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A-Line V-Neck Sash Knee Length Chiffon Prom Dress for $99.99. It can be made in any color you want. Suitable for proms and other special formal occasions. Multiple ruched layers at different length are in vogue right now. Longer layer can reach the upper part of your shanks. It is proper not only for formal occasions but also for casual fashion at school or for a picnic.

A-Line Flower Ruched Knee Length Prom Dress for $99.99. Natural hemline at knee length adds a modest and intellectual look. Featuring handmade flowers along the neckline, the strapless design will be just perfect for a modest while hot look.

A-Line One Shoulder Chiffon Homecoming Dress for $95.99. Chiffon is the main fabric for this cute prom dress. It is perfect for proms, cocktail parties as well as homecoming. A single strap with satin flowers which perfectly matches the empire waisted design give the dress its unique look.

Sheath Sweetheart Beaded Mint Organza Cocktail Dress for $99.99. The gauze kerchief is supposed to be attached under the beads on the left side of your waist. You can also take it down for a more decent look. You can complete your look with a pair of strappy heels with colorful beads.

A-Line Strapless Ruffle Short Prom Dress for $99.99. It is always romantic in a light pink ruched cute prom dress with ruffles. The top is made of satin in which is super soft for our skin to touch. The peplum is made of organza to be in shape. A optimal choice if you are on a budget and have got a household short inexpensive prom dress plan.

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Creative Styles Formal Dresses

According to the Daily Mail of British, it is reported that a Canadian girl Jori Phillips, who is just 21 years old, spent a few months in making a stylish skirt and a matching hat by using nearly one-third of the old dictionary. Her creativity makes a lot of people admire so much. Of course, it also makes her and her creative formal dress become known for many people from all over the world especially for the fashion world.

formal dress

How did she make it? It was just a dictionary which had thousands of yellow papers. And the designer, Phillips cut all the papers down and stuck them together with glue one by one. After her hard working as well as creativity, she made this beautiful strapless dress folds finally. Because of its special material and beautiful design, most of Phillips’s friends are fond of her dictionary style formal dress. At the same time, a large amount of people even became her fans.

formal dress

After being known for the dress, many professional designers came to make observations on the design. Although many designers and circus actors said that the formal dress is not applicable in real life. First of all, it is because they think this dress cannot be worn in the rain as it is made of papers. Secondly, it will also make the girls who wear it barely sit when wearing because it will make the dress crumple. Phillips acknowledged the reasons mentioned above. In addition, she was still afraid that the dress will be rotten by her sweat. Although there are many disadvantages, countless professional designers still support the special idea of Jori Phillips and advised her to make full use of her creativity to make her designs much better.

formal dress

Do you remember the formal dress which is made of butchers meat that worn by Lady Gaga? Maybe it is still unforgettable for many people especially for those who pay attention to fashion as its creative design. It also attracted attention of both people and media at the moment it was shown to the world. However, compare with the dress that designed by Jori Phillips, although it is as creative as that of Phillips, it is less beautiful than dictionary style.

Of course, such creative idea should be promoted, but it is obvious that the designer of butchers’ meat style formal dress needs to learn more in the dressing design. Sung Yeonju is a young artist who comes from Korea. She does well at designing formal dresses by using the material of food. She makes full use of unique textures of food to generate unique styles formal dresses. These fruits and vegetables generally reflect the feeling of beauty successfully that the clothing material cannot achieve.

If we pay more attention to the things that around us in our daily life, we can find that most of them can be used to create new things. What’s more, after being created, all of them are being given new life and becoming much more special. And that is one of important rules that most of the designer insist on when they are designing their dresses.



Beautiful wedding dresses photos by photographer–Vivienne Mok

Which place is your favorite wedding filmed? A place where is full of classic charm of the castle, or the sacred quiet church, or the fresh vast sea? If you have not decided, photographer Vivienne Mok tells you, you may as well hand by hand with your love immersed in the gurgling water of the lake, feeling the most beautiful romance.

