How to wear Homecoming Dresses that are often short ?

Be honest! We all love the short homecoming dress which makes us sensual and feminine during the homecoming season. Light and convenient, we look like more mature in such gowns to enjoy the dance moves at the homecoming party. But how to wear homecoming dresses that are often short ? The following are some useful ideas which will show you the best way to dress up your homecoming dress, and look dazzling when you go out in it. You can click to see some 2014 homecoming dresses inspirations before reading this article 🙂

Sweetheart Homecoming Dresses with Pearl skirts
Sweetheart Homecoming Dresses 2014

Thigh high or ultra-short?

Cute Mid thigh Homecoming dresses Recommendation
Buy Cute Homecoming Dresses Online

It would be wise to opt for a short one (mid-thigh) for your homecoming party. It’s not only cute considering your age, but also a great look to let others see your beautiful legs in a suitable way. The ultra-short dress (below the buttocks), is only suitable for the events like club nights or parties between friends.

Does the short homecoming dress goes for everyone?

Yes, and especially for those who are petite. Short gowns just have the magic to elongates the legs visually as well as the silhouette. Don’t forget to wear it with high heels, you will be surprised by yourself because the result will be more than perfect.

Can I wear the short homecoming gown at other occasions?

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You are hesitating whether you should wear it for fear that it may not be appropriate for the occasion? Besides homecoming seasons, you can also wear your lovely short dress during festivals, dating with your lover, performance or other dancing parties. These are all perfect occasions to wear a shorter dress. But if it s for a professional appointment: you may give to your supervisor, your colleagues or your customers an impression that you just get out of a sofa promotion 😉

What to wear with a short dress?

Once you have chosen a homecoming dress that appears stylish and goes well for your body type, some adornment and additional accessories will just make the dress look even better on you.

Coral short holiday dress with matching accessories ideas
What accessories to wear with homecoming dresses


A homecoming dress is the ice cream, and in order to complete the sundae, you may want great jewel. A pair of dazzling drop earrings goes well with a homecoming dress. Choose earrings which feature gemstones such as rubies and diamonds. If you want to justify purchasing such accessories, keep in mind that they are very stylish now and will still be in the future, and can be paired with almost anything –  including the little black dress.


Everyone has her own style: bracelets might not be your thing. But if you can wear them without discomfort, they’re a great complement to any homecoming dress. If you are already wearing some bold jewel. Choose some fancy bracelets to wear with your outfit. You may prefer to wear either the necklace or bracelet, but not both.


It’s never proper to attend a homecoming affair without the suitable clutch accessorizing your dress. Even a small one will be enough. Lipstick, tissue and other small things will just fit inside. Once more, stay with the overall ideas. If your outfit features beads, select a beaded clutch to complement your ensemble. The best match for your gemstone jewelry would be a shiny black clutch purse with a few rhinestones on it.


If you think that the dress is short enough to show your beauty, pair it with some ballet flats. Additionally, you could allow yourself to a pair of heels of about 5 cm but no more. The pumps will heighten your bum, which makes your dress even shorter.

For a simple homecoming dress, you can afford pumps for a chic rendering. In order not to focus others’ attention on the length of the dress, feel free to wear a belt and a piece of jewellery such as a bracelet or ear-drop.

Your choice of shoes should not only depend upon the length, but also the color and the style of your homecoming dress, not to forget feeling comfortable in the shoes. If you do not believe you can dance (or even walk) in a pair of stilettos, you can always choose a low-heeled option that can still be quite sexy. To discover what style of shoes you should be wearing with your dress, find your dress style in the list below:

1. Slinky and Skin-Tight: A slinky, cute dress calls for a slinky pair of shoes to accompany it. If your dress shows off your curves in all the right places, try wearing a pair of strappy, open-toed sandals or sling-backs with a stiletto heel.

