A Marriage of over 27 million Euro

Nothing more and nothing less than 27 million euros has been valued wedding of actress, singer and model Angelababy with the Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming. We give you all the details!

angelababy wedding photography

Hard to imagine that someone in just one day, or rather, in only a few hours to get to spend more than 27 million euros. For the common man this is really impossible, but not for one of the richest women in China, or Angelababy Yang Ying for his fans, is just one more thing. The couple married a few months ago, but last 8 October did the great celebration of your wedding, the style fairytale castle or Sleeping Beauty in the Shanghai Exhibition Centre and before more than 2,000 guests including numerous celebrities.

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Pero were we go by the numbers … The Bride ring , made ​​of diamonds Chaumet, is valued at more than one million euros. The dress , created especially for her by Dior and which have been used for more than five months of work, I was covered with thousands of flowers Chantilly lace and also had a queue of more than 3 meters long.

angelababy wedding ring

Before the celebration, the couple traveled to Paris for a photo shoot at the foot of the Eiffel Tower where Angelababy model wearing a couture Elie Saab. And of course, your pocket has not left a single euro as Wedding has been broadcast in the country both on television and on the Internet. It has also been sponsored by various companies and firms have taken care of even the smallest detail.

Modern Sexy Evening Gowns 2015 from Persun.cc

Sexy evening dresses will be very gorgeous at evening parties. The love for beauty is the nature of every lady. If you want to be queen at you upcoming evening night, it will be very nice to have your sexy gowns from online stores. Today let me introduce top 4 sexy evening gowns from Persun.

1. Evening gowns with front slit

If you want to be an eye-catching women at the party, the sexy evening gowns with front slit design will be top choices. It’s really a magical design to add more glamour to our ladies at their important evening parties.

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2. Red evening wears

Red is a very gorgeous tone for any striking gowns. If you put on red evening gowns to attend your parties, you will be the focus at that night.

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3. V neck Evening Gowns

V neck design will add sexy elements to any special occasion gowns. If you want to have a sexy evening dress, why not choose a V neck evening gown?

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Sexy V neck evening dresses Persun online

4.Mermaid Evening Gowns

Vintage mermaid style gowns are very attractive at many occasions, and it’s same with the evening gowns with tails.

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In short, sexy gowns are very alluring at the evening parties. If you want to get gorgeous formal evening gowns Persun 2015 for your upcoming parties,such sexy evening gowns will be perfect. No matter charming red gowns or striking formal evening dresses with V neck or front slit design, they will flatter you and make your soft curves stand out.

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The Frequent Questions When You Shop Your Stunning Evening Gowns

It’s a great burden for most women to buy luxury evening gowns for their important evening night. Though they have a tight budget, there are quite a few young ladies will spend a good sum of money buying their stunning evening dresses, shoes and other accessories. In general, the cost of formal evening gowns will account significant portion of the party budget. But not every lady is able to choose the best apparel, in spite of spending a substantial amount time and money on it. If you want to have a perfect evening party in this year, it is advisable to spend some time learning some basic knowledge of evening party dresses. In my opinion, the earlier you set about your evening dresses, the best dress you will get in the end. Today let’s see the top 4 questions when you buy your best evening wears in 2015.

1. Where is your evening party site?

Party Venue, differ in theme and seasons. In this romantic summer, it will be very interesting and gorgeous to arrange outdoor parties for our guests. If so, Gorgeous beaded evening gowns will be very charming under the stars. How about other evening party venues? When you are choosing the most stunning dresses to attend your parties, it’s necessary to select the decent outfit that keep you comfortable and relaxed. It is also important to choose the color, pattern and fabric of the evening gowns to suit the place, season and theme of the parties. For example, you should choose right dress length gowns for your upcoming dance time. Besides, the selection of fabrics should be based on the party site and season.

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2. Which style evening gowns fit you best?

Right evening wear style is very important for pleasant evening night. Nowadays, women have access to select their ideal gowns from a range of expensive and cheap evening dress designs. But the style for your formal evening dresses selected by you must fit your body shape, complexion and figure. Meanwhile, you can decide which parts of your body stand out. For instance, you can go for the empire evening dresses when you want the dress to hide your bottom and thigh region. In addition, you can evaluate some designs and patterns by hiding your imperfect body parts or not.Based my personal experiences,evening dresses with sleeves will be very nice for plump brides, and evening dresses with front slit will be very fashionable and sexy for our fair ladies.

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3. What are evening dresses in fashion?

When it comes to newest evening gowns in fashion, it may be different from normal apparels and accessories, but the trends in evening outfit style also change, but not much. You have opportunities to see a variety of stunning ad stylish evening party gowns from fashion shows or Magazines. If you are confused about the stylish evening apparels available in the market, it will be a good idea to read the online articles and blog posts on gowns in fashion. Furthermore, you can get information and ideas from your friends, family members and colleagues about the best evening dresses for your upcoming party time.

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4. Where to buy your affordable Evening gowns?

