Skintight dress : how to wear for an extra effect ?

Dressing today is also and above all knowing how to make yourself sexy and attractive in its look. And those who have understood this, soon integrated tight-fitting dresses into their clothing habits. That said, while it is true that this concept has been successful because of its effectiveness, it is also proven that the tight-fitting dress, when misplaced, can literally devalue the look. To get the most out of your tight-fitting dress, and above all to avoid a real fiasco, here are some practical tips and recommendations.

Mermaid Sweetheart Strapless Long Prom Dress
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As you may have guessed, there are certain prerequisites before you can pretend to want to put on a tight-fitting outfit. From the outset, a meticulous choice of suitable underwear is essential. It is indeed recommended to avoid the underwear that will stand out through the dress. The big panties, the underwear that marks the buttocks, the bra with overflowing straps, no. For a more successful effect, prefer discreet lingerie, all as sexy as the outfit. In addition, you will need to be able to adapt your lingerie to the style of your tight-fitting dress. For example, if it’s a backless style, choose a discreet, adhesive bra. Likewise, a bra that dives if your dress is deeply necklined, and a bra without straps in the case of a strapless dress are perfectly adapted options.

Corselet Beading Ruffle Floor Length Prom / Evening Dress
Brilliance prom dress gem-studded with princess bottom, style PPBF0925 on

On the other hand, don’t hesitate to use a girdle, especially if you have a slightly loosened stomach. Another roundness under the chest, in a tight-fitting model, is anything but sexy. So, think about choosing a nice high panty, or bring out your most beautiful refining underwear to guarantee you a perfect size and silhouette for your evening. Yes, with the tight-fitting evening dress, every shot is allowed !

Sexy V-shaped long neckline celebrity dress with sexy sequin dives Selena Gomez at the Grammy Awards 2016
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Finally, it is essential to select your model by taking into account the context and context of the event you want to participate in. Several cuts of tight-fitting dresses exist, each with more or less specific uses. You will decide which model to choose according to your feeling, the accessories available and the atmosphere that will prevail at your party.

However, no matter what choice you make, the most important thing is that you can fully assume your desire to be sexy. The tight-fitting prom dress offers more than any other creation the opportunity to openly take advantage of its femininity. So what are you waiting for to wake up and display the star inside you ?

Bridal veil : How to make the best choice for your wedding ?

Among the accessories that allow the bride to complete her bridal look, the veil is unmistakably distinguished. Its use dates back to many eras, and reminds us of how solemn marriage is. The veil can also add a touch of sparkle to the bride, and is in symbiosis with the dress. Here are some useful tips for choosing the ideal veil.

vintage short veil with pearls
This short veil adds up a vintage touch to your wedding dress. Click to photo to shop the veil.

Choose the right material for your wedding veil

As mentioned above, it is essential that the selection of your accessory takes into account the appearance of the wedding dress itself. Indeed, your sail will have to be chosen in such a way as to balance your bridal outfit, according to its degree of sophistication, but also according to its length.

Boheme wedding veil
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In fact, if you’ve fallen for a dress made of tulle, grandiose, chic and richly ornamented, you’ll have to consider a much more sober veil, made of tulle. If your bridal outfit is simple, you can afford a remarkable veil, made of lace, feather nibs, or decorated with pearls.

In order to make an adequate choice, it is also essential to take into account the length of the bridal outfit, but also your silhouette. So, in case your wedding dress doesn’t have a sleigh, models of the veil style, elbow and shoulder veil are more recommended, and will sublimate you, each in its own way. This option is also very practical because it doesn’t bother you at all during kissing. The elbow veil is lowered at elbow height; it is a popular model because of its ease of attachment on bunions and loose hair.

Opt for the appropriate length for your veil

Esquisite laced short veil in Ivory
Choose a short floral lace veil to match with your lace wedding gown

The shoulder veil covers the shoulders and a good part of the back. Ideal to bring out a particular pattern on the dress, it is also suitable for clothes with corset.

how to pick up a veil for your tulle wedidng dress
Wedding Veil in Tulle goes perfectly with your Tulle Wedding gown ; style No. : WVBH0074

You’re tall, and you’ve opted for a long, slouchy wedding dress? Think of a finger veil, which has the advantage of being worn behind or in front. The waltz veil at ankle height and the cathedral veil, dragging, are also interesting alternatives.

The method of attaching your accessory greatly determines the effect it adds to your look. How to hang your veil properly? Already, avoid tying it to your bridal bunting without a flower crown. This will enhance your face in a subtle way, for a bohemian look. If you want to shop more bohemian wedding veil, you can visit the site

Five classic wedding dresses for bride

Empire wedding dress is elegant and nobel

Elegant Chiffon Empire Wedding Dress for Pregnant brides

High waist wedding dress is more often referred to as “Korean wedding dress” in the home, it is known as the “Emperor political style wedding dress” in foreign wedding dress. High waistline can mask the lower body which is not satisfactory lines, it is also make the body more slender, more atmosphere to create a goddess.

