Why I’ll prefer jeans to formal dresses

Unlike my elder Sister, I am not a fan of formal dresses. Regardless of the function, Valerie prefers going all formal. Seriously, be it a family function, religious, a date or even picnic, Valerie would rather appear in suits, skirts or trouser suits or any other formal outfit she would lay her hands on. You will not blame her anyway because however she appears, she hardly runs out of compliments from admirers wherever she shows up. Mine is a different case and although I would not mind having just half as much admiration and compliments leveled at my elder Sister, I will not sacrifice my love for jeans and tops.

Formal dresses are of different makes; it could be a simple trouser or skirt with either a suit jacket or a shirt. These are mostly on display in the corporate setting. People who work in such corporate set-ups such as banks, public offices and private corporations are to appear clad in formal attire daily. In truth, there hardly is any set up today that leaves the door open for staff members to wear “˜casual dresses”˜ to work. The reason is simple; “You dress as you wish to be addressed”.

There are different dresses for different functions. As corporately acceptable as formal dresses are, they must only be wore within the acceptable environments. It would be awkward for someone to get into a football pitch for a football match while in corporate formal wears or even attempt getting into a swimming pool in formal clothes. In other words, the right dresses must be worn within the right and acceptable environments.

Jeans tops and other casuals on the other hand are more preferable for non-formal settings such as picnics and other less corporate duties. Jeans were originally made for farm workers who required a tough kind of trousers that would withstand the rigors of farm work but they have in the years that followed become very popular especially among the younger folks because of their durability and the toughness of the materials. Jeans are also very affordable hence it makes people appear “˜equal’ because everyone can own one.

Jeans unlike formal dresses do not need to be washed often as this is one of the reasons for their popularity especially with me. One might use a pair of jeans several times before thinking of washing them. The toughness of the material also ensure they are durable and while they tend to fade off after being used for a while, faded jeans can still be worn. In fact lots of people go to the shops to buy faded jeans as they have become fashionable too.

For both worlds of formal and casuals, today’s fashion also means that one can twitch the outfits occasionally. For instance, jeans are not regarded as formal dresses but today’s fashion could permit someone to wear a good formal shirt or even suit jacket together with a jean trousers or skirts. One must however be wary of such “˜twitches’ to ensure whatever they wear is within acceptable standards.

Author: Yasmine Alice De Jessica

Young Mother of the little Emma born 30 January 2012 and Leonie born February 7, 2013. My articles are about gowns shopping, haute couture cocktail dress and customization of evening gowns. I love blog and I do have a lot of experience and knowledge about custom made women evening wear. Thanks in advance for being here to cultivate your personal interest as well!

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