Elegant Creme sling back for homecoming occasion

2. High-Low or Asymmetrically Hemmed: This type of gown (with its short hem in front) is likely to grant more attention to your shoes and feet than any other dress style. Be sure to choose a pair of shoes with a moderate to high heel that shape and tone your legs. Your shoes should also boast some glitter, sparkle, or other pizzazz to draw attention toward them. If you are wearing a solid color dress, metallic shoes will complement your dress and add some glamour to your look.

Finding a cheap and trendy Homecoming dress from our site is only half of the battle. Once you find your dress, you should immediately begin thinking of all the finishing touches it will require. A perfect homecoming dress is not complete without the make-up, shoes, and accessories to accompany it. Wish you have a wonderful homecoming time!

Spot Your Unique Short Prom Dress

Trapped in a crowd of blazing and shining stars, how you are supposed to win out the rest? Absolutely a unique nifty short prom dress will work everything out. Short prom dresses are faddish for prom nowadays. But how to purchase the perfect short prom dress for your special nights still recalls skills and methods. Follow PERSUN closely to know how.

The first thing we should consider is whether it is cozy enough for you to enjoy your fabulous prom. Short prom dresses characterize wickedly funny hemlines as waved hemline, tassels hemline, ruffled hemline, simple cut hemline, bubble skirt and so on. You can definitely outstand others in a unique tailored short prom dress. If you can’t help with your creative ideas, you can be your own tailor and make a unique short prom dress, the only one of your kind.

A Line One Shoulder Beaded Applique Short Taffeta fuchsia Prom / Cocktail Dress
One Shoulder Short Taffeta Prom / Cocktail Dress on

hot pink prom dress as above can surely satisfy all your needs for comfort and relaxation. Short prom dresses reveal more purity and fragrant quality of girls than those elegant and mature dresses of floor length. With a simple cut bubble skirt hemline and lithe voile, you will rock your party like a breeze.

A Line Strapless Tassel Beaded silver Chiffon Cocktail Dress
Strapless Tassel Chiffon Cocktail Dress

This is a typical tassels hemline prom dress which is specially designed for our budget friendly friends who want to be a party queen. This is the most fashionable style in this season. And it is exclusive at

Strapless Sequined Mini tulle blue beading Cocktail Dress
Strapless Sequined Mini Cocktail Dress

Waved hemline also is a hit in all kinds of princess prom gown designs. Such a ocean blue short prom create a feeling of nobleness as well as a sense of mystery.

Strapless short white prom dresses can flatter your sexy collarbones the best. With your sexy shoulder partly hidden and partly visible in your straight or curly hair which naturally falls over your back, you are ready for your fantastic night already. One shoulder short prom dresses add more sweetness to your quality. While short prom dresses with two thin straps will make you look saucy and vigorous.

Choose your unique one of a kind prom dress to make your special night more special.

Top Discount Prom Dress at PERSUN

Girls, are you looking for the best prom dress sales? You are come to the right place! Currently, PERSUN offer great discount on some fabulous and hotselling prom dress, the 10% off dress below is a very exquisite and glamour which are perfect for your special day. It’s one of the best selling prom dresses 2016 at PERSUN, today, I will briefly expose the beauty secrets behind it.

Serect 1 : Tencel

Have you ever heard this material? Soft, fluid, natural. Wear it,then you will love it.

Prom Dress in Pink Tencel with Criss cross ruched bodice
Click the photo to see more aspects.

Tencel is made from cellulose in wood pulp, which is harvested from tree-farmed trees. Cellulose is the natural polymer that makes up the living cells of all vegetation. The tree farms have been established on land unsuitable for food crops or grazing.

Tencel in pale pink at
Tencel in pale pink

The fiber is produced via an advanced ‘closed loop’ solvent spinning process, with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water. The solvent used in the process is toxic but 99% is recovered and continually recycled.

Production plant emissions are significantly lower in comparison to many other man-made fiber operations.

