Creative Styles Formal Dresses

According to the Daily Mail of British, it is reported that a Canadian girl Jori Phillips, who is just 21 years old, spent a few months in making a stylish skirt and a matching hat by using nearly one-third of the old dictionary. Her creativity makes a lot of people admire so much. Of course, it also makes her and her creative formal dress become known for many people from all over the world especially for the fashion world.

formal dress

How did she make it? It was just a dictionary which had thousands of yellow papers. And the designer, Phillips cut all the papers down and stuck them together with glue one by one. After her hard working as well as creativity, she made this beautiful strapless dress folds finally. Because of its special material and beautiful design, most of Phillips’s friends are fond of her dictionary style formal dress. At the same time, a large amount of people even became her fans.

formal dress

After being known for the dress, many professional designers came to make observations on the design. Although many designers and circus actors said that the formal dress is not applicable in real life. First of all, it is because they think this dress cannot be worn in the rain as it is made of papers. Secondly, it will also make the girls who wear it barely sit when wearing because it will make the dress crumple. Phillips acknowledged the reasons mentioned above. In addition, she was still afraid that the dress will be rotten by her sweat. Although there are many disadvantages, countless professional designers still support the special idea of Jori Phillips and advised her to make full use of her creativity to make her designs much better.

formal dress

Do you remember the formal dress which is made of butchers meat that worn by Lady Gaga? Maybe it is still unforgettable for many people especially for those who pay attention to fashion as its creative design. It also attracted attention of both people and media at the moment it was shown to the world. However, compare with the dress that designed by Jori Phillips, although it is as creative as that of Phillips, it is less beautiful than dictionary style.

Of course, such creative idea should be promoted, but it is obvious that the designer of butchers’ meat style formal dress needs to learn more in the dressing design. Sung Yeonju is a young artist who comes from Korea. She does well at designing formal dresses by using the material of food. She makes full use of unique textures of food to generate unique styles formal dresses. These fruits and vegetables generally reflect the feeling of beauty successfully that the clothing material cannot achieve.

If we pay more attention to the things that around us in our daily life, we can find that most of them can be used to create new things. What’s more, after being created, all of them are being given new life and becoming much more special. And that is one of important rules that most of the designer insist on when they are designing their dresses.



Prom dresses most important accessories

prom dressesIts basic fashion but how many people keen to fashion laws nowadays? If you have little fashion “˜schooling’ as many people around do today, you do not have to expose yourself in public gatherings by failing the basic tests and especially not at prom night. You do not have to appear in the most gorgeous of prom dresses in town only to leave out the very basic accessories that must accompany them.
It is basic that the corresponding accessories must accompany prom dresses. First up are the shoes. Your choice of shoes whether flat or heeled must be comfortable to walk around in. your prom night will involve lots of dancing, moving about and around and your footwear must be very comfortable for you. You don’t want your shoes to impede your movement while you jive and dance up and around with your friends.
You need a matching bag to go with your prom dress. Between the dress, shoes and handbag there ought to be color matches and blends. It is simple; if you are going in a red gown, then either or both your shoe and bag should be of same color. The bag itself also ought to be a simple small handbag that does not have to carry so much. Its only prom night; when you are heading for the shopping mall, you can take the very big one.
Your choice of jewelry must also be considered while planning your prom night outfit. Do not just pick up any pair of earrings, necklaces that happen to lie around as you dress up on the night. Even if you had that habit initially, you must train yourself to plan yourself long before the day of the event. Aside planning, try out the things you intend to wear on the night. Perhaps the gown is a little tight or maybe the shoe is very lose; you can fix all these long before the prom night arrives. You don’t want any unfavorable last minute changes. The cure? Plan early.
nice prom dressesWith the shoes, bag and jewelry in place your make up and perfume would be next. You do not want to look all so fine and flashy in your clothing only to have an awful stench repulsive to others. Such little things can be the difference between having a great prom night and a depressing one. Light makeup always wins; it’s not Halloween.
One more word on the prom dresses, it would be nice if you choose a simple yet unique style and design of dress for your prom night. Wear something beautiful not bogus, simple yet classy. You are a lady; you want to turn a few heads and other girls slightly jealous.
Do not forget your smile and friendly demeanor at home. It is not in vogue to pick up a fight with anyone at prom night. Its only prom night but then there is a possibility you might not see some of your classmates again. Leaving a good impression in looks and actions have not substitute.

