Which cocktail dress length perfectly matches your personality?

A dress that matches your personality is the one in which you feel both beautiful and comfortable. To feel good about yourself, it must correspond to your desires, your morphology without forgetting the specificities of the event during which you will wear it. Discover some recommended cocktail dresses to choose which looks good on you.

Knee-length Cocktail dress with a flared cut

Knee length Skin pink cocktail dress

This is the most popular cocktail dress model. With a chic look, the flared dress that goes down to the knee confirms a woman’s assertive character.

Those who like to face life’s challenges while remaining reasonable choose this type of dress for a reception. You can also adopt this model as a wedding cocktail dress.

Knee-length Sheath Cocktail dress

Lace Knee-length Sheath Cocktail dress in Royal blue
WPEA1818 ; Available in other colors on Persun.cc

A straight cocktail dress that stops at the knee reveals the elegance of the wearer. A woman who likes to stand out through her beauty and impeccable physique chooses this chic model.

If you want to highlight your dream body at a cocktail party or wedding party, this is your style of dress.

Midi Cocktail dress

Midi Mermaid Cocktail dress in Satin for Cocktail

Slightly flared, a cocktail dress that goes down to the calf is an ideal model for tender and passionate women. It is a less fatal style to affirm femininity, youth and beauty.

Worn with high heel sandals, the calf dress is perfect for a mysterious woman who wants to please with an unpredictable side.

Ankle length Cocktail dress

Ankle length Navy blue Taffetas One-shoulder cocktail dress

Women who want to be unique and independent generally prefer long cocktail dresses, especially those that go down to the ankle. If you like to feel free in your life, without anyone telling you what to do or not to do, choose this dress.

If you are also one of those who decide to follow their intuition in love as in life, take this model. The slightly or very flared cocktail dress is for a woman with great self-confidence and who doesn’t care what others may say or think.

Mini cocktail dress

One-shoulder Mini cocktail dress with flowers details in Silk-like satin
Source : JMRouge.fr

The mini cocktail dress is a rather rare model, but it does exist. It is often the choice of bold women who have the courage of their opinions.

Behind her charming, even sexy style, the mini cocktail dress hides an open-minded and friendly woman who wants to be accepted as she is.

Cocktail dress in velvet & lace

Dark green Velvet Lace cocktail dress

If you are looking for a cocktail dress that combines comfort and style, choose a model in velvet & lace. This combination perfectly molds your shapes and is characterized by a very elegant look. This fine and sophisticated fabric makes you extremely noble.

Nobility, femininity and elegance are the hallmarks of a cocktail dress with lace or guipure details. It is well suited to confident women.


The choice of a cocktail dress must take your personality into account. This is reflected in the styles, colors and even the fabrics chosen. Today, dark-colored models are very trendy, but you are free to choose the one you like. Moreover, the different cuts are generally available in several colors in specialized shops. In any case, make sure you choose a cocktail dress that suits your body shape and enhances your appearance.

Spot Your Unique Short Prom Dress

Trapped in a crowd of blazing and shining stars, how you are supposed to win out the rest? Absolutely a unique nifty short prom dress will work everything out. Short prom dresses are faddish for prom nowadays. But how to purchase the perfect short prom dress for your special nights still recalls skills and methods. Follow PERSUN closely to know how.

The first thing we should consider is whether it is cozy enough for you to enjoy your fabulous prom. Short prom dresses characterize wickedly funny hemlines as waved hemline, tassels hemline, ruffled hemline, simple cut hemline, bubble skirt and so on. You can definitely outstand others in a unique tailored short prom dress. If you can’t help with your creative ideas, you can be your own tailor and make a unique short prom dress, the only one of your kind.

A Line One Shoulder Beaded Applique Short Taffeta fuchsia Prom / Cocktail Dress
One Shoulder Short Taffeta Prom / Cocktail Dress on Persun.cc

hot pink prom dress as above can surely satisfy all your needs for comfort and relaxation. Short prom dresses reveal more purity and fragrant quality of girls than those elegant and mature dresses of floor length. With a simple cut bubble skirt hemline and lithe voile, you will rock your party like a breeze.

