Top 5 Evening Dresses in Oscars 2012—Who Wow in What

The excitement of Oscars 2012 has already been unveiled on Feb 27th. Wow”¦We can’t deny that both fans and celebrities are waiting for that moment. All the celebrities have racked their brain to try to be the best dressed one at least not the worst one while we are waiting to know two things only, “Who wear what??” and “Who are you wearing?” These are the two questions which are on everybody’s tongue.

Now, let’s share the top 5 dresses in Oscar 2012.

Top 1

Milla Jovovich in One Shoulder Evening Dress

Milla Jovovich was a vision in white, wearing a beaded one-shoulder evening dress that perfectly showed off her model curves. She matched the romance of her Elie Saab gown with a curled updo and red lips.

One Shoulder Evening Dress

Top 2

Angelina Jolie in Sexy Slit Front Evening Dress

Angelina Jolie, who wowed on the red carpet in a velvet Atelier Versace design with a sexy slit evening dress. The Oscar presenter completed her look with Neil Lane jewels, a Jaime Mascaro bag and custom Salvatore Ferragamo velvet pumps.

Sexy Slit Evening Dress

Top 3

Michelle Williams in Peplum Waist Organza Evening Dress

Best Actress nominee Michelle Williams chose a silk and organza evening dress by Louis Vuitton with a peplum waist for her big night.

Organza Evening Dress

Top 4

Emma Stone in Red Classic Evening Dress

Emma Stone wow in red evening dress, stunning and eye-catching. Not only was this crimson Giambattista Valli gown a triumphant choice due to the gargantuan halter neck bow, elegant silhouette, and undulating floor-grazing hem, we were particularly taken with the poise in which you wore it.

Red Evening Dress

Top 5

Kristen Wiig in Layered Ruffle Evening Dress

Kristen Wiig, who is nominated for her Bridesmaids script, chose a nude tulle strapless dress with woven bodice and hand pleated layered skirt by J. Mendel. Neil Lane jewelry, a Judith Leiber clutch and a dark manicure accessorized her look.

Last night’s Oscars was not only a celebration of the best of the best in Hollywood, but it was also the night where all the most styling fashions stepped out to shine. Anyone who was anyone made sure they looked tops for the big affair and we have all of the most glamorously dressed ladies here for you to admire!


Top Prom Dresses for Petite Girls

Girls with different body shapes should opt for the different styles of formal dresses .Such as the floor-length A-line prom dresses with empire waist will look great on women with apple shapes while the ball gown is just tailored to pear shaped figures. So, what is the best choice for petite girls?

First of all, we should understand that what kind of girl is considered to be petite one. Generally speaking, if you have small frame with subtle curves, and the height is under 5-4″³,you can consider you a petite girl. Actually, petite related to height not with weight. Petite bone structures are different than normal and average frames, not only are the proportions smaller, but dresses can fit completely differently on these body types.

Fit is Key and it is everything. The key thing for any petite girl is fit. Even if you can get the beautiful prom dress but if it is not correctly fit to your body it will make you look shorter and stockier. On the other hand, if you get dresses that fit you properly, with shoulders your width, waist and hips in the same place as yours, then whatever size you are, you will look taller and slimmer.

Here are top prom dresses for petite girls to create a perfect look.

A-line Prom Dress

Remember choose the dress to accentuate your assets. You can go for an A-line prom dresses with spaghetti straps, scooped neckline prom dress or off the shoulder necklines. Try to avoid a prom gown that is too straight or too full as you will disappear in it.

If you have long body and short legs, learn to rebalance your body so that your torso looks a little less long, and your legs look a little longer. Empire-waist prom dresses and fun trapeze shapes to chic sheaths and baby doll dresses are very flattering. Layering also works well. Bare-shouldered halter gowns another good option. On the other hand if you have Long legs, it’s a really an asset but at the same time short body you will need to know the truck to elongate your body.

A-line Prom Dress


Short Prom Dresses

For some petite girls, short prom dressescan really flaunt their slender body shape and their slim legs in a low-key way. Prom gowns for short girls are the new trend for this season. So if you are one of them and now you are getting boring and boring for the perfect and fitted prom attire, you can follow me to find some genius or some inspirations. Just keep in mind that, you are not the only one in the stride.