Wedding Theme: Golden Fairy

Golden is always a romantic color. Now let us have a look at a real wedding themed as golden. The protagonists are Tare and Nicola.
 Wedding Theme Golden FairyTara and Nicola’s love story:
Nicolas (Nick) and Tara are colleagues in PwC who worked together for two and a half years. At the company’s Christmas party in 2005, they met and talked all night. They found that they were life partner for each other. Loving art and parties, their first home is in the center of an artistic attic, with a gallery in the hall and it is New York party salon of fashion upstart.
Their wedding Theme: Golden Fairy
Tara and Nick are called golden couple by their friends. They have successful careers and are active in New York social circles. Wedding main colors are orange and brown, and they select trees with leaves as a wedding theme, both low-carbon and extravagance generous. Their invitations are decorated with trees. They also hang the orange paper lanterns in the tent on the chorus.
The bridal dress: Amsale. This is an haute model in the posted seasonal wedding dresses. The dress brings a distinctive “beach” feeling and its neckline is decorated with shells.
 Cocktail partyBridesmaid’s dresses: the bridesmaid wear simple chocolate brown silk strapless Bra-style dresses and behind the skirt, it is decorated with bows. Nick’s niece Gabi is the wedding flower girl, along with her precepts boy is attracted everyone’s attention. She wears orange roses ring, holding a bouquet of orange roses tied blue ribbons, as well as orange pacifier, very cute.
Groomsmen’s dress: Nick and his groomsmen as well as his father all wear brown tailored suit. Newcomers also send them ivory shirt of CharlesÊTyrwhitt, with their names initials at the neckline and brown cufflinks.
A variety of jams of different flavors, such as peach, pear and ginger, wild blueberries, and strawberries and taro English flavor are as returns. These jams are from Long Island, a local farm and they past their proprietary personalized labels on the top. At the end of the reception, they also arrange for a special Jazz and cigars links and distribute to guests the highly personalized matchbox. Also they roll cigars at the scene. It can be designed in the new part of cigarettes to the guests.
Entertainment Party:
They bring in a lot of different music! Counterpoint is playing String Quartet on the wedding ceremony; at a cocktail party, they invite a steel drum band Jah Pan; at the receptions and jazz links, they have their main band from Boston-the Swinging John sons.
 Tare and Nicola weddingCocktail party:
There are a variety of small snacks, a grilled chicken and grilled Swordfish Kabobs station, a juice bar, a champagne bar and a regular bar.
Wedding dinner menu
Their frozen appetizers are Spanish tomato soup with whipped cream, assorted salads and toasted walnuts, apples and goat cheese, lemon and passion fruit sorbet.
Four fight seafood entrees are steak dishes (including the grilled filet mignon and sea bass using charcoal and stir fried local organic vegetables and mashed potatoes by). Their wedding cake is chocolate cake of the hazelnut stuffing.

Different parties just require for different dressing styles

We all have various parties to go every year. Different parties just require for different dressing styles. Every girl wants to look her best at the party, no matter it’s a formal one or casual one. A party just offers us a great opportunity to show off our personal style and great fashion taste. You can either dress up with a new outfit or get inspired from the pieces you already keep in your wardrobe. Anyway, this can be a fun and challenging process. Take a look at the following tips and learn some tricks then!

Birthday Party

A birthday party can be varied in many different forms. The dresses you choose for the party should be determined by its special theme. If it’s your own birth day party, of course you have plenty of reasons to be the focus and different from others. Sometimes there may be some strangers that you have never seen before at your birthday party. For example, he or she can be the friend of your friend and you guys have never known each other before. So you need to take a leading role at the party and people can know that for the first sight when walking into the door. You can go with a dress designed with eye-catching details or in a bright and delightful color to be eye-catching. By the way, you do not always have to wear a dress at the party. Sometimes jeans, blouses and many other pieces are also acceptable, especially when your party is in a causal tone.

Casual Party

As ordinary people, we generally go to parties that are mostly in a casual and relaxing tone. In this case, we do have a lot of options on our dressing styles. Jeans, T-shirts and blouses are all fine for most casual parties. Generally speaking, these casual parties are full around our friends and it’s totally okay to dress down. For a more gorgeous look, you can dress up with some stylish dresses as well. For example, if you feel black works best for you, opt for a classy little black dress and pair it with a bold necklace in metallic tone for an interesting look. The simple and classic style can be hardly wrong for most occasions. As to the shoes, you are allowed to go with almost all kinds of styles. Either high heels or flats are acceptable, as long as they go well with your dress.

