Top Discount Prom Dress at PERSUN

Girls, are you looking for the best prom dress sales? You are come to the right place! Currently, PERSUN offer great discount on some fabulous and hotselling prom dress, the 10% off dress below is a very exquisite and glamour which are perfect for your special day. It’s one of the best selling prom dresses 2016 at PERSUN, today, I will briefly expose the beauty secrets behind it.

Serect 1 : Tencel

Have you ever heard this material? Soft, fluid, natural. Wear it,then you will love it.

Prom Dress in Pink Tencel with Criss cross ruched bodice
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Tencel is made from cellulose in wood pulp, which is harvested from tree-farmed trees. Cellulose is the natural polymer that makes up the living cells of all vegetation. The tree farms have been established on land unsuitable for food crops or grazing.

Tencel in pale pink at
Tencel in pale pink

The fiber is produced via an advanced ‘closed loop’ solvent spinning process, with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water. The solvent used in the process is toxic but 99% is recovered and continually recycled.

Production plant emissions are significantly lower in comparison to many other man-made fiber operations.

Serect 2:High Slit

Sweetheart Yellow Corset Prom Dress with Ruffle skirt
Ruffles Beading Sweetheart Organza Yellow Prom Dress

Deep V-neck is too sexy? Well, I truly recommend high slit prom dresses for you. The trend of high slits really started catching on from 2015 onwards. International celebrities who made it to the top list of beautifully carrying off the high slit dresses at various red carpet events starting end of last year were Megan Fox in her purple thigh high Donna Karan dress. After that, high slit dress start to show at red carpet frequently. Choosing styles which have slits at the side could make your leg looks pretty long and really sexy.

Serect 3: Green

Someone says that black is always in fashion. I agree but it’s also boring when everyone wears black prom dress at party. So, you can choose green. Green is one of the very fresh and appealing colors. It attracts the attention and has many positive effects : it helps you to increases zeal, stimulates energy, also boost the action and confidence and also a feeling of protection from fears and anger.

Green Prom Dress with beaded sweetheart bodice

The color is also known as the color of beauty and also correlated with the good luck and fortune.

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Modish Ottawa short prom dresses for teens

It’s the season when thousands of teens are getting ready for a memorable milestone, their high school prom.

An Ottawa organization is helping girls who can’t purchase their own dresses, by providing them with donated prom attire, from head to toe.

Fairy godmother of Ottawa is a non-profit organization that provides prom formal dresses for free to graduating teens in the region, many of whom would not be able to afford a dress on their own.

Dressesmall A line Short Straps Sequined Formal Dress 2014
Short formal prom dresses Persun

“There is a need, and prom is becoming so expensive for everybody, just the tickets alone, so it’s just a little bit of help, is what we’re trying to do,” said Catherine Whitla, Co-Founder of Fairy Godmother of Ottawa.

“Self-esteem, and girls transitioning from high school to their next stage of life, whether it be education or not, is just so important,” Whitla said. “We just want to put them on a level playing field for that one day of their life, and we felt that was pretty important.”

18-year-old Tanisha Bradford is one of more than 100 students being helped by the program this year.

She says having access to the Fairy Godmother program will give her the chance to go to prom in a glamorous outfit she would otherwhise not be able to afford.

Dressesmall Thigh high Short Formal Dress in Sequin with Draping
Short formal dresses online

“It looks very princess-y, so I felt like a princess,” Bradford said about the dress she chose. “Usually I’m not very fancy when it comes to dressing up, it was different, it felt good,” she added.

Bradford’s mother was there to help her choose the perfect dress.

“We’re lower income, and it’s really hard to find places to get dresses that are decent prices,” said Janet Wyness. “I was actually really upset because I didn’t think I’d be able to get her a dress she deserves for her prom.”

Wyness said she is thrilled her daughter was able to find a dress that makes her feel beautiful.

Dressesmall Pretty Satin One Shoulder Lace Beading A line Formal Dress

“Just seeing her in the dress today has been emotional because she looks so grown up, so beautiful , and I’m proud, I’m very, very proud of her,” she said.