Mermaid wedding dress is full of charming scene

Mermaid Lace appliqué Strapless Wedding Dress

The fishtail wedding dress is the most popular wedding dress for bride. Satin, organza, lace and other fabrics can deduce fishtail wedding dress for brides, it is suitable for the body full of curves, you can enjoy to show graceful figure.

A short wedding dress is playful and lively

Persun Vintage Brocade Short wedding dress
Chic Brocade Persun Wedding Dress XHC31330

Short wedding dress is tender and lovely, it is the best choice for petite bride. Only need to add a veil, holding a bouquet of blooming, you can create a fashionable style of the bride!

Red wedding dress of aristocratic temperament

Red A-line Wedding Dress with Red veils
Red Persun Wedding Dress : NW24065

A-line red wedding dress is elegant and without exaggeration, which is the best choice for aristocratic style of the bride. Because the skirt silhouette of convergence, but also allows the bride to move freely, elegant appearance. Shapely fit, slightly tall bride.

Tutu princess style wedding dress


Tutu is also known as princess dress and prom dress, it is the most classic style for wedding dress. Because it is the realization of a dream princess bride, countless brides dream since childhood, and for almost all of the bride.

Among these 5 fabulous wedding gowns, which style do you prefer ? Leave your message to tell us !

Top Discount Prom Dress at PERSUN

Girls, are you looking for the best prom dress sales? You are come to the right place! Currently, PERSUN offer great discount on some fabulous and hotselling prom dress, the 10% off dress below is a very exquisite and glamour which are perfect for your special day. It’s one of the best selling prom dresses 2016 at PERSUN, today, I will briefly expose the beauty secrets behind it.

Serect 1 : Tencel

Have you ever heard this material? Soft, fluid, natural. Wear it,then you will love it.

Prom Dress in Pink Tencel with Criss cross ruched bodice
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Tencel is made from cellulose in wood pulp, which is harvested from tree-farmed trees. Cellulose is the natural polymer that makes up the living cells of all vegetation. The tree farms have been established on land unsuitable for food crops or grazing.

Tencel in pale pink at
Tencel in pale pink

The fiber is produced via an advanced ‘closed loop’ solvent spinning process, with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water. The solvent used in the process is toxic but 99% is recovered and continually recycled.

Production plant emissions are significantly lower in comparison to many other man-made fiber operations.

Serect 2:High Slit

Sweetheart Yellow Corset Prom Dress with Ruffle skirt
Ruffles Beading Sweetheart Organza Yellow Prom Dress

Deep V-neck is too sexy? Well, I truly recommend high slit prom dresses for you. The trend of high slits really started catching on from 2015 onwards. International celebrities who made it to the top list of beautifully carrying off the high slit dresses at various red carpet events starting end of last year were Megan Fox in her purple thigh high Donna Karan dress. After that, high slit dress start to show at red carpet frequently. Choosing styles which have slits at the side could make your leg looks pretty long and really sexy.

Serect 3: Green

Someone says that black is always in fashion. I agree but it’s also boring when everyone wears black prom dress at party. So, you can choose green. Green is one of the very fresh and appealing colors. It attracts the attention and has many positive effects : it helps you to increases zeal, stimulates energy, also boost the action and confidence and also a feeling of protection from fears and anger.

Green Prom Dress with beaded sweetheart bodice

The color is also known as the color of beauty and also correlated with the good luck and fortune.

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A Marriage of over 27 million Euro

Nothing more and nothing less than 27 million euros has been valued wedding of actress, singer and model Angelababy with the Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming. We give you all the details!

angelababy wedding photography

Hard to imagine that someone in just one day, or rather, in only a few hours to get to spend more than 27 million euros. For the common man this is really impossible, but not for one of the richest women in China, or Angelababy Yang Ying for his fans, is just one more thing. The couple married a few months ago, but last 8 October did the great celebration of your wedding, the style fairytale castle or Sleeping Beauty in the Shanghai Exhibition Centre and before more than 2,000 guests including numerous celebrities.

princess style wedding gowns
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Pero were we go by the numbers … The Bride ring , made ​​of diamonds Chaumet, is valued at more than one million euros. The dress , created especially for her by Dior and which have been used for more than five months of work, I was covered with thousands of flowers Chantilly lace and also had a queue of more than 3 meters long.

angelababy wedding ring

Before the celebration, the couple traveled to Paris for a photo shoot at the foot of the Eiffel Tower where Angelababy model wearing a couture Elie Saab. And of course, your pocket has not left a single euro as Wedding has been broadcast in the country both on television and on the Internet. It has also been sponsored by various companies and firms have taken care of even the smallest detail.

