Season of change: Paris fashion week spring-summer 2016

It had fled also a reminder of the rich beauty and traditions of Africa, from where thousands of refugees are. The intercultural collection was a few a message from the Italian designers to the intolerant, that they learn from these cultures.
The influence of Africa with animal prints, tie-dye, Masai takes tribal pattern, flowing dresses in earthy colors and feathered panels, ornate leather Valentino’s Spring collection Gladiator dresses and velvet-lined skirts at Valentino Rome ateliers revised. They show nicely how Italian craftsmanship to connect with African traditions: Heath necklaces on Gladiator Sandals made in ceramics and carved just heels.

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For the first time, moves the designer from the familiar is area of European culture, exploring a new continent and did it with finesse. “It was a real journey, Ethereal, soft and flowing,” David Jones General Manager, shoes and accessories, said Damian Burke after the show.
“The jewellery was wonderful and the new look shoes, and it had day and elegant evening dresses for all Australian women.”
The Valentino collection was one of the highlights of a fascinating season in Paris. There is a feeling of change, but not everyone is sure in which direction it leads.
Karl Lagerfeld has with the air providing colorful tweeds, overalls, plane-print training suits, Aviator sunglasses and a variety of new luggage for the modern world rice at the departure gate no 5 by Chanel Airlines (his mega catwalk theme this season). So far, so Chanel.
Vivienne Westwood delved into their rich archive to pull ideas such as oversized mannish jackets, about 1980, and sent her working fluid silky asymmetric dresses.

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Roland Mouret celebrated 10 years of its timeless Galaxy dress by producing a finale of the five new versions available, from his Web site immediately after the show and in certain shops around the world to buy the next day, instant access to catwalk looks.
On the other hand, railed Alber Elbaz against the requirements which made Designer in the digital age, and his collection of Lanvin covered all aspects of the wardrobe, a buyer want to can, by a blusig cotton shirt and a strict skirt to cute cocktail dresses with prints of the cult brand accessories and the Lanvin perfume bottle.
Nicolas Ghesquiere, a well known science fiction obsessive, Louis Vuitton took on a journey into the digital frontier expresses some of these cyber trends with metal embroidered head panels pattern, astronaut jumpsuits and pants with zipper. There were also tough leather jackets (some with Monogram) white skirts with poufy.

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They can the reasons for the techno theme appreciate, Ghesquiere has been replaced if it the sound was applause in less than five years at the end of the show by silence, throwing their iPhones to video of the models final as anywhere and download them online. Fashion has become so instantly over the Internet, you realize that Elbaz has a point start accessible. Technology changed the way we watch and absorb, fashion and, most importantly, we do it the speed with which.
So, what was tolerable in this season? Actually, there was a whole series of Kenzo, Hermes, Chanel and Stella McCartney. But sometimes it was quite annoying with a few (new keyword of industry) styling disguises. Saint Laurent perfected the Glastonbury look with some great rock-chick jackets and vintage-y wispy dresses, but dressed in a grungy kind and wise on waifs with rubber boots and innocent tiaras. Think Courtney Love and you get the idea, but separate the clothing from the styling, and there’s some very desirable pieces.
There was also the concept of mixing strict tailoring with stool skirts or lingerie. Juxtaposition of opposites is all tested a styling trick, Vuitton, Dior and Celine. RAF Simons slipped unt scalloped organdie dresses

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