Many years past, women have realized that to be attractive, you need elegance, but it’s also important to look sexy. Indeed, being sexy is a state of mind that requires an optimal self-confidence. This requires, above all, bold, appropriately matched clothing choices that are not vulgar. Sexy, you can be sexy anywhere, it’s true. That said, what could be better than the chic, peaceful and beautifully luminous setting of an evening to reveal and assert your femininity? If you want to be the most dazzling of the evening, take all the glances and compliments of the other guests, several models are available. From this range, 5 styles stand out in sexy evening dresses. Let’s find out about them.

Sexy Long Prom Evening Dress With Sequined Bust Backless Princess
White Gentlewomanly Sexy Backless With Sequined Bust Long Prom Dress selling well on

To make you look splendid, puts at your disposal beautiful creations in different colors and styles. In the first position of this top 5, enjoy the white evening dress with V-neck short sheath. With its immaculate color, this model has a cleavage and straps beading that delicately enhance your shoulders. The dress is sheath and has fine strass brilliant at the bust for a chic and sexy effect.

Sheath Sweetheart Backless Beaded Slit Front Hollowed-out Sexy Prom Evening Dress
Cheap Hollowed-out Backless with Strass Sexy Evening Dress on

In second position, find the long glittered evening gown adorned with satin. It is hollowed-out at the waist and backless with strass for a style sexy with splendour. It also comes with silky fabric for a glamorous and original look. This piece is made of satin and includes a bra. The dress also has a front slit for a superb view of your legs.

sheath V Neck slit evening Dress with straps adorned with rhinestones Mousseline below black silver
Persun Mermaid Crystal Backless Fashion Long Evening Dress

Are you looking for long models with trains? Enjoy the sheath evening dress with brilliant straps adorned with rhinestones. Long sleek and very elegant, this outfit fits perfectly into your body for a more feminine look. It makes your silhouette a real touch of brilliance to your look. This piece has a medium drag and is made of muslin.

V Neck Spaghetti Strap Beading Short Cocktail evening Dress
Strap sheath short short Evening dress

Better positioned in this top, discover the evening dress strap in satin. It offers a pretty neckline in V that will sublimate you, perfectly catches your breasts. It looks very sophisticated.

Persun Gorgeous lace transparent Beaded Mermaid Scoop Long Evening Gown
Persun lace Mermaid Scoop Long Evening Gown

Finally, at the top of this top, discover the delightful evening dress with lace front slit. Fitted and adorned with rhinestones, it has a particularly elegant design on the back, which makes you inevitably different. The hold splits from a sublime lateral opening, going up to the thigh, to enhance your finely sculpted legs. With its structure that is both body friendly and casual, this dress combines glamour and comfort, a particularity that gives it the reindeer of this top.

Sheath dress : how to wear for an extra effect ?

Dressing today is also and above all knowing how to make yourself sexy and attractive in its look. And those who have understood this, soon integrated sheath dresses into their clothing habits. That said, while it is true that this concept has been successful because of its effectiveness, it is also proven that the tight-fitting dress, when misplaced, can literally devalue the look. To get the most out of your sheath dress, and above all to avoid a real fiasco, here are some practical tips and recommendations.

Mermaid Sweetheart Strapless Long Prom Dress
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As you may have guessed, there are certain prerequisites before you can pretend to want to put on a sheath outfit. From the outset, a meticulous choice of suitable underwear is essential. It is indeed recommended to avoid the underwear that will stand out through the dress. The big panties, the underwear that marks the buttocks, the bra with overflowing straps, no. For a more successful effect, prefer discreet lingerie, all as sexy as the outfit. In addition, you will need to be able to adapt your lingerie to the style of your Sheath dress. For example, if it’s a backless style, choose a discreet, adhesive bra. Likewise, a bra that dives if your dress is deeply necklined, and a bra without straps in the case of a strapless dress are perfectly adapted options.

