Many years past, women have realized that to be attractive, you need elegance, but it’s also important to look sexy. Indeed, being sexy is a state of mind that requires an optimal self-confidence. This requires, above all, bold, appropriately matched clothing choices that are not vulgar. Sexy, you can be sexy anywhere, it’s true. That said, what could be better than the chic, peaceful and beautifully luminous setting of an evening to reveal and assert your femininity? If you want to be the most dazzling of the evening, take all the glances and compliments of the other guests, several models are available. From this range, 5 styles stand out in sexy evening dresses. Let’s find out about them.

Sexy Long Prom Evening Dress With Sequined Bust Backless Princess
White Gentlewomanly Sexy Backless With Sequined Bust Long Prom Dress selling well on

To make you look splendid, puts at your disposal beautiful creations in different colors and styles. In the first position of this top 5, enjoy the white evening dress with V-neck short sheath. With its immaculate color, this model has a cleavage and straps beading that delicately enhance your shoulders. The dress is sheath and has fine strass brilliant at the bust for a chic and sexy effect.

Sheath Sweetheart Backless Beaded Slit Front Hollowed-out Sexy Prom Evening Dress
Cheap Hollowed-out Backless with Strass Sexy Evening Dress on

In second position, find the long glittered evening gown adorned with satin. It is hollowed-out at the waist and backless with strass for a style sexy with splendour. It also comes with silky fabric for a glamorous and original look. This piece is made of satin and includes a bra. The dress also has a front slit for a superb view of your legs.

sheath V Neck slit evening Dress with straps adorned with rhinestones Mousseline below black silver
Persun Mermaid Crystal Backless Fashion Long Evening Dress

Are you looking for long models with trains? Enjoy the sheath evening dress with brilliant straps adorned with rhinestones. Long sleek and very elegant, this outfit fits perfectly into your body for a more feminine look. It makes your silhouette a real touch of brilliance to your look. This piece has a medium drag and is made of muslin.

V Neck Spaghetti Strap Beading Short Cocktail evening Dress
Strap sheath short short Evening dress

Better positioned in this top, discover the evening dress strap in satin. It offers a pretty neckline in V that will sublimate you, perfectly catches your breasts. It looks very sophisticated.

Persun Gorgeous lace transparent Beaded Mermaid Scoop Long Evening Gown
Persun lace Mermaid Scoop Long Evening Gown

Finally, at the top of this top, discover the delightful evening dress with lace front slit. Fitted and adorned with rhinestones, it has a particularly elegant design on the back, which makes you inevitably different. The hold splits from a sublime lateral opening, going up to the thigh, to enhance your finely sculpted legs. With its structure that is both body friendly and casual, this dress combines glamour and comfort, a particularity that gives it the reindeer of this top.

How to choose its long summer formal dress?

Summer is fast approaching and you want to redo your wardrobe? Choose the gown that fits on several occasions. All our tips to choose the most beautiful dresses.
A long dress based on the silhouette
It’s (finally) summer, highlights the long and fluid dresses for a look feminine and trendy. If you hesitate between several models, be aware that the gown can also adapt to your silhouette. For women with small breasts, dresses to booster you will beautifully, while larger breasts may lean towards neck slightly dresses v, wide straps, or short-sleeved. If you’re athletic, you can also splurge on a long dress slit on the side, or a swimmer back that showcases your toned silhouette. Finally, for luscious forms, use fluid materials and cuts curved below the chest.
A long dress according to the occasion

Dressesmall Noble Ruched Pleated One Shoulder Purple Organza Long Evening Dress

Purple formal dresses

Depending on the event, the gown can also adapt. Sunny days invite to the pastel colors and powdery, like weddings! In the same vein, for your evenings with friends or lovers, you can opt for darker reasons, metallic colours or even Aztec prints, leopard or Zebra (in button to not to overload your look). For United long dresses, the colour purple, coral, blue and bordeaux are to adopt without hesitation. Finally, for major events in the evening, the timeless black colour may also be considered.
Timeless print
If the trends vary each year, a few basic remain timeless. Indeed, for long dresses, some printed through the seasons with ease. For example, you can readily bring out your liberty long dress from last year, while accompanying it with suitable shoes. In the same vein, the floral prints, jungle and geometric can easily come to a place every summer. For your evenings, it is same with the open backs, openwork patterns and the strapless lace for a touch of elegance. Concerning colours, you’ll never make an error with powder pink, white, the plum, or even the Navy.
Accessorize her long summer dress

Comment choisir sa robe longue d'été ?