On this group of wedding dresses pictures, photographer Vivienne Mok select the place of Constance in Swiss to express her inspiration, when the model put on the dresses which by New Zealand wedding brand, Kelsey Genna and Pony Anarchy launch of “The Bride of Lake Constance” wedding series, also combined with Vivienne Mok classic aesthetic photography, how can you not be attracted?

Female photographer, Vivienne Mok, was born in Paris France, she is good at collecting the natural of romantic atmosphere when creating her works, she was once a professional fashion designer, she worked in the famous fashion brand Anne Valérie Hash and as a designer in it, and later engaged in photography, this romantic aesthetic style on wedding dresses photos has become her classic.

This time, Vivienne Mok shoot in a place which is one of the Western Europe’s largest lake– Constance. The bright dazzling sunshine, sway in the blue sky and the lake, adding with the model in that kind of cool temperament, becoming the best match of the screen. Three-dimensional lace, lightweight chiffon tulle, and a combination of hand applique woven lace Kelsey Genna dress, this is the most beautiful and aesthetic scenery in the world, just as pulling you into a fairyland and the pretty fairy is waiting for you there.

For Vivienne Mok concerned, maybe tulle is not only as decorative accessories, but also the important role of manifestations. Gently brushed the bride’s skin, as if have the feeling of the warm mellow moments. Natural light goes through the tulle, lace and lace hollow echo, beautiful but not pretentious, perfectly showing the bride’s delicate temperament, how it would not be attracted by her?

Just enjoy the photos:

Why I’ll prefer jeans to formal dresses

Unlike my elder Sister, I am not a fan of formal dresses. Regardless of the function, Valerie prefers going all formal. Seriously, be it a family function, religious, a date or even picnic, Valerie would rather appear in suits, skirts or trouser suits or any other formal outfit she would lay her hands on. You will not blame her anyway because however she appears, she hardly runs out of compliments from admirers wherever she shows up. Mine is a different case and although I would not mind having just half as much admiration and compliments leveled at my elder Sister, I will not sacrifice my love for jeans and tops.

Formal dresses are of different makes; it could be a simple trouser or skirt with either a suit jacket or a shirt. These are mostly on display in the corporate setting. People who work in such corporate set-ups such as banks, public offices and private corporations are to appear clad in formal attire daily. In truth, there hardly is any set up today that leaves the door open for staff members to wear “˜casual dresses”˜ to work. The reason is simple; “You dress as you wish to be addressed”.

There are different dresses for different functions. As corporately acceptable as formal dresses are, they must only be wore within the acceptable environments. It would be awkward for someone to get into a football pitch for a football match while in corporate formal wears or even attempt getting into a swimming pool in formal clothes. In other words, the right dresses must be worn within the right and acceptable environments.

Jeans tops and other casuals on the other hand are more preferable for non-formal settings such as picnics and other less corporate duties. Jeans were originally made for farm workers who required a tough kind of trousers that would withstand the rigors of farm work but they have in the years that followed become very popular especially among the younger folks because of their durability and the toughness of the materials. Jeans are also very affordable hence it makes people appear “˜equal’ because everyone can own one.

Jeans unlike formal dresses do not need to be washed often as this is one of the reasons for their popularity especially with me. One might use a pair of jeans several times before thinking of washing them. The toughness of the material also ensure they are durable and while they tend to fade off after being used for a while, faded jeans can still be worn. In fact lots of people go to the shops to buy faded jeans as they have become fashionable too.

For both worlds of formal and casuals, today’s fashion also means that one can twitch the outfits occasionally. For instance, jeans are not regarded as formal dresses but today’s fashion could permit someone to wear a good formal shirt or even suit jacket together with a jean trousers or skirts. One must however be wary of such “˜twitches’ to ensure whatever they wear is within acceptable standards.