Another Beauty Of The Wedding-Rainbow-colored Cakes

A large part of modern wedding is western. So, the main color is white. Maybe we need some thing colorful to warm the big party. As we all know wedding gowns is the most important part of the wedding and the cakes is the second. In addition to traditional cake, we can use a rainbow-colored cake to decorate the Love Festival.

The Most Eye-Catching Appearance Of The Rainbow

rainbow strip wedding cake
rainbow strip wedding cake

The simple decoration is rainbow colored stripes. In order to avoid the sense of duplication and single, you can use small different colorful cakes with fruit shape to enhance the visual sense. At the same time, it can encho the rainbow theme. In addition to rainbow stripes, you also can apply the “polka dot”to the cake making. It can make the cake more fashion. Decorate with colored particles and plus a three-dimensional flower at the top can better to break the monotony of the level.

Make Rainbow Cakes With Props


Maybe the surface decoration and color of the cake can not meet your desire, then you can use props. For example,a group of colored butterflies stop on a white cake. You also can coverthe cake with multicolored flags. It may suitable for the wedding that guests from all over the world. Mark the name of areas on each side of the flag may be a creativity.

A Variety Of Small Rainbow Cake


You can also use red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple to make a fuss. Make the cake turn into a lollipop shape, each lollipop is a color in a row, it will be a beautiful landscape.

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Football Theme Wedding

If you and your beloved he or she are the Word Cup fans, creative football them wedding will certainly be your first choice .

Creative Bridal Styling

Whoever wants to possess a soccer theme wedding has to give up your beloved floor length wedding dresses, and instead, short wedding dresses become a  preferred choice. What’s more, there are a lot of small details can reflect the ideas from the bride’s dresses, such as the football-themed nail which is absolutely enough to steal the spotlight of others. Jewelry choices should give more consideration to the circular ones, so the overall shape of the bride echoed more with the wedding theme.

World Cup theme NailsShort Wedding Dresses

Football theme wedding photos

To get your wedding more creative,  an innovative wedding photo is essential when the football hit the wedding.

Word Cup Theme Wedding Photons

Flower girl turned caddy

Look at the adorable children that holding soccer balls, don’t you also want to have a word cup theme wedding?

Flower Girls with Football

 Football wedding desserts

Here is a wedding “Best Supporting Actor” friend – wedding desserts. A small dessert of football shape can not only satisfies guests’ taste but also enrich the wedding theme. No matter which team you are in(as a fan), there is no competition, only sweet blessings remains on the wedding.

Soccer Theme Cake

Do you like the fun-filled football theme wedding? Why not follow the footsteps of the World Cup and hold a football theme wedding ? So it will definitely give you an unforgettable memory.

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Selecting just the Right Wedding Cakes to go for your Wedding

There are quite a number of procedures that one would have to undergo in order to allow their wedding ceremony plans fall perfectly in place. One would need to consider with great carefulness throughout a tedious and rigorous pile of tasks on selecting the setting of the location, the amount of guests that are to attend, and the wedding dress perfect for the bride, and one of the most important things in the wedding – the wedding cake. Of course, if one would like to host a wedding ceremony for guests to attend, it would be natural and logical for them to be expecting something grand and great, and so, no one would ever want to disappoint them with a terribly designed simple white-frosted cake that looks nothing of a wedding cake at all.

You may be in search of a perfect wedding cake and have found only a bunch of plain and unappetizing ones. In case you have not already found the right wedding cake for yourself, here are some suggestions that you could take that would do you justice for your hard work in planning for your personal and glorious wedding ceremony. Rest assured, they would not only be sumptuous and sweet as your wedding full of love would be, they would look greatly beautiful to pair it with the beautiful bride on the wedding ceremony.

A wedding is not just about a beautiful bride in a sassy and glamorous wedding dress alongside a handsome bridegroom in a suit holding her hands. It consists as well, of guests and props, and of course, not forgetting, the sweet wedding cake. For most cases, people could only conceive of simplistic white wedding cakes, with little to absolutely zero decorations atop or around the cake, this would inevitably make the cake look nothing close to something appetizing that anyone would hope to savor and munch in. What a wedding cake needs is an upgrade, with not only layers, but colors and flowery designs.
wedding cake

You could opt for a wedding cake like the one above for your wedding ceremony. In fact, you could pair it with a lovely pink wedding dress if you would like. The outlook of a wedding cake like this has, firstly, an interesting design, there is due sophistication to make an appearance that does not seem blatantly simplistic and undone. On top of that, wedding cakes like this have harmonious colors that cause the wedding cake to look very appetizing, people would definitely fall for this cake if you had this in your wedding ceremony. The color white and pink are perfect combinations to form an ideal wedding cake.

wedding cakeAre you interested in nature and all its greenness? This cake definitely does justice for your great interest in nature, you could opt for something that takes the features of nature, not only the flowers are great, so are the leaves. The entire cake takes a vastly different hue from the regular ‘white wedding cakes’, the icing is all in light green, with the flowers and leaves, you would get salivating guests hoping to get their hands on the cake as soon as possible.