Formal dresses online

For an even more sophisticated and feminine look, long dresses are the perfect example of the garment to accessorize. If you wish to change the straight cuts, for example it is quite possible to add a fine leather at the waist belt. For jewelry, if your gown has a neckline, dress it up with a fine necklace or a necklace. Similarly, for the short-sleeved or sleeveless summer dresses, go ahead for the metal cuffs, which add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Finally, for a Bohemian and chic look, the hat is the indispensable accessory that combines easily with a long dress.

Long formal evening dresses online

Formal dresses for men and women formal wear are common conditions for clothes they are suitable for social events, such as weddings, dinner or formal party garden. Western style of formal dresses are characterized by black also of white clothing dresses, it is about all the time normal dress in countries that lack a formal national costume.
In this profitable world, women are also causing selling segments that increase stress on formal dresses for women. because we know that the world at the same time, fashion leans every woman’s desire to be beautiful in motocross. to call this necessity of the female population, is the magnificent dress pushed from industry to hand out the ladies. the reason it is important to be on in the impressive formal clothing is that it not only make you look good during office hours, but also creates a good impression on you and becomes your exposure. the reason why it is important to be in remarkable formal dress is intended to not only make you seem fine all other Office than also creates a superior impression at your place of work also give you experience.

Dressesmall Boat Neck Appliques Beaded Lace Chiffon Blue Evening Dress

photo: Black formal evening dresses Persun

Evening dress, sometimes also recognized as patio dress because of its construction by the Royal Courts today, will dress in different silhouettes even lengths, other than full-skirted and prom dress relics top of formality. These are worn on a variety of semi-formal white and black tie functions, as well as formal dinners, premieres theatre also in opera, weddings, dances and balls. When torn white tie occasions, his coat is usually more complex than the worn black tie occasion. These are classically associated with glamour also abound, plus pop up on activities similar to the Oscars as in us, the opening of society in cities, even formal receptions. more dresses are not designed to carry more than one, but the high profile society that celebrities can sell dresses than they give it in charity. in a number of cases, especially PRO public action, lends well-identified designer tradition or era dresses to distinguished participants in the deal, that glass case their skills in ball gowns at the end of the end of the evening the permanent archive.

Dressesmall Sleek Beading Strapless Satin Mermaid Formal/Evening Dress

photo: Yellow formal dresses

Evening dresses or dresses are long formal dresses. the range of values for this dresses are ballerina full length and tea. These long formal dresses for the evening is produced in General, deluxe fabrics like chiffon, satin; Velvet etc. pages is a popular fiber designed for various evening dresses.
When the correct time is in position in the school, all the girls look forward a proper dress to be in focus in the eyes of each student In fact,it is a necessary part of the juniors formal dresses to your exclusive style plus introduces a dramatic part to create the more stylish and trendy. the female flame of Juniors formal dresses, turn a few girls around the world like a runway from return dress for prom. styles as kind of a little and pretty graceful even formally designate each day is an opportunity to shine.

Cheap Cute Homecoming Dresses Under 100 For Your Fresh Year

It seemed that homecoming at college maybe a little strange for freshmen, because it would be a little different from the one in high school. Homecoming dance is a good chance for freshmen who always like to give a good impression to others. No matter what the homecoming will be, it is no doubt that you should prepare a right cute homecoming dress.

It is always an exciting thing when we find a quality homecoming at cheap price, not to mention the availability for the customization :

Cute purple Homecoming dress in Short Chiffon
Strapless design with draping details : this cute & sophisticated purple gown makes you glow !

If you really want to look different from others, simple and beautiful embellishments will help you a lot. You can add some beads or sequins in the straps or belt to make your formal skirt shinier.