Corselet Beading Ruffle Floor Length Prom / Evening Dress
Brilliance prom dress gem-studded with princess bottom, style PPBF0925 on

On the other hand, don’t hesitate to use a girdle, especially if you have a slightly loosened stomach. Another roundness under the chest, in a tight-fitting model, is anything but sexy. So, think about choosing a nice high panty, or bring out your most beautiful refining underwear to guarantee you a perfect size and silhouette for your evening. Yes, with the tight-fitting evening dress, every shot is allowed !

Sexy V-shaped long neckline celebrity dress with sexy sequin dives Selena Gomez at the Grammy Awards 2016
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Finally, it is essential to select your model by taking into account the context and context of the event you want to participate in. Several cuts of sheath dresses exist, each with more or less specific uses. You will decide which model to choose according to your feeling, the accessories available and the atmosphere that will prevail at your party.

However, no matter what choice you make, the most important thing is that you can fully assume your desire to be sexy. The sheath prom dress offers more than any other creation the opportunity to openly take advantage of its femininity. So what are you waiting for to wake up and display the star inside you ?

Sparkling Silver Craze in 2014 Evening dress

Silver tide struck again this winter!

In the advent of Christmas and new year, have you got any new dresses for your upcoming parties? In winter, snow is a romantic and fantastic element. Driven by the inspiration of snow, talent designers use silver fabric to add the winter atmosphere to our silver evening gowns wardrobe.

Marchesa Silver Evening dress with sheer top

People with dark hair generally look better in a silver gown. Exemple: Lea Michele looks absolutely stunning in this platinum couture gown designed by Marchesa. Nowadays with increasing designers like Marchesa are making creations in deeper shades of silver, they are making it easier for all types of skin tones to wear.

The Lure of Silver Gown

A sheer skirt version for your silver party wear gowns.

At this season of every year, silver dress for evening party can catch the heart of every human beings easily. Out of question, white is popular in winter, and so is silver. It is sophisticated, cheerful and romantic. What’s more, silver dress is more charming than white. With the style of hollow out and sparking sequins in these dresses, a lithe and graceful figure was spread out to its full capacity. So, a silver evening dress is endearing and glorious in your formal parties.

The most popular fabric for silver evening dress?

Which style do you want Persun to make for you?

In fact, there isn’t most popular one. As you can see in the picture, silver in different fabric can create different visual effect. Flowing, graceful or vintage. It’s up to you to choose for your glamour under the spotlight of party. An amazing silver evening gown can give out attracting beam of light. At that moment, you look just like an angel in moonlight with gentle breeze moving through. Therefore, no more hesitate to opt for a silver evening dress which is perfect for your upcoming parties. Where to buy such a perfect dress at an affordable price? Persun is one of the online silver evening gowns shops that can meet your desires with customer-oriented service if you want to buy one.

What accessories to complete the Silver evening wear outfit?

A great way to display your beloved silver dress in your wardrobe is to pair it with accessories in another color. It is immediate thing for an all silver dress. In the terms of sight effects, silver can wash most people out to some extent,while wear a special accessories will add more glamour to you. For example, when wearing a silver prom dress, wearing a vibrant necklace to break up the silver from your face is fine.

Silver Mermaid Evening dress with ruched top & beading details
Price: 171.26 USD

With a special accessory, silver dress refresh anther vigor of life! For most fair ladies, a pewter purse, jewelry and shoes are always a fun choice and it’s a good way to incorporate silver into your everyday fashion.In the end,

One strap Mermaid Evening dress in Silver
Price: 183.49 USD

don’t forget your makeup is also an accessory!  A smoky eye always compliments silver clothing, and if you really want to stand out, do a radiant red lip will help you!  Definitely, silver is  becoming more and more popular in this season. Even if you are not walking the red carpet like Lea Michele, be sure to incorporate silver into your wardrobe because silver dress is a good taste for your coming parties. Enjoy your parties!

