Happy Halloween, let’s party!

When it’s getting cooler, demons and ghosts appears. Are you ready? Go.

Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of  counties on 31 October. We love it, because it’s an interesting festival for fun. At that night,lots of special activities will be celebrated. Neighbors will get out of their house, and say hello to each other. When the night falls, it is the best time to take place an open-air parties. Bonfires will be lit and the costume parties begins. People join together and dress up as anyone if your will. Wow, a paradise of happiness! Where are the kids?   Absolutely, Kids are by no means the minors. Thrilled about candies and cute costumes, it is pleasant time to enjoy their trick or treat time. Anything else? Yes, it is also our show time for our art talent. Do you remember those lovely jack-o’-lanterns? you will have the opportunity to carve one on All Hallow’day.

Best day for entertainment, aha. It is still best time for shopping. With the advent of Christmas day and new year’s day, do want to buy a new dress for your upcoming parties?  If you have interests in latest new dresses online, PERSUN promises you that a good discount will be given on the Halloween. With the development of the Internet, shopping online is becoming a fashion today. But there are large quantities of shops present your mind, where to find a good dress shop online is not that easy. Maybe choose the famous is all right, while a big online shop means less discount and much money should be paid. Best of all, Persun can guarantee a high-quality dress at lower price. If necessary, you may visit our blogs for more suggestions.

I can’t wait for any minute, Let’s enjoy our party. Come on! Happy Halloween!

How Red Wedding Dress Become a Student of White Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress or wedding gown is the most attracting dress during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. In Western cultures, brides often choose a white wedding dress, which is the color most associate with innocence, perfection, cleanliness and lightness. While in eastern cultures, brides often choose red to symbolize auspiciousness. Hence, an interesting discussion begins with the two different wedding dresses culture. Which wedding dress do you like best, the white one or the red one?

If you are a supporter of white dress, a red dress may go for bridesmaids instead of the bride. Yes, i can’t agree with you more. White wedding dress is cool and light. Dressing like an angel on your holy day will be wonderful and unforgettable.

While the case is different in eastern countries. Brides there prefer a red wedding dress to a white one.If a bridesmaid appears in red, she may very well be mistaken for Bride. On that special day, red dress is a privilege  for brides. So, if you are going to attend a eastern wedding ceremony, it will be endearing to ignore red dress.

19713852458-1With the development of Chinese and Western culture exchange activities, the gap are narrowing down year after year. Many Oriental brides are preferred in the fusion of Chinese and Western cultural elements of bride service. This is the epitome of Eastern wedding historical change. For example, many customs has been cancelled in Chinese wedding ceremonies, and many rituals have been introduced from western culture.  And it seem popular in the new couple groups today.


In summary, oriental wedding dress designers are learning from western dress, the trend will last for a long time. It’s OK, but i long to see more and more innovation rather than imitation. A student can have better performance than the teacher.




How to Choose a Right Color Evening Dresses ?

With so many evening dresses for our option at online shop,are you feel a little difficult to find your right color one? Please don’t worry! It is a piece of cake if some tips are given. After a scan of this paper, you will feel free to find your suitable colored evening gown.

Black Evening Dresses

Sexy Lace Back Evening dress in Black on Cara Delevingne

Black stands for coolness, mystery and elegance. Women’s sexy attributes are enhanced by this color to full capacity.Black dress is nice, but it will be better to add some other elements such as ribbons trimming, dark flowers over fabrics or an exclusive shawl.In the aesthetic point of view, one or two adornments on the dresses can have better effect on our sight. Hence, if you want to be charming lady on the party, such a black dress will go for anyone who like it.

White Evening Dresses

Want to wear like the star? Ask Persun for more details.

Girls in white dresses convey the signal of innocence and purity. It is often considered as a summer color,for white dress are cooler than in hot season. As a matter of fact, White is also popular in fashion evening dresses. A white dress is light and graceful, and it can reflect your figure perfectly. But the color your dress should coordinate with your skin color, otherwise a white dress will have negative effect on your image.

Red Evening Dresses

It is a good idea to choose a red-color evening dress to attend your evening party. Red color stands for enthusiasm and wildness. Sometimes a well-made red evening gown can ignite the passion night. Imagine that a fair lady in red dress dance with tune. Out of question you will be queen on that night. In addition, add some ruffles over the dress to balance the harshness or inject some fabric of softness and sweetness into this color, it will greatly boost the lure of your red evening dress.