While talking about the Prom Dresses

Apart from the wedding dresses, the girls wear the significant pieces of clothing in their lifetimes. And these are known as prom dresses. It is a trademark event in the life of a teenager, the prom has come out as the meeting of a sweetheart at the gym of a local high school or it can be over the top-bacchanal. The prom evenings are frequently hosted at the high-end hotels or in the school gyms introducing sophisticated and costly themes. Though the years are elapsing, the crucial ingredient is kept in the similar form in the prom night and it is prom dress. The prom dress is the symbol of the status and the way of expressing the uniqueness. Many individuals consider, the prom dresses are costly. Fixing the perfect buying time is crucial to find some cheap prom gowns. Just before the days of the scheduled prom nights, the cost of the dress is always high.

red prom dressThe latest and stylish prom dresses are available on the market and these are somehow costly. Alternatively, you can purchase prom gowns on the festival or at the end of the season. Things are changing because of the easy accessibility of internet. Now you can find the prom dresses in the affordable cost with the quality at the online clothing stores. The online stores offer the discounted prices or the special sales off. Other than these, the online clothing stores bring the prom gowns in the comparatively less cost. You can use the diverse forms of incentives to get the cheap prom dresses. The online stores offer some coupons and using these coupons help you find some specific discounts on your chosen prom gowns. Some sites offer the prom gowns in the discount of seventy five percent as well. As the prom events are now getting popular, the high schools offer a prom event at the end of the year usually. This is an American school tradition and it is followed by many institutions around the globe. The popularity of this event is increasing day by day.

blue prom dress

While choosing a prom dress, you need to consider the size, style, color, fabric, hair, make-up and accessories. You need to determine as the dress can fit your body accurately. When a size is too small, it can bring the unattractive swelling. When the size is too big, it looks odd. You need to be comfortable with the size of your dress with our body shape. It is wise not to try to take a change your weight, but, try to fit the dress that you admire. The length of the dress is also a counting factor. The dress should not be a short or a long one. Wearing too short or long one makes you have the disaster in the type of exposure or tripping.  It is to be remembered that the prom dresses can be altered to fit properly. Overcome the trouble and feel well.

grey prom dressThe fabric of prom dresses appears with the diverse materials. When the fabrics shine, polish, flow and billow, these can ensure the shape. This kind of the fabric is to affect the shape of the dress. A rigid material can make its own shape whereas the silk can introduce the drape on the body. The stretchy fabrics can show off the curve of the body. Buy prom dresses online.

What bride price is acceptable

Summer wedding in NigeriaI spent last summer visiting a few tribes in Nigeria and for each of them I ensured I attended a wedding before I left; not only to observe the various wedding dresses but also to have a wholesome experience their various wedding cultures. I discovered a number of practices similar to what we do in Europe. The subject of the bride price and dowry particularly fascinated me and while these mean different things to different people in their different cultures, in Africa, religion has a role to play in what rites and practices are upheld.

The bride price is a very important part of the wedding rites. In fact, until the would-be groom fulfills the bridal price requirements he cannot “˜have’ the bride. The Bride price is just as the name goes; a price paid for the bride. In certain quarters especially among the younger generation, it is argued that collecting a bride price is wrong as it signifies that the bride’s family is “˜selling their daughter off at a price’. The elders refute such claims saying that anyone who needs someone else’s daughter must prove his seriousness and commitment to her upkeep and wellbeing by paying a price.

In some parts of the Igbo culture in Nigeria, the groom is made to pay more than just an amount for the bride price but must also provide the money for the wedding dresses of not just his bride and her mates but for the bride’s families as well. In the one I attended, the would-be groom and his bride fell on their knees pleading that some of the requirements on the “˜list’ be truncated off. My host would explain to me later that such acts could rip off the groom of so much money that when they eventually begin living together as man and wife, upkeep would be tough for the following months.


In some other areas in the Igbo tribe, the amount for the bride price is fixed and has been passed on generation after another. The equivalence today is very little but the groom must prove that not only will he take care of the bride but will also be a “˜good in-law’, showing his commitment to the needs of his in-laws when the needs arise. In the Sub Saharan countries, both families must have series of meetings where they must negotiate the value of the bride price. For these, the negotiation is a vital part of the wedding rites. Usually the bride’s family knows there are things on the list they can “˜waive’ and the groom’s family has the right to question some things on the list. The practice aids in fostering unity and togetherness in the families becoming one.