The lovely short prom dresses come in many attractive hemlines like high-low hemline, ruffled hemline, full skirts, high splits. You can find some really flirty elements in these styles. If you adore the free feeling, you can choose a little black chiffon prom dress with spaghetti straps or the strapless sweetheart neckline. You can choose them as your semi-formal gown as well. Some floral hemline can be added on the skirt or the neckline, which can make you feminine more.

Purple Short Prom Dress

Being petite does not mean you have to limit your wardrobe or sacrifice style and fashion which you love but yes you will have a different set of challenges to deal with when selecting petite prom dresses. If you can select a right dress, the petite body is absolutely able to shape a stunning silhouette


Three Tips to Choose Plus Size Prom Dresses

It is almost every girl’s dream that has a great prom night in stunning prom dress. But some girls will annoyed for having no suitable dresses for their unsatisfied body shapes. Actually, if you have succeeded in selecting a right plus size dresses, you also can do it.

It is good news that there are a variety of plus size prom dresses designed for girls who have chubby breast and hips now. What important is then choose a right plus size dress, according to your own style. Here are three tips that you can’t miss to tell you how to select a great plus size prom dress.

Avoid Body Shape Weakness

The term plus size dress does not means that all plus size women share the same body shape. Being familiar with how your body looks like will be able to guide you selecting with the type of dress that suits your body type. Plus size dresses that are just right for your body shape conceals your body’s shortcomings. May it be mermaid, A ““ line or a ball gown.

A right plus size dress should hide the flaw and emphasize the assets. If you are bosomy girl, the halter plus size dress or V-neck plus size dress is good to accentuate bust shape and flatter your figure. By the way, plunging necklines is not the only solution if you are not comfortable in them.

Some plus size dresses in bright color would be a not bad choice for plump girls, such as red plus size dress, blue plus size dress and so on.

Keep It Simple

The quotation “Less is best” can be totally applied in this one because too much designs in your bridal dress might cause your appearance to be lumpy and bulkier leading to a heavy impression. Your assets might be over shadowed by the dress’ complicated adornment. Also, minimalism in plus size dresses facilitate a thinner illusion making you appear slightly smaller than your actual size.

One Shoulder Sweetheart Beaded Taffeta Mermaid Plus Size Dress
Dark Teal Plus size Prom Dress



No matter what style dresses you choose, the most important thing should be comfortable with plus size dresses for their prom or evening. What other people say, don’t really matter when it comes to personal comfort. If you have chosen your dress, ensure that you are at ease with it, you are one with it, and after all it’s yours.

Remember that if you are also want to be the center of the event, therefore, having gorgeous plus size dresses for your prom will ultimately add your radiance and glow on that special day. In addition, you should feel good about yourself in order to create positivity in your appearance.

Handbag Philosophy for Prom —A Great Bag Can Make an Outfit

Every spring when it is time for prom days, every student cares about the prom outfits. Planning to look good on your prom night not only involves you finding the right prom dress 2012 to wear for the party. In fact, finding a perfect prom dress is one of the things that you need to do as part of your preparation for the prom night. The other important thing that you need to do is finding the right handbag for your prom dress. Because of A Great Bag Can Make an Outfit.

Only selecting a suitable handbag means that you have made consideration for your night. What is the chic and great handbag for prom 2012? Now, let’s have a look together!

Matching the handbags with the evening dress is a daunting task. You must choose the handbag, which perfectly suits your body and personality. Style and color should also be taken into consideration. Lack of knowledge ends in choosing those products, which instead of making you look good, can separate you from the crowd.

If you have got plump and short body, avoid using large handbags. They would make not match your appearance. Usually, this kind of people will select fitted prom dress, the best-suited option in such a case is short and small bags.

If you a petite woman, you can carry a bottle shaped handbag and if you are a tall young woman, then a round or square shaped handbag is best for your figure.

You can even go for the latest handbag trend to go with your prom dresses.

Red Prom Dress

The color of the handbag should be matching with your dress. It is always safe way to choose a color as same as your prom dress which will not only match in harmony, but compliment your prom dress.

Complementing your lovely prom dress with matching accessories is equally important to acquire the final finishing for the special occasion. In order to make the night memorable and attractive, you have to get yourself prepared with the all the best elements required for the prom night. All in all, a right handbag for your prom dresses will always make you stand out in the prom night.