Fairy Godmother of Ottawa is in its 12th year.

Anyone wanting to donate formal dresses Persun or accessories to Fairy Godmother of Ottawa can drop off donations at any Browns Cleaners location across Ottawa.

How to make a right makeup for your prom night?

Prom night is a very exciting time in a girl’s life. You want to be sure it’s memorable. Plan your dress, hair and makeup can be very exciting for your graduation time, but it can be stressful as well. Don’t worry, some useful tips will help your out with your makeup for prom.
Firstly, it is important to make sure your make up will stay on all night long. You want to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about to touch up your lipstick or powder. Make up primer is a girl’s best friend. There are primers for each part of the face, so wear a primer before putting on foundation or powder, lipstick and eye shadow. This ensures that your make up left on all night. Also, make sure to moisturize the face long before the primer. Think of your dress when you choose your make up. If your prom dress is super sparkly, then you don’t want to use too much glitter on your eyes. Use a matte eye shadow for your base color and apply a small amount of shade with shimmer on the outer crease. This will give you a good amount of Sparkle without being sticky. You can also use the bronzer that has Shimmer in it on your shoulders and chest. You can get the shimmer powders, bronzers and eyeshadow with skimmer from a beauty supply shop or a cosmetics wholesaler.

buy cheap formal dresses online
Elegant prom dresses Persun

Select a function: the lips or eyes. If it is your eyes that you want to play, then you need to tone down your lips. No red lipstick when your eyes are dark and smoky with shimmer. If you really want to have red lips, then you must go easier with your your eye makeup and keep the skin bright.
For a more natural look around the eyes, use soft and neutral eye shadow such as beige, Brown and Tan. You can combine different shades by mixing them and put a little darker shade on the outer crease. Use a soft black eyeliner to draw a thin line on the eyelid, becoming thicker on outer folds. You can also use a white or silver eye shadow and black eyeliner-this looks good with pale skin.

buy cheap formal dresses online
Elegant formal dresses for prom

If you focus on the red lips, skip the bronzer and go for a foundation as close to your skin tone as possible and use a light powder with Shimmer in the. End with a blush in a natural pink shade. When you have this natural light make up your eyes and face, you can have fun with your lips with a bold red lip liner and lipstick. These can also be found in beauty or cosmetics suppliers at wholesale stores.

Formal evening dresses online

Clothes and dresses are inseparable in our daily lives. Every time has its own requirements on dresses and we love to compliment it by dressing appropriately. Dresses and clothes reflect the culture, status and taste, so it is very important that we choose our clothes that fit our status and mood. Among the various genre of dresses evening dress is very important for all occasions and its presence is a must in any women’s wardrobe. The only purpose of this article is to discuss the various types of formal attire, you can choose from while dress up yourself for all special occasions.
The first genre of evening dress is formal type. You can choose a formal attire if you are going to take part in banquets, galas, operas, concerts or a formal wedding. You can go long evening dresses and ball gowns for such events. They are typically made of velvet, chiffon or silk with intricate details such as a plunging neckline or seed beads, making them far more elegant and sophisticated.

Sleek Beading Low V neck Chiffon Black A line Evening Dress
Black formal dresses Persun

The next genre is semi formal dresses. You will find a great variety of this type of clothing from the knee to the calf-length. They are made of fabrics like silk and taffeta which is characterized by excellent embellishments like levels, sequins and even ruffles. If you want to give it a sexy look then go for low back, single axis or super hot Halter dress.
Casual evening dresses often reflects a casual look and come in great variety and designs, everything from strapless dress long maxi style dress with a belt. They are usually made of cotton or polyester gives the perfect relaxed feeling.

See more chic dresses here.
If you want to wear an elegant look then go for the little black dress for any formal event. With the right type of jewelry, hair style, a link and a pair of heels are the perfect combination. If you wear a sleeve less dress but are shy to show your bare hands you can wrap around a matching shawl. With different combinations of accessories, you can change the look of this dress.