With the development of online dress shops, a lady is convenient to buy the expensive or cheap evening dress from the local stores as well as online dresses shops. The local evening gowns stores allow you to try a lot of styles before selecting the right gown. In my opinion, the online stores will offer more custom evening dresses at lower price.Besides, high quality and alluring service will be provided there. You have options to buy the dresses from online stores which offering free shipping and money back warranty service. Some of the online stores even announce alluring promotional and seasonal offers. For example, at Persun evening dress store online, you can buy your best Evening wears easily and the mentioned service is provided.

In short, a good preparation is needed before buying your best evening dresses. If you want to buy the right gowns for your important party, why not buy them online and refer to some useful tips and recommendations? Well, wish our ladies have their best evening gowns for their nice evening parties.

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Cheap sexy evening dresses for your best party time

Evening dresses can be quite expensive, which could impede many women with the best image for important occasions. You don’t need to buy expensive clothes. Cheap clothes can also make you look glamorous. When you are picking your evening gown on the site, as long as you open your eyes, you can find a cheap dress. Each woman’s body size is different, but some clothes are able to meet all types of body. With the prevalence of e-commerce industry, the Internet will become a perfect shopping destination, where, the store offers a variety of evening dresses for you. Due to the variety of styles of evening gowns in online shop,where offers everything you can compare the size and design of the skirt, and finally make a choice for you.

Evening dress is elegant and sexy. If you want to have a classic design,and then you should find a dress, have the right length, shape and good body coverage. In fact, it is important to understand your body type, if you know your body features, simply select the appropriate style of dress can make you look beautiful. For voluptuous women, choose dark jewel dress would be the most ideal, and it helps conceal the deficiency in your body.

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If the color of your evening dresses and the tone of your skin are harmonious, then you’ll look elegant. If you want to look perfect, then choose an evening dress with more attractive colors, which is very important. In addition, the evening dresses for you choosing the right accessories can also add points to your elegant appearance. Dark colors plus size evening gown, such as gemstone jewelry clothes have a good slimming effect.

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Slim and average height women can choose a few conspicuous jewels or muted colors, so as to make them more outstanding. You can also design your evening wear, so that both meaningful, and affordable. You can buy a simple dress, and add accessories and design, making it more attractive. You can access various Internet sites, find your favorite styles.

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Gorgeous one shoulder plus size evening dresses

From there, you can add these designs, and other accessories to complete your outfit. Buy cheap high quality evening dress on the Internet shops, it is very important for stunning evening night. This is because you can buy cheap clothes, but most of them are of poor quality and design, and it’s not funny at all. Professional dress designer will create cheap clothes with great design and excellent quality.Therefore, go for evening dresses shop online for your best evening gowns will be perfect for your cheap sexy outfits for parties.

Bridal gown with sleeves: Hard to say goodbye to them

In 2015, backless lace wedding dresses are sweeping all the world.The combination of gorgeous lace and sexy open back design aims to create gorgeous image for our brides. Everything is so perfect for your wonderful wedding parties. Indeed, sleeveless bridal dresses are very popular in recent years. No matter elegant strapless wedding gowns or luxury backless wedding dresses, it seem difficult to find bridal gowns with sleeves. Should we say goodbye to bridal dresses with sleeves?

Recently, i launched a discussion about bridal gowns with sleeves in UK. Quite a few people hold that these gowns are not attractive and charming. Is it true? No, i don’t think so. Today let’s see the charms of bridal gowns with sleeves.

The same theme

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Bridal gown with short sleeves

Wedding, is the most important  event for our brides. I’m sure that a beautiful wedding gowns for their special will outweigh much than any items in their hearts. It’s no wonder that prospective brides will spend much time and money searching for the perfect dresses for  the weddings prior to the weddings.Every brides is unique in this world, and it’s their right to choose their favorite bridal dresses. Based on my surveys, there are still lots of young ladies have soft spot to bridal dresses with sleeves in their hearts. In my opinion, such wedding gown will add more glamour and elegance to our brides with plump figures. Therefore, the right wedding dresses will be your best gowns, which will adorn your wonderful weddings.

Different forms

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Plus size wedding dresses with sleeves

With the development of our times, bridal gowns with sleeves are also join the trends for differences. For cap sleeves to half sleeves, then to long sleeve gowns, you will see the surprises of tradition and innovation. Elegant sleeves are present into new forms, and that’s charms of bridal dresses with sleeves

Classics that never fade away

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Lace wedding dresses with sleeves

Generally speaking, wedding dresses are common is winter weddings,but the climate can’t stop people’s love for these dresses. Even though you have summer weddings, wedding dresses with short lace sleeves are very popular. If you are brides-to-be in this summer, why not choose a wedding dresses with sleeves? It will add your noble nature of princess and adorn your beautiful weddings as an angel.

In short, bridal wedding dresses will be in fashion again in the following years. Despite it’s not that popular than strapless wedding gowns, but classic wedding dresses will never fade away from our world. Then where to buy your cheap bridal gown with sleeves UK 2015? I think it will be your top priority for forthcoming weddings.Congratulations!

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Princess Kate’s first show on red carpet after childbirth

Cambridge Princess Kate

The Daily Telegraph reported on 12th, September that the Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate, along with Prince William, made appearance in a charity ceremony held in London. The princess’ full-length evening dress trimmed with tinsel triggered highly cares of the public.

