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  • Sheath One Shoulder Beaded Mermaid Prom / Evening Dress
    i am on the edge of this dress because i DID only pay 200$ for it and should not expect as beautiful dress as in the picture. I am very good at looking at detail so to my eyes the dress was unfortunately not to my liking. 1) i had several stressful moments prior to getting my dress, like changing websites and maybe taking more time on my dress, which i will admit was partially my fault for ordering it later than i probably should have, and the attempted to give me a completely hideous dress after that stressful website changing process, which i refused to take any other dress than the one i ordered. BUT they did give me the \"Dress i ordered\" i put \"\'s around that because 2)The outside is a \'pretty nice\' dress, but inside; stitching is loose and seems like if worn to much it WILL begin to fall apart. The inside fabric is Ugly, plain and simple. Inside to some may not matter but to my eyes the inside looked very cheap. 3)The Color was not right. 4)The fabric was Definitely not the same as the picture, it was: too Thin, Different texture, and a bit wrinkled. 5)The ruffles are kind of poorly done, and are off in some spots which isn\'t completely visible but ARE noticeable. 6)A GOOD thing is they Did get the size right. 7)they got the JIST of the dress, but it\'s like an off-brand of the dress i Wanted. I hope they will up their standards a bit to make for happier customers. and improve quality overall. I AM aware that i Did pay only 200$ for this dress BUT i expected better condition and quality.
    By Elly corazon, April 12, 2012

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  • Elegant Off shoulder dark red princess prom dress UK 2019
    I love this dress ! Gorgeous, good quality. Thank you Persun. I recommend this site.

    By Sophie, May 4, 2019

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  • Sexy Sweetheart One Shoulder Slit Side Green Chiffon Prom / Evening Dress
    I took about 2 weeks before buying this dress that I wanted to offer my girlfriend, because I usually mistrust good offers, after long reflection and contact with customer service (which responds very quickly) I bought this dress that was made fairly quickly and sent in a flash (transit of 2 days approx.). I am fully satisfied and my girlfriend even more !
    Ps: She had to do some touch-ups (10€) because I hadn't taken the custom and she wasn't perfectly the same size as the one chosen, although the closest one.

    By Ismaël, August 8, 2018

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  • A line Sweetheart Beaded Ruched Blue Chiffon Prom / Evening Dress
    I ordered my dress on persun cc for my wedding, I am very satisfied, a good handmade work ! Well finished !! A good quality of fabric, I am very happy !! I advise you to order on PERSUN because even the delivery is very fast !

    By Sophie, June 16, 2016

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  • Sexy Sweetheart One Shoulder Slit Side Green Chiffon Prom / Evening Dress
    nice beads,thanks,ill use you again!
    By jessie08, September 24, 2013

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