Dressesmall A line Spaghetti Straps Empire Waist Beaded Pick up High low Knee length Formal Dress
Pink formal dresses online

If you love to dress a little different from the crowd then go for long sleeve formal attire. This type of attire is required normally overlooked, but they can be your perfect clothing for a formal look with cowl neck sweaters or boat neck dresses.
These are the most popular types of evening dresses are discussed in a nutshell. Select the large selection and start filling up your wardrobe if you do not have these basic clothes.

The Lures of Elegant Black Evening Dresses 2015

The love of beauty is the nature of every lady. At any special occasion parties, elegant black will flatter the lady a lot. In fact, if you want to have a versatile gown for your parties, it will be very nice to choose a black gown from online dress shops. In 2005, have you got an elegant evening gown for your upcoming evening party?

Beading evening wears

buy discount evening gowns UK online
Elegant black beading evening gowns

Lace evening gowns

buy discount evening dresses online 2015
Elegant black lace evening dresses

Ruched evening dresses

buy discount ruched evening dresses UK online
Elegant ruched evening dresses 2015

Black is an elegant and noble tone. If you want to be a charming lady at your evening party, a black evening gown will be your perfect wear. Toward the bright lights, red evening dress will display your elegant and supple movements accompanied by lively music. In 2015, if you want to buy formal evening gowns, it will be very favorable to buy your black evening dresses online. Nowadays, there are a variety of evening dresses online shops which can provide you with professional and beautiful evening gowns.

Elegant black bridesmaid dresses 2015 in UK

With the advent of your upcoming wedding parties,young girls and ladies, are your ready for your roles as bridesmaids? If not, why not take action now? At every year of this time, it’s best time for your cheap bridesmaid dresses online. At the beginning of the  New Year, lots of promotion activities will be released, and you can choose elegant bridesmaid dresses for yourselves.Today, let’s talk about elegant black bridesmaid gowns at

When it comes to elegant bridesmaid dresses, you may have many pretty dresses in your mind. Whether sleeves or sleeveless bridesmaid dresses, or from one shoulder bridesmaid dresses to strapless ones. it’s not difficult to capture the signal of grace.Similarly, black is another graceful element.

Little black bridesmaid dresses

The short black bridesmaid dresses are cute and elegant. They are popular for among young ladies. Even in prom, homecoming parties, such versatile black gowns will be very welcome.

Buy discount black bridesmaid dresses UK online
Little black bridesmaid dress

Halter black bridesmaid dresses

The halter design is very graceful for young ladies, simple but charming.

Elegant black bridesmaid dresses UK online
Halter bridesmaid dresses

High low black bridesmaid dresses

Black gowns with this style are very convenient and sweet, and it can well display the graceful temperament of femininity.

Buy discount black bridesmaid dresses 2015 UK online
High low black bridesmaid dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses

Is it possible to wear long dresses at the weddings for bridesmaids? Though short bridesmaid dresses almost account most markets of bridesmaid gowns, the long gowns is also common at the weddings. If you have such dresses at the weddings, you will be extremely elegant.

Buy discount long bridesmaid dresses UK online
Elegant long bridesmaid dress

As the young bridesmaids, it’s an interesting but challenge job to play active roles at the weddings,but it deserved to help your dear friends with saying goodbye to their young girls time.Because it’s a token of friendship and love.Well, happy New Year and wish our bridesmaids have nice wedding time with your elegant bridesmaid dresses.