Serect 2:High Slit

Sweetheart Yellow Corset Prom Dress with Ruffle skirt
Ruffles Beading Sweetheart Organza Yellow Prom Dress

Deep V-neck is too sexy? Well, I truly recommend high slit prom dresses for you. The trend of high slits really started catching on from 2015 onwards. International celebrities who made it to the top list of beautifully carrying off the high slit dresses at various red carpet events starting end of last year were Megan Fox in her purple thigh high Donna Karan dress. After that, high slit dress start to show at red carpet frequently. Choosing styles which have slits at the side could make your leg looks pretty long and really sexy.

Serect 3: Green

Someone says that black is always in fashion. I agree but it’s also boring when everyone wears black prom dress at party. So, you can choose green. Green is one of the very fresh and appealing colors. It attracts the attention and has many positive effects : it helps you to increases zeal, stimulates energy, also boost the action and confidence and also a feeling of protection from fears and anger.

Green Prom Dress with beaded sweetheart bodice

The color is also known as the color of beauty and also correlated with the good luck and fortune.

Wanna see more beautiful discounted green prom dresses ? Just click here

2015 Prom Dress Trend

Girls love beauty and have natural instinct for stylish dresses. They often bask in the beautiful aura, and it is not easy for them to miss the rare chance to show themselves at prom parties. Graduation is an important stage for our life. Why not dress up for it?  On the prom nights, everyone longs to wear a chic and stylish prom dress. But it is too much for your free and pleasant prom night unless some actions have been taken ahead. How to select a perfect prom dress? This will be the topic we discussed below.


In 2015, prom dresses have a trend of gorgeous and sexy style. Dresses with off shoulder, open back and irregular shape trains are chic for graduation girls. Meanwhile, extensive assortment of colors and ornaments will add to these beautiful dress. Hence, lovely ladies and girls, follow the trend you will be popular and attractive.But where to find a prom dresses cheap ?  With so many prom dresses online, it is not easy to find a good website for your decent dress. Trend goes that the short dress continue to enjoy popularity in 2015. Dynamic and exquisite, short prom dresses impress us on its superior sense of fashion. On top of that,  your dress should be convenient for dancing. Take PERSUN for example, you can find tassels hemline, bubble skirt, high low style and so on. In addition, a pair of stilettos with long and straight legs will add more charms to your  ensemble. The funchion is same with right accessories.

Bold and bright colors are fantastic for short prom dresses. It is no wonder that one shoulder prom dress continue to witness its miracle. At the same time, off shoulder, open back and irregular shape dresses also prevail in this year.

Admittedly, it is not difficult to find a stunning short prom dress. The point is how to find one dress that can flatter your figure and individuality the best. If you long to have a gorgeous night, it will be helpful to consider everything about dress including the flowers, sequins, beads, appliqués and embroidery and so forth.


Unlike the long standard ones, short prom dresses foreground the pure and fragrant nature of girls. They are not only simple and convenient, but also no less formal than the long classic ones.

In summary,the prom dress trend in 2015 is sexy and gorgeous. For example, a short one shoulder prom dress with applique or beads is nice and charming, and you may have another choice. Anyway, enjoy your party and have a good time!


Sparkling Silver Craze in 2014 Evening dress

Silver tide struck again this winter!

In the advent of Christmas and new year, have you got any new dresses for your upcoming parties? In winter, snow is a romantic and fantastic element. Driven by the inspiration of snow, talent designers use silver fabric to add the winter atmosphere to our silver evening gowns wardrobe.

Marchesa Silver Evening dress with sheer top

People with dark hair generally look better in a silver gown. Exemple: Lea Michele looks absolutely stunning in this platinum couture gown designed by Marchesa. Nowadays with increasing designers like Marchesa are making creations in deeper shades of silver, they are making it easier for all types of skin tones to wear.

The Lure of Silver Gown

A sheer skirt version for your silver party wear gowns.