One wonders what becomes of the bride price if the groom dies after they had married. This varies from people to people and of course also on the circumstances surrounding the death of the groom. For some, the family will return the bride price and not the wedding dresses while taking back the lady while in some, another member of the family takes the bride as his since it is believed that a woman is married to the entire family not just the groom.


Why Choose PERSUN!

PERSUN is a modern boutique featuring chic, elegant and timeless gowns. Our production line includes gorgeous wedding dresses; formal gowns for mother of the bride, mother of the groom and bridesmaids, cute formal dresses for flower girls and junior bridesmaids; graduation dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses and dresses for Quinceanera and other special occasions.

” height=”747″ />In a few years after the establishment of PERSUN, our bridals line came to be known and grew much faster than expected. also quickly rose to fame for luxurious wedding gowns of exquisite handcraft and fine quality. As one of the world’s biggest wholesaler in wedding gowns and formal dresses, PERSUN has gained rich experience during the past years, which in turn has been instantly continuing to stimulate us to provide you services of the best quality and satisfy your needs in an all-around way.

Year after year, we exert ourselves to help our brides-to-be find the perfect attires for the big event. So sacred and significant is the decision of walking down the aisle for a bride that we are pretty proud of being part of it. We can never emphasize it too much how important it is for brides to find the perfect wedding gown. A right wedding dress not only can flatter the bride-to-be in all aspects, but also can truly compliment the whole holy event. Therefore, that customer comes first has always been our management philosophy. You are the inspirations of our top designers.

t=”900″ /> Jo Kenworthy from Canada, in the A-Line Sweetheart Bow Lace Court Train Wedding Dress from PERSUN for her casual outdoor wedding.

Every bridal wedding gown at PERSUN will turn you into the most special and happy bride in the world. We don’t provide ticky-tacky machine-made dresses. Any suggestions for improvements are welcomed here. Let play a proud role of your wedding attire decisions, or trust your unique customized wedding dress to us, we will guarantee you the wedding in your dream. PERSUN is your home, therefore, feel free to come home and start your journey of creating sweet memories that will last forever!

What makes the right wedding dress?

wedding dress

There are several reasons why you dare not joke with the wedding dresses you choose for your wedding day. Your wedding day is in arguably one of the most important days of your life. It is landmark, historic, monumental, (name it) day of your life. It is special for you and the girl of your dreams and under normal circumstances may never happen again. Today, people divorce and remarry but nothing beats that first wedding. How important are wedding dresses? Not just wedding dresses alone, how important are dresses; (or well, clothes if I were to include male clothes)?

A person’s dressing tells all you need to know about a person before they even open their mouth or you hear about them. One’s dressing can give them more or less respect and attention than they deserve. If someone approaches you in a very expensive suit probably in a chauffeur driven car, you would automatically assume that they were some very highly placed individual whether indeed they are or not. Man looks at the outward appearance- it’s a timeless truth. So several years after your wedding, you would always remember if you paid the right attention to the wedding dresses your wedding train wore on your wedding day.

For the men, the common wedding gear worn is a suit. For some, the suit is either a three piece or just the jacket and a trouser with the shirt inside. The shirt is usually white for most or some other nice plain colour and a tie. The tie could be either a bow tie or the normal long tie. The Best man usually wears the same colour or suit, shirt and tie as the groom. For some couples, they could have more males on the train who most likely would appear in some uniform either same as the Groom or not. There could be younger males on the train too; the Paige boys and the little groom. These options vary from culture to culture.

The ladies have theirs different from that of the men. The bride usually appear in a white or cream (as in some cultures) colored dress. Newer fashion trends and styles could mean this wedding gown is covered on the shoulders or left bare. The bridesmaids are next in their colourful but uniform gowns. The choice of these wedding dresses must be made cautiously to ensure the colors on display are well matching and blended.