Sweetheart Pink Cute Short Homecoming Tutu Dress

If you really want to look different from others, simple and beautiful embellishments will help you a lot, such as a beaded bodice. You can add some beads or sequins in the skirts or belt to make your formal skirt shinier.

Fuchsia Cute Sweetheart Beading Short Homecoming Dress

So opting for an ideal homecoming skirt is quite essential. Follow the advice what have been referred above will make your choosing easier and more convenient. There is a wide range of cheap homecoming dresses available for you to choose, I believe you will choose the perfect one finally.

Gorgous Prom Dresses at any Budget

So, you’ve sorted out your hair design, got your nail figured out, and even found some software to help you get ready for THE prom night, but now comes the hard part : the dress! Whether you’re looking for something long and glamorous or short and spunky, we’ve got something perfect no matter what budget you’re working with. Check out our under $100, under $250 options below!

Prom dresses that are UNDER $100

Don’t fret if you’re allowance is a little tight”it won’t stop you from finding your dream dress! If you want ALL eyes on you, go for this Sweetheart Short Yellow Puffy Prom Dress. We love the color design & the beaded details.

A line Yellow tone cocktail dress with beaded details

For a more vintage choice, you have the following short purple prom gown to wear. You could always have a puffy skirt with a laced & sequined top to draw people’s attention !

Chic Scoop Purple A Line Knee Length Tulle Homecoming Dress

If you’re feeling super girly and want to steel the style from Kardashians Tcas, go for the replica below : Add a bright red platforms, and BAM ! You’ll put all the other girls (and guys) on the dance floor to shame.

Kardashians Tcas High low Royal Blue Prom Dress

Glittery Prom dress UNDER $250

So, you’ve got some dough to burn, but mom is definitely still eying those price tags. Here are some dresses that are sure-fire showstoppers but don’t break the banks.

Sheath Spaghetti Strap Beaded Chiffon Evening Dress

We loveloveLOVE this Sheath Spaghetti Strap Beaded Chiffon Evening Dress. It’s delicate yet sassy, and there’s even an glamours back to be exposed.

And we got this Sexy Slit front Prom Dress : The bead work is SO intricate that it’ll be impossible not to shimmer under the disco ball in this frock.

Camborne Elegant V neck Open Back Slit front Sexy Evening Gown
Click this image to see more photos.

Which do you like most ? Don’t hesitate to tell us your favorite in the comment below 🙂


Dress Like Your Favourite Star at

If you love watching celeb and checking out their stunning gowns, you should also check out Persun for some amazing celebrity style. Whether you have a party to go to or you are looking for some stunning dresses for important occasions, you can get the great inspiration from the celebrities. Here below you will find some of our favourite celebrity dresses.

Wear an elegant teal evening dress like the Princess Kate Middleton

White Dress for wedding like Kate Middleton with lace illusion back
Kate Middleton on Carpet in Teal Evening dress ; Price : US$ 148.4

This teal evening dress has become classic since Kate wears it on the red carpet. The dress is so elegant with its unique combination between the illusion lace back details and the Tencel chiffon draping over the chest & the flowing skirt. You can have it in white for your cityhall wedding or in dark green for an evening occasion.

Teal Bridesmaid dress like Kate Middleton
As bridesmaid, you might want to wear like Princess Kate for your good friends’ wedding.

Kate is probably the best celebrity to watch for inspiration for wedding guest dresses as she is often photographed at formal occasions. She often wears beautifully draped pieces like chiffon dresses. You can get her look via this link : Kate middleton’s Teal Evening dress.

Steal the mermaid style from Kendall Jenner

Real dress photo Kendall Jenner's Champagne dress at Met gala 2014
Price : US$118.72 ; Reference : LTFR0070 ; Source : PERSUN

Daily Mail describes this dress as “not so extravagant”. If you prefer something chic and simple, this minimalism dress can be your ideal choice to senior prom party or graduation ceremony. Don’t forget to get your accessories in light tone to match the whole look, and you will definitely play the card of “I am the Prom Queen”.