At this season of every year, silver dress for evening party can catch the heart of every human beings easily. Out of question, white is popular in winter, and so is silver. It is sophisticated, cheerful and romantic. What’s more, silver dress is more charming than white. With the style of hollow out and sparking sequins in these dresses, a lithe and graceful figure was spread out to its full capacity. So, a silver evening dress is endearing and glorious in your formal parties.

The most popular fabric for silver evening dress?

Which style do you want Persun to make for you?

In fact, there isn’t most popular one. As you can see in the picture, silver in different fabric can create different visual effect. Flowing, graceful or vintage. It’s up to you to choose for your glamour under the spotlight of party. An amazing silver evening gown can give out attracting beam of light. At that moment, you look just like an angel in moonlight with gentle breeze moving through. Therefore, no more hesitate to opt for a silver evening dress which is perfect for your upcoming parties. Where to buy such a perfect dress at an affordable price? Persun is one of the online silver evening gowns shops that can meet your desires with customer-oriented service if you want to buy one.

What accessories to complete the Silver evening wear outfit?

A great way to display your beloved silver dress in your wardrobe is to pair it with accessories in another color. It is immediate thing for an all silver dress. In the terms of sight effects, silver can wash most people out to some extent,while wear a special accessories will add more glamour to you. For example, when wearing a silver prom dress, wearing a vibrant necklace to break up the silver from your face is fine.

Silver Mermaid Evening dress with ruched top & beading details
Price: 171.26 USD

With a special accessory, silver dress refresh anther vigor of life! For most fair ladies, a pewter purse, jewelry and shoes are always a fun choice and it’s a good way to incorporate silver into your everyday fashion.In the end,

One strap Mermaid Evening dress in Silver
Price: 183.49 USD

don’t forget your makeup is also an accessory!  A smoky eye always compliments silver clothing, and if you really want to stand out, do a radiant red lip will help you!  Definitely, silver is  becoming more and more popular in this season. Even if you are not walking the red carpet like Lea Michele, be sure to incorporate silver into your wardrobe because silver dress is a good taste for your coming parties. Enjoy your parties!

Women Are Flowers, Dresses Are Leaves

The majority of female are keen on dresses with floral prints. Born with some disposition like flower, ladies have strong desire for beauty. Meanwhile,the gentle temperament are endearing and charming.If they choose a dress which can reflect their vigor of life, they will be the most charming and endearing ladies. Hence a floral dress become a fashion and resonate in female world.

white floral evening dress

At the advent of your forthcoming parties,you may dress up in floral evening/prom dress. That’s a good idea. Despite you are pretty enough, but perhaps some tricks will be conducive to your glamour.

Go with different patterns

The floral prints can be varied in styles for different lady. For example, if you’d like to be a simple and adorable one, it will be all-right to opt for those minimal patterns dresses with slightly brighter colors.

Cute A-Line One Shoulder Chiffon Cocktail Dress
Daffodil One shoulder Homecoming dress

As for a absorbing and retro appearance, you can go with those bold and attractive patterns.Without doubt, the occasions also determine the patterns of your floral dresses. The light patterns are better choice for the relaxing and casual parties or dates.While some semi-formal or formal events may as well take floral dresses with large and bold patterns into account.

Co-ordinate your floral dress with a belt

Belt is another perfect element to decorate your floral dress. Various options are available, including a sash belt, a skintight belt and so forth. Sometimes a little change can bring some surprise for you.How to select the belt depends on the style of your floral dress. If you are wearing a dress with depth of stripes or a stylish one, a close-fitting bright belt will  light up your look and add some tenderness to your ensemble. Anyhow,a sash is good for those soft and flowing dresses with floral prints.

Floral prints dress with beltOther popular accessories for floral dresses

Apart from a belt, there are still other proper accessories to go with your floral dress. To salute the advent of cooler fall or winter days, you can buy a light and unbuttoned cardigan for yourselves. But the color of your little jacket or cardigan should in accordance with your dress. Besides, it is sweet to choose a string of pearls for your floral dress.