Aside the wedding dresses now chosen and endorsed, the decorations for the reception venue should also highlight the wedding colours. For some people, they even include the wedding colours in the invitations to ensure the guests wear clothes that reflect such colours. This practice is prevalent in more cultures than in others.

bride gowns The goal of it all is to ensure that this monumental and historic wedding of yours not only has fond memories for you as the day you got married to the queen of your heart but the styles, colors and choice of wedding dresses you opted for are not bad at all.

Baby Blue Prom Match

It’s time to start seeking for prom and Christmas dresses for 2013. It is always wise and necessary to allow yourself plenty of time to get all these prom stuffs ready far before cut-off dates. As this allows you to fully enjoy yourself even before the prom starts. And you can enjoy once and again checking out all your fabulous formal dresses and gorgeous accessories before you make your decision which one goes exactly perfect with which one.

Elegant and modest, one shoulder floor length long prom dresses will shining in glamour for the year to come.

With the latest fashion element, the style of this dress can make you the most attractive one in the parties. The elastic fabrics of this prom dress can perfectly show your gorgeous figure type. Woven satin is specially chosen for you, because it is soft for touching and comfortable for wearing.

This gorgeous long baby blue formal dress is extremely appropriate for a fantastic prom or a defined and dignified evening dinner party. You can go with an exquisite pair of blue flower earrings to complete your perfect prom look. As the dress is particularly embellished with paillettes, there is no need for you to wear anything dazzling to neutralize the glamour of the dress.

With a silver purse in your hand, you will be the most shining star at your prom. Anything in bright colors will be out of position for a baby blue prom dress. They can only cancel out each other’s glory. The natural color is meant to give you a much fairer look. So a silver purse is enough to bring out the best in this refreshing baby blue one shoulder lovely dress.

For a furcal gown, where your legs are partly hidden and partly visible, it is better to go with a pair of heels. They will add a taller and more graceful look to you. You can choose to have shining shoes or not. I would suggest you do, to echo your silver purse. Therefore the shoes can be white or nude. In that way, they are a totally hot match for proms and any other formal occasions.

What makes for a memorable prom night

prom dress

Aside the noise and excitement that accompanies prom nights, prom nights are very significant in that it represents the end of an era and the start of another. We all can look back at some exciting moments of our childhood days and wish to, if possible to experience such once more. It is same for prom nights. As little as prom dresses worn that night to whatever naughty pranks, drinks or other such incidents, prom night memories are rarely forgotten and this is why you want such an experience that will inspire fond memories in the future.

It is an unspoken rule that prom dresses must be new. It’s a special night for everyone and probably the last time people would ever see those with whom they’ve shared the past couple of school years. Smart ones start preparing for prom night long before it arrives. Depending on the person’s way around finances, it might be smart to start saving quite early. Before one begins to save though, it is vital to get a picture of what the person wants to wear on the day. The internet today has made it easy to search and to locate anything one wants. A simple search will locate it then one checks their pockets to determine how much to save or how to acquire it.

One’s choice of prom dresses does not necessarily have to cost so much, Someone said; it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive for it to look good. In other words, one can spend not so much yet look stunningly beautiful. Starting out preparations early can really be beneficial in that, some stores have occasion clearance and discount sales where the prices of commodities could be sold for less than half the initial price. This is an excellent option for those wishing to buy prom dresses and their savings or whatever income they can muster is unable to get it for them.grey prom dress

It is vital also to take note of the quality of material and the design or style before settling for any particular dress. It is not enough to like a dress simply because of the color or how it is displayed online or at the malls. Before one makes payment, they ought to be sure the dress fits especially with the uniqueness of each person’s body morphology. One ought to look comfortable, free and relaxed in their choice of prom dress.

Finally, prom dresses must also go with the right and correct accessories. Hand bags, shoes, jewelry and make up all must be planned for as well. One can have a beautiful dress but with the wrong accessory or badly done “˜make up’, they might become the talk of the night and such talk is not forgotten in a hurry. It all boils down to carefully making the choices early and ensuring that the very vital things are taken care of and on time too. With the dresses sorted, one can look forward to an exciting, fun filled and truly memorable prom night.