Style recommendation : 5 Beaded Prom dresses

Best dresses for your best graduation time. Graduation season is the golden time for young girls. We can’t be more endearing and passionate than this phase of our lifetime. Talent designers for prom capture the signals of youth and create a variety of beaded prom dresses with elements of fashion and graceful personality. As a graduation girl, why not choose a beaded prom dress from the following editorial choices to release your vitality and reveal your individuality?

buy affordable light blue prom dresses UK online
Sexy light blue prom dress

Prom evening is a grand party that holds for graduation students. In US, the prom enjoys its popularity and every teenage long to join it. In this fashion-oriented society, everybody longs to look great and attractive in their prom night. Therefore, a good preparation for the upcoming is very important. Every young girl wishes to have a perfect prom dress which is stylish and unique so that stand out in the crowd. Like many other dresses in our daily life, it is not difficult to a variety of prom dresses as well. However, preference varies from person to person. Some go for designer prom dresses or some may like simple plain prom gowns. It’s all out of an individual’s choice.

Sexy cut up Turquoise Blue green Prom Dress with front slit

If you are looking for best prom dresses, try to surf the Internet online and get the useful information about your prom dresses. If you want to purchase cheap prom dresses or 2016 prom dresses, it will be good idea to order your best prom dress online. Nowadays, the dresses shops online are always keep pace with the current fashion. What’s the hit in 2015? As far as I know, lace prom dresses and prom gowns with sequins will lead the fashion trend in prom market. This is one of the timeless fashion trends that will never disappoint you. And it’s again a hit in 2015 prom dresses, because it makes them look sweet or sexy. Girls, are you ready to shop a lace dress?

V neck Beaded bodice Slit Evening Dress in Black Chiffon
Where to your affordable prom dresses online? In my opinion, a larger dresses shop means a good sum of money,and the small is not that reliable. Indeed, it’s very important to check the credibility of the site before purchasing in order to prevent getting conned. For example, you can buy your vintage prom dresses UK at, which is professional site for your best prom. I like prom dresses, and its versatile function capture my attention most. No matter cocktail, evening or homecoming party, you can wear such a dress without any concern.

Red Beaded Waist Prom dress design

To see more sexy beaded prom dresses, you can visit the following link :

2015 Prom Dress Trend

Girls love beauty and have natural instinct for stylish dresses. They often bask in the beautiful aura, and it is not easy for them to miss the rare chance to show themselves at prom parties. Graduation is an important stage for our life. Why not dress up for it?  On the prom nights, everyone longs to wear a chic and stylish prom dress. But it is too much for your free and pleasant prom night unless some actions have been taken ahead. How to select a perfect prom dress? This will be the topic we discussed below.


In 2015, prom dresses have a trend of gorgeous and sexy style. Dresses with off shoulder, open back and irregular shape trains are chic for graduation girls. Meanwhile, extensive assortment of colors and ornaments will add to these beautiful dress. Hence, lovely ladies and girls, follow the trend you will be popular and attractive.But where to find a prom dresses cheap ?  With so many prom dresses online, it is not easy to find a good website for your decent dress. Trend goes that the short dress continue to enjoy popularity in 2015. Dynamic and exquisite, short prom dresses impress us on its superior sense of fashion. On top of that,  your dress should be convenient for dancing. Take PERSUN for example, you can find tassels hemline, bubble skirt, high low style and so on. In addition, a pair of stilettos with long and straight legs will add more charms to your  ensemble. The funchion is same with right accessories.

Bold and bright colors are fantastic for short prom dresses. It is no wonder that one shoulder prom dress continue to witness its miracle. At the same time, off shoulder, open back and irregular shape dresses also prevail in this year.

Admittedly, it is not difficult to find a stunning short prom dress. The point is how to find one dress that can flatter your figure and individuality the best. If you long to have a gorgeous night, it will be helpful to consider everything about dress including the flowers, sequins, beads, appliqués and embroidery and so forth.


Unlike the long standard ones, short prom dresses foreground the pure and fragrant nature of girls. They are not only simple and convenient, but also no less formal than the long classic ones.

In summary,the prom dress trend in 2015 is sexy and gorgeous. For example, a short one shoulder prom dress with applique or beads is nice and charming, and you may have another choice. Anyway, enjoy your party and have a good time!


Best Evening Dresses 2014

With the advent of Christmas holidays, it’s time to make preparation for it and reflect what to wear. At every year of that time, we will put on new dress during our Christmas and New Year’s vacation. Today i will make a review of evening dress trend 2014 and give some specific tips on choosing a best evening dress for party.