Every lady deserve to our respect,we should pay a tribute to their passion for beauty and their loyalty  for life.

Happy Halloween, let’s party!

When it’s getting cooler, demons and ghosts appears. Are you ready? Go.

Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of  counties on 31 October. We love it, because it’s an interesting festival for fun. At that night,lots of special activities will be celebrated. Neighbors will get out of their house, and say hello to each other. When the night falls, it is the best time to take place an open-air parties. Bonfires will be lit and the costume parties begins. People join together and dress up as anyone if your will. Wow, a paradise of happiness! Where are the kids?   Absolutely, Kids are by no means the minors. Thrilled about candies and cute costumes, it is pleasant time to enjoy their trick or treat time. Anything else? Yes, it is also our show time for our art talent. Do you remember those lovely jack-o’-lanterns? you will have the opportunity to carve one on All Hallow’day.

Best day for entertainment, aha. It is still best time for shopping. With the advent of Christmas day and new year’s day, do want to buy a new dress for your upcoming parties?  If you have interests in latest new dresses online, PERSUN promises you that a good discount will be given on the Halloween. With the development of the Internet, shopping online is becoming a fashion today. But there are large quantities of shops present your mind, where to find a good dress shop online is not that easy. Maybe choose the famous is all right, while a big online shop means less discount and much money should be paid. Best of all, Persun can guarantee a high-quality dress at lower price. If necessary, you may visit our blogs for more suggestions.

I can’t wait for any minute, Let’s enjoy our party. Come on! Happy Halloween!

How to Choose a Right Color Evening Dresses ?

With so many evening dresses for our option at online shop,are you feel a little difficult to find your right color one? Please don’t worry! It is a piece of cake if some tips are given. After a scan of this paper, you will feel free to find your suitable colored evening gown.

Black Evening Dresses

Sexy Lace Back Evening dress in Black on Cara Delevingne

Black stands for coolness, mystery and elegance. Women’s sexy attributes are enhanced by this color to full capacity.Black dress is nice, but it will be better to add some other elements such as ribbons trimming, dark flowers over fabrics or an exclusive shawl.In the aesthetic point of view, one or two adornments on the dresses can have better effect on our sight. Hence, if you want to be charming lady on the party, such a black dress will go for anyone who like it.

White Evening Dresses

Want to wear like the star? Ask Persun for more details.

Girls in white dresses convey the signal of innocence and purity. It is often considered as a summer color,for white dress are cooler than in hot season. As a matter of fact, White is also popular in fashion evening dresses. A white dress is light and graceful, and it can reflect your figure perfectly. But the color your dress should coordinate with your skin color, otherwise a white dress will have negative effect on your image.

Red Evening Dresses

It is a good idea to choose a red-color evening dress to attend your evening party. Red color stands for enthusiasm and wildness. Sometimes a well-made red evening gown can ignite the passion night. Imagine that a fair lady in red dress dance with tune. Out of question you will be queen on that night. In addition, add some ruffles over the dress to balance the harshness or inject some fabric of softness and sweetness into this color, it will greatly boost the lure of your red evening dress.

Choose one of these three red gowns evening according to your body shape, ask Persun for advice.

Colorful Prints Evening Dresses

Prints dresses are interesting in style. With decoration of ruffles, beads and petal decoration, such an print dress is well known by its fashionable style. If you have a print dress, it will be attractive to wear it to attend a evening party. But it should fit your figure and adapt to your skin color. Or you may have some better choices for your final decision.

5 Essential Short gowns to wear for your evening party 2015

Persun has a lot of pure color gown for events in its precedent collection. This year, we begins to find fun in some gowns that are unusual in terms of fabric. So here we proudly presents 5 essential short evening gown for your evening get-together in classy fabrics.