Choose one of these three red gowns evening according to your body shape, ask Persun for advice.

Colorful Prints Evening Dresses

Prints dresses are interesting in style. With decoration of ruffles, beads and petal decoration, such an print dress is well known by its fashionable style. If you have a print dress, it will be attractive to wear it to attend a evening party. But it should fit your figure and adapt to your skin color. Or you may have some better choices for your final decision.

5 Essential Short gowns to wear for your evening party 2015

Persun has a lot of pure color gown for events in its precedent collection. This year, we begins to find fun in some gowns that are unusual in terms of fabric. So here we proudly presents 5 essential short evening gown for your evening get-together in classy fabrics.

Metallic Tones Short Evening Wear

Metallic Silver Evening gown short
Metallic tones evening dresses are really hot right now. To get the really shiny metallic look you’ll want to consider this little silver dress with bling bling effect in a more elegant way.

Black Short Lace evening gown for ladies

Elegant Little Black Dress for Evening in sequins

You can not be more elegant in this thigh high little black gown covered by delicate lace and sparkling sequins. The see-through neckline in a form of T gets you a more fancy look while the bow details at the waist underlines the femininity to the extremity.

Nude pink Short Embroidery Evening dress

One shoulder design inspiration for prom dress

For this short nude pink dress i won’t give you the full look here because all the editor want you to concentrate is the details of the fabric. With some marvelous flower motif embroidery on the one shoulder cap sleeve, the dress can be so charmingly fragile, which reflects so well the girly personality and reminds us of the beautiful times when we met love. For more look of the gown please click right here.

Champagne Short gown for evening in daisy lace

Vintage & Modest Homecoming Dress Haute Couture

For a vintage touch, for a cute girly memory. Wearing this short gown for your homecoming party or birthday celebration, it’s hard to not let heads turn to you. On a layer of luxury soft organza is sewn by hand the complete piece of daisy form lace. Who can say no to this ? Link of the short evening dress : http://www.persun.cc/bateau-lace-short-a-line-evening-dress-with-sleeves-p-10052.html

Golden Cap sleeve Short Evening gown

Delicat Golden Cocktail Dress Haute Couture
Style No. : DZC82118

I know that the color gold wouldn’t be most girls’ first choice when it comes to their choice of color of all the 2015 evening dresses available on Persun.cc, but did you know that the golden color has been voted for “the color of the year” by color experts? If you are worried of looking like mature, how about this cute short golden formal gown?

What do you think about our new collection of 2015 short evening gowns? Please kindly leave us a message at below 🙂

Who is most stunning lady in 2014 Oscar dress?

The Academy Awards is an annual American awards ceremony honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry. It seem to be all about films, but for us, It is a pleasure to enjoy the red carpet fashion. Who is the Top ten best dressed ladies on the night?The answer to it only from your farsightedness, please share it if convenient.


Wow,perhaps the firs one is your favorite. Cate Blanchett wore a nude Armani Prive gown with white floral applique. When she floated down the carpet,she was like a goddess. What’s more,charming smile and beautiful dress capture much attention.


To be honest, a black dress on red carpet is not that popular, but in this black gown she really won over many audiences. With a dramatic silhouette and good craftsmanship, it matches her perfectly. What’s your opinion?


Aha, Jessica Biel  have a nice dress, i like that style. And she really is beautiful, but my curiosity for her charming and mystery look is suspended. A fair lady with certain air of mystery, your beloved one?


Kate Hudson wore a sexy Versace white dress.Is she the most stunning one on the night?With a classic Hollywood look she looks perfectly.


A different dress, what’s your discoveries? Kerry Washington has really perfected maternity style, the dress is also available at Persun. Though she looks less graceful on the carpet, she will choose a serious one when her baby was born.


I think Lupita Nyong’o knew everyone was watching her tonight. In that pale blue dress,she makes a good impression for their audience. Beside, a confident smile add more charms to her.


Margot Robbie was in black tonight. Her Saint Laurent gown add much glamour to her.Perhaps she was not recognized at first sight, but her goth glamour was different and unique.


Naomi Watts stunned tonight in a white dress,sexy and charming!Was she  your most stunning one?