Homecoming Party

Homecoming is an annual tradition of the United States. People, towns, high schools and colleges come together, usually in late September or early October, to welcome back alumni and former residents.
The Homecoming Dance—usually the culminating event of the week (for high schools)—is a formal or informal event, either at the school or an off-campus location. The venue is decorated, and either a disc jockey or band is hired to play music. In many ways, it is a fall prom. Homecoming dances could be informal as well just like standard school dances. At high schools, the homecoming dances are sometimes held in the high school gymnasium or outside in a large field. Home coming dance attire is more casual than prom. Women generally wear knee length dresses with their hair down, and men generally wear a tucked in dress shirt with pants. At prom, women generally wear a more formal gown that goes to the ground with hair up, and men wear tuxedos.

The most beautiful formal dress looks at the screen of those shining female artists

Accepting the research carried out among girls, girls are more likely to resonate to the romantic experience in the movie which ends with happy wedding ceremony, which it is because they also have a romantic love life which is full of hope, and happiness and surprise, there are many beautiful actresses have successfully shaped the image of bright and lovely lady, and their formal dress looks have impressed young people deeply, now let us look back to their gorgeous formal dress look at screen.

yellow formal dress

The romantic love story in the movie have aroused girls’ unlimited imagination and yearning to pure and passionate love life, and the happy ending of the story always meet their desire to perfect ending, apart from the romantic plot in the movies, the beautiful leading actress is also another reason for girls being crazy about romantic love story, hoping one day they can become one of them. In the movie of “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, while playing the role of Queen Amidala, Natalie Portman wears a quite stylish formal dress, and her excellent performance also helps her rocket to international fame, the low cutting design at the neckline seems so attractive as it enhances Natalie Portman amazing curve and plump breast, especially the delicate handmade embroidery at the formal dress also make the dress much more stylish and chic, also makes her role as Queen Amidala much more gorgeous and elegant, the white veil at her head is also embellished with many sparkling jewelry and sequins, if you are a fan of Natalie Portman, you can actually take after her dressing style in this movie at your wedding ceremony, for her dressing style is quite like an elegant bride.

yellow formal dress

Romantic love story is one bright spot for an excellent movie, if you want to catch more attention for young people; you still need to pay more thought in the dress picking out issue for your leading actresses, an excellent movie is also a great fashion magazine, from which girls can learn some useful tips about dressing up. In the movie of “Marie Antoinette”, Kirsten Dunst who is becoming more and more popular by playing the role of Mary Jane in “Spider-Man 2″, at the movie of “Marie Antoinette’, she wears a very traditional but luxury royal formal dress, the huge tail of the formal dress is nearly as large as a table, which is quite popular at that ages in the movie, and the silk-like satin fabric also makes her dress look shining and sparkling under the light, with such a gorgeous formal dress, she successfully plays the role of a beautiful and proud princess, and her performance as Austrian princess is also considered as classic.

Shoulder formal dress

While you are being attracted by the romantic and exciting plot in the movie, do not forget to pay attention to the dressing style of the leading actresses, by taking after her dressing style, you can also be sparkling and dazzling as well.

Sweetheart Evening Dress: Sweet and Chic In Valentine’s Day Touch

Valentine’s Day is less than a week from today. Expected, excited, sweet?? Wow, exactly, it is a big day to share a sweet time with your beloved. Love it or not, Valentine’s Day is a great day to rock a stylish new dress. In my opinion, it is a great time to choose a fancy red evening dress or sweet pink one for yourself. Why not select a sweetheart evening gown in your sweet day?


Truly, sweetheart styles accentuate the most femininity and elegance to girls. Various figures look great in this exquisite design. Just as the name calls, sweetheart carries a heart shaped neckline which is closely and fitted to the body. With the lovely shape cutting in front of the bodices, it just makes you appealing, naturally and fabulously.

Fancy Red Sweetheart Dresses for Night Out

Definitely, Valentine’s Day is everything about red and hearts. So there is nothing better than picking out a vibrant red evening dresses on this day. Paired with sexy pumps, glittery heart jewelry as well as a red hue clutch. The look is perfect for dating out and having dinner at a nice restaurant or attending an equally glamorous event.

Strapless Sweetheart Beaded Mermaid Evening Dress

Sweet Pink Sweetheart Evening Dress for a Ball

Tell your measurements to Persun to get the dress customized.

Next to red hue, heart shape is adorable to wear on this day especially you are going for a hot date. Bring the fire with a flirty sweetheart dress for evening in a shape which is totally figure-flattering, giving off a va-va-voom vibe. To go with this adorable dress, a dainty lovely necklace is suitable, while sparkly heart earrings is a festive accessory will create a romantic vibe. The look will absolutely be eye-catching, but who doesn’t want to look overly feminine or sweet.

No matter you choose fancy red sweetheart Evening dress or sweet pink sweetheart dress, to be a sexy girl or sweet princess, it is your choice. Anyway, you always be the most fantastic, happiest woman in that day. Enjoy your date