Metallic Tones Short Evening Wear

Metallic Silver Evening gown short
Metallic tones evening dresses are really hot right now. To get the really shiny metallic look you’ll want to consider this little silver dress with bling bling effect in a more elegant way.

Black Short Lace evening gown for ladies

Elegant Little Black Dress for Evening in sequins

You can not be more elegant in this thigh high little black gown covered by delicate lace and sparkling sequins. The see-through neckline in a form of T gets you a more fancy look while the bow details at the waist underlines the femininity to the extremity.

Nude pink Short Embroidery Evening dress

One shoulder design inspiration for prom dress

For this short nude pink dress i won’t give you the full look here because all the editor want you to concentrate is the details of the fabric. With some marvelous flower motif embroidery on the one shoulder cap sleeve, the dress can be so charmingly fragile, which reflects so well the girly personality and reminds us of the beautiful times when we met love. For more look of the gown please click right here.

Champagne Short gown for evening in daisy lace

Vintage & Modest Homecoming Dress Haute Couture

For a vintage touch, for a cute girly memory. Wearing this short gown for your homecoming party or birthday celebration, it’s hard to not let heads turn to you. On a layer of luxury soft organza is sewn by hand the complete piece of daisy form lace. Who can say no to this ? Link of the short evening dress :

Golden Cap sleeve Short Evening gown

Delicat Golden Cocktail Dress Haute Couture
Style No. : DZC82118

I know that the color gold wouldn’t be most girls’ first choice when it comes to their choice of color of all the 2015 evening dresses available on, but did you know that the golden color has been voted for “the color of the year” by color experts? If you are worried of looking like mature, how about this cute short golden formal gown?

What do you think about our new collection of 2015 short evening gowns? Please kindly leave us a message at below 🙂

Color ideas for Flowing Evening Dresses

Picking a most suitable color will make you a surefire evening winner. Which color is the best for a flowing evening gown this year? Which evening dress color suits your personality and skin tone best? The answer is an issue of personal preference. So PERSUN will give you some advices and introduce the most popular colors for flowy evening gowns, and the choice is yours.

Trend #1 Let it block!

Ask to make this gown for you ~

It’s time to break out of pastels hues and jump into a pool of fresh punch colors block for your flowing evening gown. Wear orange, yellow, or fuchsia for your evening event, the brights are leading the way. Not bold enough for a complete dose, try choosing a fluent dress with bright color accents.

Trend #2 Gradient long evening dress

Sparkling One shoulder Mint Evening gown

Maybe you don’t like too many colors on your evening dress. So an ombre color long gown like above is defintely your choice. You will have a sophisticated look with this one shoulder design. In French this is called ombré. The gown also features a sparkling sequins at the bodice so that you have an eye-catching effect. Marvelous right ?

Trend #3 Romantic purple Formal Evening gown

Criss cross Purple Evening Long Formal dress
Click to see the back

To attract people’s attention on the evening party, the best way is to wear this purple long formal evening gown. Don’t shy away from it. You can look absolutely dashing in this fluent outfit. The keyhole actually adds up to your femininity. The sweep train is there for your elegance.

Trend #4 Young and Sexy Red Evening gowns

Red Open back dress
Red Evening Dresses

Unlike white gowns with the touch of purity, red prom dresses create an image of sexy, bold and hot outlook. Red color will make you be the center of the group, and becomes easy to attract attention from the rest of the crowd. A pair of red shoes is also very important to match your red dress. 

Trend #5 Enthusiastic Yellow gown for evening

Yellow one strap Maxi Evening gown

Yellow beaded gown appear to women, too. It is stylish for a long period of time and can match your skin color very well. Even if you wear the gown at daytime, you will receive many compliments from the people around you. Don’t forget to get a gown that is made in chiffon to achieve this flowing effect.

At last we’d like to say, whatever color you choose, just be confident. Thus every color of a flowing evening gown on you will show your beauty off completely.