How about this red gown?Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful in her dress.Though she met a problem,she still looks graceful while going down. For everyone else, too red is not ok, but she want to be the lady in red. I support her, and you?


In this gorgeous ceremony, we can capture the current fashion signal. When we enjoy the dress show, we are capable of learning some good tricks for our dress up. Sometimes a little change on our dresses will create amazing effect for yourselves. Therefore, enjoy your happy time with a pretty dress.


The journey of bridesmaid’s heart

I was a bridesmaid at my dear friend’s wedding ceremony. Honestly speaking, it is a delicate time for me to choose my dress. It is no doubt that the bride is the female leading one on that special occasion. I’m just the minor, but i don’t treat it unwillingly. If you want to be a happy lady, no one can stop you but yourselves.As a close friend of the bride, i hope to flatter her glamour. Meanwhile, i have no reason to say goodbye to happiness. In most cases, the bridesmaids often have no privilege to make a decision out of their ideas. But different aesthetic standard and accepted fashion drive me for a change! Every bridesmaid has the opportunity to be the blessing group if some actions can be taken.

Pastel color Long bridesmaid gowns
6 romantic pastel colors for bridesmaid dresses, which one is your favorite?

Can bridesmaids pick their own bridesmaid dress?

It is not a joke for fun. Yes, all bridesmaids can pick their own dress. It will turn out to be a great and bold attempt. At least, the bridesmaids will agree with that fresh notion, and this is the first step to be a happy bridesmaid.We also have access to show your loveliness and display our aesthetic standard to all wedding guests. However, two principles should be observed in bridesmaid dresses.

1.Uniform fabrics and color are required. To avoid clash between different bridesmaid dress and achieve harmonization in the wedding.

2.Try to refrain from sexy dresses such as mini skirt and a low cut dress.

Strapless Bridesmaid gowns in affondil with uniform bouquets in hands
Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas : Same color, style & bouquets

Can I have my bridesmaid dress in black?

all-purpose bridesmaid dresses
All in black and that makes sense!

The answer to this  question is YES, and it helps make a contrast effect on the wedding day. There is no harm in trying a black one on the wedding day. With regard to the advantages of black dresses, i can’t speak more highly of them. They are visually very slim and slender. No matter you are tall or not, the black bridesmaid gowns(click if you need) will give us confidence and sense of satisfaction. What’s more, we have no trouble in dress design.

Suggestions for Selecting a satisfactory Bridesmaid dress

A modest price comes first. With so much cost in transportation,gifts,parties, making up and hairstyle, a modest price should be taken into consideration for most bridesmaids. So I recommend that we can visit some stores that have established professional range of products such as online shop for dresses and department stores.


A decent skirt in size and length. The importance of length is the same as its size. Lucky enough , if we have chosen a dress with appropriate length. Congratulations!Less modification. Of course, you may alter your dresses for other reasons, but it is true that a right length dress can prevent us from stumbling without wearing high-heeled shoes.

The degree of comfort in dress. In fact, it depends on individual sense of feeling, but some consideration for our dress style can enhance degree of comfort to a large extent.For example, a bridesmaid without that plump stature should not purchase the stomacher type dress. It is not endearing and you should exhausted more energy to consider its security.

If we have such a bridesmaid dress,we have no reason to be frustrate.

The accessories for our bridesmaid dresses

A nice dress may be enough to be grateful, but some bridesmaid accessories will add more surprise for your role such as shoes and jewels. Even though we are not the focus of the wedding day, we still have a presentation of our bridesmaid’s charm. Since most wedding happens at summer, we can go for some simple style sandals.Now let’s accept the role with a cheerful mind.

Green heel Sandle for BridesmaidAsymmetrical Elegant Bridesmaid shoes in Dark blue

The principal idea is to apply the dress style or details onto your bridesmaid gown. If you are going to wear a dress with a bowknot sash in green, the sandal above on the left is your must-have. If you already have a one-shoulder dress to wear for the wedding day, the blue sandal with asymmetrical design will definitely create a matching effect. If there are something to avoid, that is over exaggerated high heels, which seems a bit ridiculous when taking photos and troublesome if you are not comfortable with it. Don’t forget that you might dance at the wedding evening party!

Blue themed Bridesmaid dresses photo with yellow and white bouquets
Idea of wearing bridesmaid dress: same shade but different tones.