Red Evening Dresses Hit NY Fashion Week 2012

A striking “red tide” leaded by several celebrities on the eve of  New York Fashion Week‘s 2012 official opening Thursday. A different kind of fashion show has been held for the 10th annual Heart Truth fashion show, which raises awareness about heart disease among women. Several celebrities walked the red carpet in ruby dresses, impressive and rocking, including this year’s models: Gloria Estefan, Chaka Khan and Rebecca Romijn.

Kelly said that “I’m just focusing on not falling down. I’m going to think of Tyra Banks!” And she didn’t stumble one bit””rather, she flaunted her sequin-covered Diane Von Furstenberg gown fabulously, an accomplishment front-rowers (and Ty’s America’s Next Top Model besties) Jay Manuel and J. Alexander looked so proud of.

I believed that “red” has meaningful implication there, not only represents our precious hearts in bodies and also their sincerely hope and bless for the women who struggle against heart disease. Any way, they really have succeeded in creating an impressive and chic night.

Celebrities are not the only owners of red formal evening dresses but also for young girls for their formal occasion, such as prom party, or evening event. Many chic and fancy red evening dresses at affordable price are available in Usually red formal dresses can demonstrate their sense of high design when it comes with prom dresses, homecoming and other formal events.

Red Low V-neck Evening Dress

Some bold designers prefer to design some styles which are bare and bold in silhouette, such as the backless prom dresses or the gowns with deep V-neck. I think the black color is the best for the deep V-neck, but I dare to say that red evening dress with the low V-neck is also that eye-catching. You can have a try.

Red V-neck Evening Dress

Red Low V-neck Evening Dress at PERSUN $199.99

Red One Shoulder Evening Dress

One-shoulder evening dress carries a single shoulder strap and always reaches to floor. It can show your elegance well. And the style of one shoulder has its own feature the asymmetrical style can make you look different than others.

Red One Shoulder Evening Dress

Red One Shoulder Evening Dress at PERSUN $209.99

It is really truth that red is the color that can bring the sense of energetic and hot for others and red is easy to attract others attention. Why not have a red evening dress to show off your enthusiasm and enchantment in your next prom, evening party.


How to Choose a Date for Prom


Prom season is coming, girls are busy preparing everything, like prom dress, makeup style,etc. Choosing a date for a prom can be hard if you don’t know what you want. But once you know what you are looking for, then that will make your life easier, because you will go straight for it. Once you know don’t wait.

Here are some tips about how to choose a date for prom.

Choose someone that you will be free to talk with and be with. If you choose someone random that you are not free with, you will end up getting bored, and your prom might be a failure. So pick someone you are free with.

Choose someone who is alone most of the time. You can get to spend time with the person, and they will give you full attention most of the time. After all, that’s why you have a date!

Choose someone who doesn’t have issues with past dates or something like that. Choose someone who is calm.

Realize that talkative people aren’t the best choice. It is good that they will keep alert with talk, but there are moments where they need to quiet (like during a soft dance), and they carry on with their own conversations and eventually you’ll be forced to listen to them.

Pick someone who speaks softly. That makes everything sweet and quite romantic.


Choose someone who is not easily angered or jealous. The last thing you want is them to get jealous when someone asks you to dance.


Everything about PERSUN Dresses —High Quality, Small Budget

The PERSUN Story

PERSUN is one of the best online clothing stores. Operating exclusively over the Internet, this 21st Century clothing company has become legendary for its exceptional dresses.

PERSUN is specialized in supplying all kinds of dresses including energetic prom dresses, elegant evening dresses, lovely cocktail dresses, youthful homecoming dresses and romantic wedding dresses. Providing you with high quality dresses at small budget is what PERSUN pursues.

PERSUN Dresses

PERSUN Dresses

1 High Quality

A high quality dress should be made from classy fabric and elaborate work. All of the PERUSN dresses are crafted in gorgeous and luxurious fabrics, such as glamorous satin, luxurious taffeta, starched organza and silky chiffon and feminine lace and so on.

Apart from the great fabric, what important is the design. All of the PERSUN dresses are designed by our professional designer group who are have more than ten years’ experience in cloth area. One of the PERSUN designers even achieved Hong Kong Young Designer of The Year Award in 2003 and two achieved the Creative Awards 2009. Their profession made great attribution to high class designs vary from classic, contemporary, to vintage.

A great designer dress with right tailoring always will shape a stunning silhouette, which is important consideration during a purchase.