The trick to choosing wedding cakes would be to harmonize colors, and that would be the first thing. Following color harmony would be that you could attempt at trying different themes and add accessories like flowers, all of these are great ways to make your beautiful wedding cake more appetizing.

2016 Winter Wedding Popular Colors TOP10

PANTONE announced its 2016 autumn and winter fashion wedding color TOP 10.  This season color themes based on time and place, intake inspiration from the arts, tourism, landscape and even retro design and achieve the color trends 2016 fall and winter wedding. Now will bring you a full look.

Romantic Orchids Purple Tone


As the major colour of 2016, PANTONE’s definition of Radiant Orchid is charming, magical and somewhat mysterious. Combined the Radiant Orchid with fog purple, the use of different levels of same color can often receive unexpected results. At the same time, it also can inject more fascinating elements for your wedding.

Noble Royal Blue Tone

royal blue wedding tone
royal blue wedding tone

Royal Blue is traditional and elegant. It will not make you feel old-fashioned and can make sure that you do not over-emphasis on appearance. It can make everything seems simply- interspersed with white shades in royal blue will make your wedding more solemn elegance.

Shiny Aluminum White Tone


Imagine of glistening white Aluminum tone, it will make you be the wedding absolute protagonist. Aluminum white color close to Christmas color, mix aluminum white with blurred yellow in the ninety-month wedding will bring a different fashion mood for your wedding.

Dazzling Aurora red

Dazzling aurora red wedding 2016
Dazzling aurora red wedding 2016

Bright red aurora is very suitable heralded the fall harvest wedding, while Aurora red also make the entire wedding look more luxurious luxury.

Vibrant Blurred Yellow

blurred yellow wedding 2016
blurred yellow wedding 2016

Blurred yellow full of vigor and vitality, use blurred yellow as the main colors of the wedding will bring surprises for the dull autumn.

Bright Wine Red


Red wine is a favorite of many brides, it make people feel the earthy flavor of countryside. And burgundy bridesmaid dress can make your wedding even more beautiful.

Elegant Fog Purple


If you think that orchid purple is too blatantly, then purple mist must be your favorite, no matter what the season, this gentle and elegant tone always makes your wedding look fresh and natural.

Cognac Color


Cognac color is definitely the most primary color of wild autumn wedding. Put it with any kind of color, such as blurred yellow, purple and royal blue fog, can achieve very good results.

Cobalt Blue


Cobalt blue was very popular in 2013 and set off a strong wave of retro. Although in the traditional sense, we always like to combine cobalt blue and summer together, but perhaps put cobalt blue with silver, as well as gorgeous light lotus red binding on winter wedding also can build an extraordinary visual effect.

Cypress Green



At the first glance, Perhaps you will not like this tune, but if you put it with the soft white or ivory wedding scene will appear to be more personalized, elegant and refined. Early fall wedding with the main colors of cypress green is the most appropriate.

How to Prepare a Romantic Beach Wedding

Summer is coming. But, scorching sun can not stop the pace of happiness. In this warm season, maybe a lot of people find the other half and will soon complete the ritual. There is a saying “If you love her, give her a grand romantic beach wedding”. Blue sky, vast sea, long beaches and sea sunset, all these make a picture called blessedness. When you prepare the seashore wedding, there are several points needed.

An Appropriate Beach Wedding Gowns

Strapless Ruched A-line Wedding Dress
Strapless Ruched A-line Wedding Dress, click to photo to see more of the gown

Considering the wedding venue, the bridal dress must avoid long train, complicated design and heavy fabric. In the fabric, silk like satin or satin chiffon can be the good choice. The two fabrics are usually used in making a soft wedding gown. In the aspect of style, a gown with a chapel train is enough to show your elegance. Veil can not be too long as well. In short, simple design and facility to walk around are the basic request when choosing your seashore wedding gown.

Note of Venue Layout

beach weddingTo cope with the nature of the sea, the site layout can make more use of blue decoration. And it is also in line with the characteristics of fresh and romantic of ocean. In addition, beach umbrella should be prepared to shield the sunlight and breeze. Looking ahead, the blue sky, blue sea,blue hall, make the picture seems to be more feeling.

The Final Climax-Bonfire Party

The sun goes down, but the joy continues. Hold a bonfire party and dance with friends to share your mood at the moment. Swaying in the bonfire, and carefully understand happiness. Pick a wedding dress and go with the people you love to hold a beautiful seaside wedding. Let the sea and sky witness your love!