Three Steps To Change a Used Prom Dress Into Ball Gown

After the crazy prom party, happy night memory will be kept in your mind and your prom dresses will be retired to your closets. It is a pity that you have to put away a used prom dress which has been used only once. Now in order to stay away from waste of fabric, you can transform a used old prom gown into another ball gown for some masquerade ball or for some costume. It is an interesting and meaningful thing. Can you image that change your beloved prom dress into another look for other occasion by yourself?

Step 1: Preparing A Three-yard Piece Of Tulle

Prepared a three-yard piece of tulle, then you can lay it on a round table to make it plain. The fabric is same with the prom gown. Sew the tulle along the skirt shape. During the process of making the ball gown, you will get much happiness and fun. Before you set up to do your princess outfit, you can sketch some figures you like according to your body shape. Add the tulle overskirt to make the dress like a princess one. I believe that it will not be a difficulty job for you.

Step 2: Making Waist Sash

If your prom dress has no waist sash, you can hem a 5-foot-long, 6-inch-wide strip of fabric to make a sash for the dress. Ball gown prom dress usually has a satin sash cinched to waist to create a small waist. If you have some sewing experience, you can handle it well.

Step 3: Adding Some Applique And Trimming The Dress

Adding some rosette applique in flared skirt always will work best. Then You can sew some side seams together while using a running stitch. If there is a zipper that extends below the waistline, leave the tulle at the side.

Changing the used prom dress into a ball gown not only can make most use of the dress, but also give you unforgettable funny memory. It is your masterpiece that suit your individual style. After the great product is finished, I promise that you will enjoy the great sense of achievement!

Author: Yasmine Alice De Jessica

Young Mother of the little Emma born 30 January 2012 and Leonie born February 7, 2013. My articles are about gowns shopping, haute couture cocktail dress and customization of evening gowns. I love blog and I do have a lot of experience and knowledge about custom made women evening wear. Thanks in advance for being here to cultivate your personal interest as well!

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