2 Favorable Price

Usually, the high quality dress is related to high price or low price to low quality. Actually, it is not always the case. PERSUN dresses are high quality but at favorable price. Especially considering that high school students can’t afford high price for a prom dress or cocktail dress. Or a bride with a tight budget really does not have the ability to spend thousands of dollars on her wedding dress.

Fortunately, PERSUN has successfully provided them with lower price dress by cutting the produce cost. Because PERSUN possessed of his own dress factory and creative production-after -order selling model, which has saved some shipping fee, intermediary fee and stock fee. PERSUN takes this advantage to save cost and consequently has the ability to provide customers with relatively lower price.

Girls need not pay much and drain wallet for the ideal dresses.

2012 PERSUN Fashion Trend

Any of the dresses will present to the owner confidence of the femininity and irresistibility.

Let’s find out, what fashionable dresses are deserve to take an honor place in the modern fashion woman in 2012, PERSUN promises that will take great effort to design and produce stylish and modern prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming and wedding dresses for customers.

Sweetheart Evening Dress: Sweet and Chic In Valentine’s Day Touch

Valentine’s Day is less than a week from today. Expected, excited, sweet?? Wow, exactly, it is a big day to share a sweet time with your beloved. Love it or not, Valentine’s Day is a great day to rock a stylish new dress. In my opinion, it is a great time to choose a fancy red evening dress or sweet pink one for yourself. Why not select a sweetheart evening gown in your sweet day?


Truly, sweetheart styles accentuate the most femininity and elegance to girls. Various figures look great in this exquisite design. Just as the name calls, sweetheart carries a heart shaped neckline which is closely and fitted to the body. With the lovely shape cutting in front of the bodices, it just makes you appealing, naturally and fabulously.

Fancy Red Sweetheart Dresses for Night Out

Definitely, Valentine’s Day is everything about red and hearts. So there is nothing better than picking out a vibrant red evening dresses on this day. Paired with sexy pumps, glittery heart jewelry as well as a red hue clutch. The look is perfect for dating out and having dinner at a nice restaurant or attending an equally glamorous event.

Strapless Sweetheart Beaded Mermaid Evening Dress

Sweet Pink Sweetheart Evening Dress for a Ball

Tell your measurements to Persun to get the dress customized.

Next to red hue, heart shape is adorable to wear on this day especially you are going for a hot date. Bring the fire with a flirty sweetheart dress for evening in a shape which is totally figure-flattering, giving off a va-va-voom vibe. To go with this adorable dress, a dainty lovely necklace is suitable, while sparkly heart earrings is a festive accessory will create a romantic vibe. The look will absolutely be eye-catching, but who doesn’t want to look overly feminine or sweet.

No matter you choose fancy red sweetheart Evening dress or sweet pink sweetheart dress, to be a sexy girl or sweet princess, it is your choice. Anyway, you always be the most fantastic, happiest woman in that day. Enjoy your date

Three Steps To Change a Used Prom Dress Into Ball Gown

After the crazy prom party, happy night memory will be kept in your mind and your prom dresses will be retired to your closets. It is a pity that you have to put away a used prom dress which has been used only once. Now in order to stay away from waste of fabric, you can transform a used old prom gown into another ball gown for some masquerade ball or for some costume. It is an interesting and meaningful thing. Can you image that change your beloved prom dress into another look for other occasion by yourself?

Step 1: Preparing A Three-yard Piece Of Tulle

Prepared a three-yard piece of tulle, then you can lay it on a round table to make it plain. The fabric is same with the prom gown. Sew the tulle along the skirt shape. During the process of making the ball gown, you will get much happiness and fun. Before you set up to do your princess outfit, you can sketch some figures you like according to your body shape. Add the tulle overskirt to make the dress like a princess one. I believe that it will not be a difficulty job for you.

Step 2: Making Waist Sash

If your prom dress has no waist sash, you can hem a 5-foot-long, 6-inch-wide strip of fabric to make a sash for the dress. Ball gown prom dress usually has a satin sash cinched to waist to create a small waist. If you have some sewing experience, you can handle it well.

Step 3: Adding Some Applique And Trimming The Dress

Adding some rosette applique in flared skirt always will work best. Then You can sew some side seams together while using a running stitch. If there is a zipper that extends below the waistline, leave the tulle at the side.

Changing the used prom dress into a ball gown not only can make most use of the dress, but also give you unforgettable funny memory. It is your masterpiece that suit your individual style. After the great product is finished, I promise that you will enjoy the great sense of achievement!