To begin with, let’s see the evening dresses that we could see on the catwalks during latest fashion weeks’ shows. If we take a glimpse of all dresses that designers created, you will find that most of them see the evening dress in maxi style, decorated translucent details, with embroidery, prints, leather, feathers, beads, and sequins. Such styles – it’s a hit of recent seasons and they still continue to be popular. Also silhouettes new-look,tulip, dress in retro style with a low or a high waist (empire, pin-up ) are still in fashion. The most actual materials are translucent, light, or very hard, structured fabrics, materials with elastane, shiny and silky velvet. Let’s take a look what kind of evening dress designers have created for the upcoming season.



How to choose the best evening dress for yourselves. It is  a question of the fact which dress will match your own image and body shape rather than the fashion trend only. At least those models on the catwalk are not a standard.In all fairness, dresses actually hang like a creepy sack on some of them! We, Chinese, are pretty far from real fashion trends, but appreciate fine style sense. If you know the basic rules of selection of clothes – to hide flaws and emphasize advantages – go choose dresses from these premises! Short model is suitable for girls with slim and long legs, dresses with bare shoulders – for owners of beautiful shoulder line. If you have a curvy figure – forget about the tight silhouettes and three-dimensional details. Deep cuts will suit if you don’t have any doubt about the beauty of the open parts of your body .


Color also can play crucial role in the selection of the best evening dresses. Choose dark and neutral tones, if you want to hide flaws, or simply do not want to be the center of attention, or the vibrant and light shades – if you intend to emphasize the advantages and are willing to everyone’s admiration. Do not forget about the accessories – for a richly decorated bright dress is better to choose a more neutral shoes and austere handbag. And vice versa – dress in strict silhouettes and colors require more vivid and good-looking jewelry and shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the current models of evening dresses 2014.

Shoulder formal dress


Women Are Flowers, Dresses Are Leaves

The majority of female are keen on dresses with floral prints. Born with some disposition like flower, ladies have strong desire for beauty. Meanwhile,the gentle temperament are endearing and charming.If they choose a dress which can reflect their vigor of life, they will be the most charming and endearing ladies. Hence a floral dress become a fashion and resonate in female world.

white floral evening dress

At the advent of your forthcoming parties,you may dress up in floral evening/prom dress. That’s a good idea. Despite you are pretty enough, but perhaps some tricks will be conducive to your glamour.

Go with different patterns

The floral prints can be varied in styles for different lady. For example, if you’d like to be a simple and adorable one, it will be all-right to opt for those minimal patterns dresses with slightly brighter colors.

Cute A-Line One Shoulder Chiffon Cocktail Dress
Daffodil One shoulder Homecoming dress

As for a absorbing and retro appearance, you can go with those bold and attractive patterns.Without doubt, the occasions also determine the patterns of your floral dresses. The light patterns are better choice for the relaxing and casual parties or dates.While some semi-formal or formal events may as well take floral dresses with large and bold patterns into account.

Co-ordinate your floral dress with a belt

Belt is another perfect element to decorate your floral dress. Various options are available, including a sash belt, a skintight belt and so forth. Sometimes a little change can bring some surprise for you.How to select the belt depends on the style of your floral dress. If you are wearing a dress with depth of stripes or a stylish one, a close-fitting bright belt will  light up your look and add some tenderness to your ensemble. Anyhow,a sash is good for those soft and flowing dresses with floral prints.

Floral prints dress with beltOther popular accessories for floral dresses

Apart from a belt, there are still other proper accessories to go with your floral dress. To salute the advent of cooler fall or winter days, you can buy a light and unbuttoned cardigan for yourselves. But the color of your little jacket or cardigan should in accordance with your dress. Besides, it is sweet to choose a string of pearls for your floral dress.

Every lady deserve to our respect,we should pay a tribute to their passion for beauty and their loyalty  for life.