses from cute to elegant style and many others. And for those who are looking for cheap cute homecoming dresses, the visit to the site will be a pleasant surprise and experience.

We believe that young ladies the world over are discovering the exciting styles and colors in homecoming dresses for 2012 and finding that these exquisite dresses are priced right.

One Shoulder Green Short Homecoming Dress 2012
One Shoulder Green Short Homecoming Dress 2012

Second, reliable.

But how do you know that you are getting what they promise? It is a sad fact that many online vendors who sell prom dresses and homecoming dresses do not deliver the actual dresses as pictures that they advertise. Shoppers do not have to worry about that with this shop. All of the homecoming dresses that they advertise are truly authentic. No rip off’s, no scams, and no counterfeits. And this is guaranteed.

Sexy Spaghetti Red Short Homecoming Dress
Sexy Spaghetti Red Short Homecoming Dress

Third, custom-colors are available.

It is so pity when we find our perfect dresses after long searching but the color is not what you want. Fortunately, thanks for our color charts function, you can you can select any color it at PERSUN, if you did find your perfect homecoming dresses but your dreamed color is shown in picture.

Strapless Coffee Short Homecoming Dress
Strapless Coffee Short Homecoming Dress