How to choose its long summer formal dress?

Summer is fast approaching and you want to redo your wardrobe? Choose the gown that fits on several occasions. All our tips to choose the most beautiful dresses.
A long dress based on the silhouette
It’s (finally) summer, highlights the long and fluid dresses for a look feminine and trendy. If you hesitate between several models, be aware that the gown can also adapt to your silhouette. For women with small breasts, dresses to booster you will beautifully, while larger breasts may lean towards neck slightly dresses v, wide straps, or short-sleeved. If you’re athletic, you can also splurge on a long dress slit on the side, or a swimmer back that showcases your toned silhouette. Finally, for luscious forms, use fluid materials and cuts curved below the chest.
A long dress according to the occasion

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Purple formal dresses

Depending on the event, the gown can also adapt. Sunny days invite to the pastel colors and powdery, like weddings! In the same vein, for your evenings with friends or lovers, you can opt for darker reasons, metallic colours or even Aztec prints, leopard or Zebra (in button to not to overload your look). For United long dresses, the colour purple, coral, blue and bordeaux are to adopt without hesitation. Finally, for major events in the evening, the timeless black colour may also be considered.
Timeless print
If the trends vary each year, a few basic remain timeless. Indeed, for long dresses, some printed through the seasons with ease. For example, you can readily bring out your liberty long dress from last year, while accompanying it with suitable shoes. In the same vein, the floral prints, jungle and geometric can easily come to a place every summer. For your evenings, it is same with the open backs, openwork patterns and the strapless lace for a touch of elegance. Concerning colours, you’ll never make an error with powder pink, white, the plum, or even the Navy.
Accessorize her long summer dress

Comment choisir sa robe longue d'été ?

Formal dresses online

For an even more sophisticated and feminine look, long dresses are the perfect example of the garment to accessorize. If you wish to change the straight cuts, for example it is quite possible to add a fine leather at the waist belt. For jewelry, if your gown has a neckline, dress it up with a fine necklace or a necklace. Similarly, for the short-sleeved or sleeveless summer dresses, go ahead for the metal cuffs, which add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Finally, for a Bohemian and chic look, the hat is the indispensable accessory that combines easily with a long dress.