When it comes to your jewels, don’t steal the show with glittering eye-catching necklace or earrings. Remember that the bride remains the focus. Pearl, shell, flower are all suitable elements for your wedding bridesmaid look. Though, you need to discuss with other bridesmaids to decide whether to wear these accessories. Don’t make the same mistake as the second bridesmaid from the left in the photo above 😉

5 Pastel Knee length Sweetheart Bridesmaid dresses
Vintage Shell necklace adds to the festival atmosphere!

Please enjoy your roles and have a happy time!

Your figure and your wedding dress

Every girl has a sweet dream in their heart. They hope to find a beloved boy and marry him.They have a dream to wear a beautiful dress on that holy day. Not only for their lovers, but only for themselves. A perfect wedding dress vary from brides in different figure,however. So, it should take your patience to select your ideal dress. Here we have some avice to all brides-to-be:

Advice to brides with a curve figure

Congratulations! Your perfect figure allows you to wear any slim dress, but a mermaid dress or a dropped backless gown is better to project your remarkable s-curve. Meanwhile, a sweetheart neckline is good for your curve.If some decorations with high contrast color are applied in your dress belt, it will make your waist striking. Besides, the use of some high-sounding jacquard weave will draw the audience’s attention to the most petite parts of your body. With regard to the exaggerated dropped waist design,its adornments below the hip stand out the waist and hip line with flow dynamic. In one word,your dress should draw outline of your body, don’t choose the low neckline one or the empire waist one.

Advice to brides with pear figure

Account for the characteristics of your figure, the perfect selection can cover the buttocks, and projected your natural waist. For example, with an empire waist line doll gauze skirt, or use the chic collar design, and studded with large number of decorative corset will  enable others gaze on the above your waist. Moreover, one shoulder gown can make people pay more attention to your upper slender body, and the use of the corset dress with a wide swing contribute to highlight your waist. In addition, empire waist line helps elongate your body curve and mutiply folding layer type skirt can effectively cover the lower part of the body. Remember that mermaid, petite dress and gowns with low waist line design or light fitting fabric is not allowed.

Advice to brides with a petite figure

Wow, very nice! You can select a dress with modern tight type. Delicate silhouette will make your petite figure stretched.Of course, skirt length should be paid special attention to: if it is too long or too short, it will only make you look more pocket. If you feel tight dress too casual,  how about a trumpet wedding dress or a-line one ? I think it will be ok.Furthermore, some tips for your perfect wedding dresses can be given.

1. Dress with V collar can make sight down, thereby ignoring your short stature.

2. Skirt with multi layer but not too fluffy, may try to envelope a layer of light penetration of the lace and tulle in its slim outer.

3. Corsets with V-font decoration elongated torso.

4. Trumpet skirt can make your body more plump, and a wide swing skirt is also your best choice.

For your account, multilevel bustle decoration, too much decoration and extra large bow or stereo fitting should be.

Advice to brides with slender figure

Regarding your ideal dresses, those full of a sense of volume wedding can be recommended, because it can reduce your height in sight, or you can use the a-line wedding dress or  skirt dress with sense of weight, which makes a perfect balance and slender figure. Meanwhile,elegant personal fabrics contribute to a prominent Boney beauty and narrow body trim make you more sexy on your traditional wedding dress. Moreover, if you want to be more grand and graceful one, you can select those dresses with round, jewellery neck or boatneck. Smooth fabrics stand out your lean figure and a prominent waistline design can show your charming curve. But you should not wear the headdress and high-heeled shoes, at same time, in your dress if you with a too exaggerated hairstyle is not allowed.

Advice to brides with apple figure

Maybe you are worry about your wedding dress now. To be honest, it is not that difficult to accomplish your dream. Having a wedding can cover your waist fat, such as a dress with fine plait of mace or beads on waist, and the collar should be selected  big round neck or V neck collar. Then wide straps can not only balance your figure, also can let you choose loose underwear. Gathers the waistline can make your waist and abdomen more beautiful. V-neck dress has a good slimming effect, so it would be a good choice for you. But fashionable laptop mini dress is your best choice. It can show slender leg. The last point that should be remembered likewise: Keep out of dress with off the shoulder neckline or the empire one.

Every bride has their own charms,  you can make the decision. Best wishes!