The ceremony was organized by the famous Tusk Foundation, aiming to give commend and review the extraordinary achievement they have got in dealing with environmental problems in African district and the right of man. As one of the main sponsors of the foundation, Prices William was deservedly invited and gave a speech at the end of the ceremony. At the same time, it was the 31-year old Princess Kate’s first appearance on such similar ceremony after she gave birth to Prince George. For the sober and elegant Princess, what to wear in the ceremony could not be slight. Yet she had proved that her special dressing taste still deserved commendation.

Kate was in an evening dress costume-made by British famous designer Jenny Packham, with its point reaching down to the ground. The dress was covered by shinning glitter, making it luxury but not losing the sexy and vigor. In terms of hair style and make-up, Kate was as elegant as she used to be. Her dark curly hair fell over her shoulders. The clean and natural face fit well in with the fashionable smoky eyes, adding a sense of the girl next to door for the Princess who was already a mother. The silver high-heels was made by Jimmy Choo, which was a great match to Jenny Packha’s evening dress.


Of course, the fame of being a Princess might be envied of others, but the special statue means more duties and responsibilities. Her frequent appearances on various activities were the best proves. Last month, Kate attended the super marathon in Anglesey, which was the first time she showed in the public since Prince George was born. Kate was in a tight jeans and a green woolen cloth jacket, without any evidence of being fat. According to Princes William, Kate was taking the duty of taking care of the baby, little Gorge, who was also a guy who liked night life.

In spite of that, Princess Kate’s eyes was light up when she mentioned her supporters in Anglesey. She wanted to thank the hospitable and kind people there who gave them a home from home. In addition, Kate also talked about her mother and Carole, grandmother of her son who helped her taking care of him. She told the local people that her son was good and quite when he was sleeping. “But I think things seem to change.”she added. During the time when she was paying visit toAnglesey, Kate worked hard on losing her weight.


Princess Kate, the one who will not let her civilians down when she appear, moved every one. Most people hope she can also keep her special fashion style even though she is busy.


Sexy Backless Evening Dress—-Close Touch With 2012 Summer

Summer is coming, the hot weather always make us have a desire for a close touch with summer. So why not take the chance to show off your sexy figure. A simple backless evening dress can make you look  sexy and hot.

Backless long dresses absolutely are excellent but not fancy.

Sexy Backless Evening Dress

A stunning bright royal backless long gown with spaghetti strapping will show off your best features to their full advantage. The satin split front gown is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone on that special night.

Pink Backless Evening Dress at persun.cc
Pink Backless Evening Dress

A spectacular pink backless gown will make you the center of attention on night. The fine spaghetti straps cross in the middle of the back. It has a shirred back and a plunging strapless neckline which is sure to be noticed by his wandering eye. Featuring an empire waist and shirred bodice.

Royal Blue Backless Evening Dress at persun
Royal Blue Backless Evening Dress

Backless fashion dress look works well for events, such as weddings, elegant dances, fancy dinners and holiday parties. A backless piece always keeps an air of beauty and incredible self-confidence.

Top 5 High Low Prom Dress—Hot in Front, Elegant in The Back

When it comes to choose right prom dresses, what decision you should make first is the style. Elegant? Too serious! Sexy? Overdo!

Maybe sometimes you just want to change a monotonous elegant or sexy style to a brand new one that it is hot but elegant at the same time. Why not have a try on the high low prom dresses“”hot up front and elegant in the back. It seems that this kind dress can reveal young people unique personality better.

The high-low prom dresses 2012 come in all manner of lively colors and silhouettes, from elegant A-line to vibrant red hues. Plus, thanks to rich variety of fabrics and embellishments, these dresses have forgiving silhouettes that look good on just about any sartorial savant.

Here are 2012 top 5 summer high low prom dresses, let’s have a look!

Top 1

Sweet Pink High Low Prom Dress at persun.cc
Sweet Pink High Low Prom Dress

This sweet princess sweetheart high-low formal gown send out sexy and sophisticated fashion message. If you want to wear a necklace with a high-low prom dress, make sure it is a short one!

Top 2

Striking Yellowe High Low Prom Dress at persun.cc
Yellowe High Low Prom Dress

This striking yellow high-low prom dress is perfect for a party or date night out. Exquisite handmade beadings and ruching decorate the bust part, and ruffles on the skirt make it very cute.

Top 3

Red Sweetheart Draping High Low Prom Dress at persun.cc
Red Sweetheart Draping High Low Prom Dress

This stunning red high-low formal gown with draping front and long dress back gives the whole look a sexy and sophisticated chic. The intricately ruched bodice and contrast sash will define your waist and make a bold statement.

Top 4

Blue Rufffle High Low Prom Dress at persun.cc
Blue Rufffle High Low Prom Dress

Top 5

High Low Mermaid Prom Dress at perusndress.com
High Low Mermaid Prom Dress


We’re excited to show you another universally flattering trend you should try this season. — High-low prom dresses! If you’ve never worn a skirt or frock with high-low, now is the perfect time to try. More high low dresses can be found at persundressses.com