FAQ before buying evening dress online

Every lady has a dream to be a bright star of the evening parties they visit. So they attach a great importance to the evening wear so that they could be charming and eye-catching. For this reason, the editor of this blog would like to introduce you some stunning evening gowns that you should have in your wardrobe.

What style of evening gown is suitable for a commercial party?

one shoulder evening dresses
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Most of the women tend to buy a one shoulder evening dress for the commercial party. Why? Visually, one shoulder design creates a sense of imbalance, which attracts attention. By unveiling the beauty of the neckline, but not all, the one shoulder strap can also help women to avoid the dress from falling down. Even so, the key is to choose a dress which can go well with the theme of the party. The party is not only a place to show yourself but also the place to relax and make more friends. All of us want to leave a perfect first impression on others, the perfect makeup and dress is vital for this.With regard to its fabrics, tulle ,satin and chiffon are usually be used.The advantages of them are elegant and lighter.

What kind of fabrics is better for an evening occasion?

Two chiffon evening dress encrusted with fabulous beads, which one do you like ?

So if this is a graduation prom or a commercial cocktail get together, you should opt for those dress with minimum design. Avoid those fashion dresses that you wear casually. Fabrics like cotton are not acceptable in formal occasions for exemple. Go for chiffon, silk like satin or taffeta could make a smart effect. Even though you have a perfect makeup, don’t forget to associate the gown with a pair of high heel which will make you more graceful and outstanding.

What are proper accessories for evening dresses?

evening dress accessories
some proper accessories for your evening outfit

Elegant evening shoes, stunning jewelry, glamorous stilettos, dangling earrings, sparkling necklaces are often regarded as the popular accessories for your evening dresses. A little change in the decoration of your dresses will bring you fresh feeling and ideas, and it will have have better effect at your important parties. Nevertheless,your choice vary from your real situation.Different styles can have amazing effects on different people.

But since everyone has her own body shape, our advice is to get yourself a custom-made evening gown that fits you like the second skin. Women evening dresses are like a priceless possession. Choosing the stunning evening dresses but always at a reasonable price is no wonder what we provide at!

Sweetheart Evening Dress: Sweet and Chic In Valentine’s Day Touch

Valentine’s Day is less than a week from today. Expected, excited, sweet?? Wow, exactly, it is a big day to share a sweet time with your beloved. Love it or not, Valentine’s Day is a great day to rock a stylish new dress. In my opinion, it is a great time to choose a fancy red evening dress or sweet pink one for yourself. Why not select a sweetheart evening gown in your sweet day?


Truly, sweetheart styles accentuate the most femininity and elegance to girls. Various figures look great in this exquisite design. Just as the name calls, sweetheart carries a heart shaped neckline which is closely and fitted to the body. With the lovely shape cutting in front of the bodices, it just makes you appealing, naturally and fabulously.

Fancy Red Sweetheart Dresses for Night Out

Definitely, Valentine’s Day is everything about red and hearts. So there is nothing better than picking out a vibrant red evening dresses on this day. Paired with sexy pumps, glittery heart jewelry as well as a red hue clutch. The look is perfect for dating out and having dinner at a nice restaurant or attending an equally glamorous event.

Strapless Sweetheart Beaded Mermaid Evening Dress

Sweet Pink Sweetheart Evening Dress for a Ball

Tell your measurements to Persun to get the dress customized.

Next to red hue, heart shape is adorable to wear on this day especially you are going for a hot date. Bring the fire with a flirty sweetheart dress for evening in a shape which is totally figure-flattering, giving off a va-va-voom vibe. To go with this adorable dress, a dainty lovely necklace is suitable, while sparkly heart earrings is a festive accessory will create a romantic vibe. The look will absolutely be eye-catching, but who doesn’t want to look overly feminine or sweet.

No matter you choose fancy red sweetheart Evening dress or sweet pink sweetheart dress, to be a sexy girl or sweet princess, it is your choice. Anyway, you always be the most fantastic, happiest woman in that day. Enjoy your date