A Line Strapless Tassel Beaded silver Chiffon Cocktail Dress
Strapless Tassel Chiffon Cocktail Dress

This is a typical tassels hemline prom dress which is specially designed for our budget friendly friends who want to be a party queen. This is the most fashionable style in this season. And it is exclusive at Persun.cc.

Strapless Sequined Mini tulle blue beading Cocktail Dress
Strapless Sequined Mini Cocktail Dress

Waved hemline also is a hit in all kinds of princess prom gown designs. Such a ocean blue short prom create a feeling of nobleness as well as a sense of mystery.

Strapless short white prom dresses can flatter your sexy collarbones the best. With your sexy shoulder partly hidden and partly visible in your straight or curly hair which naturally falls over your back, you are ready for your fantastic night already. One shoulder short prom dresses add more sweetness to your quality. While short prom dresses with two thin straps will make you look saucy and vigorous.

Choose your unique one of a kind prom dress to make your special night more special.

Tips for choosing right cocktail dresses according to your body shape

Even though we can get many beautiful cocktail dresses at local shops, that does not mean you will look amazing. It’s more important to opt for a suitable cocktail dress, rather than pick up a dress that you think pretty. This article concludes some suggestions for you to choose the right cocktail dresses according to your body shape, which can make you look fabulous on the cocktail party.

Turquoise above knee short cocktail dress

If you are tall and have long and slim legs, you can select short cocktail dresses which can show your perfect figure.

If you are oval shape, you should choose the following A-line cocktail dress which can hide your body flaws and can make you look slender on the party. Among the widely variants and selections of women’s dresses which are available nowadays, a line dresses is the perfect one that could hide the heavy bottom figure of yours perfectly. Such dress actually shaped like “˜A’ letter which is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of dresses like that that also could be found by you in the widely enchanting designs and styles.

Cocktail gown for oval shapes

The other thing you should think about is the color of your cocktail dress. You should choose some bright color to make people focus on your body. If your skin tone tends to dark, you can choose pink to make your skin color looks brighter.

Lace Embroidery Beading Sweetheart Satin&Organza A-line Vintage Wedding Dress
Click photo to see more colors.

According to above tips on choosing right cocktail dresses, I believe you can find out your best cocktail dress and be the focus of the night!

Welcome party’s are essential to rate a marriage function

dress for wedding cocktail guests

Professional paid welcome party teams are actively seen in the modern day marriage functions. This kind of team is very helpful to manage the events during cocktail parties. The cocktail party details and cocktail dress code can be circulated well in advance so that the last minute rush for finding out suitable cocktail dress can be avoided. The paid welcome party teams are professionally trained to induce the marriage functions with positive note. They are mostly deployed in cocktail parties to enhance and entertain the guests.  Cocktail parties are conducted during evening/later hours of the day as per the convenience of the guests.  No matter what shape you are, you can always find out a cocktail dress that suits you. Suitable designer fashion dress also can be organized for cocktail parties. The cocktail dresses are generally long in nature and will have a length up to the ankle.

Plan your wedding party with lot of fun

Deviating from the traditional way of welcome party is always a novel idea. You can consider having a theme based welcome party. That would be an amazing experience for the guests as welcome party is generally considered as a pre-wedding rehearsal function.  While conducting a rehearsal wedding party a cocktail dress also can be asked to wear by selected participants. Mostly these party members would be from your close relatives. Welcome party can be organized prior to the wedding day that would help you to pin point any planning defects. In doing so you will be getting enough time to correct the mistakes and brings things in order.  A better organized welcome party could be simple yet memorable as you can plan also a cocktail party side by side.  Since welcome parties are highly interactive in nature more and more people are considering a welcome party just prior to their actual wedding day.

Event planners service can be used to organize your wedding. They can go to macro details due to their professional excellence.  They will prepare a complete schedule of events that required to be organized in wedding. Essentially welcome parties plays a pivotal role in understanding the guest each other, as the gathering would be much small in size. These parties will help guests to meet and acquaint each other.

Cocktail party

Once you are ready with the guest list then the next move is to invite them for the welcome party as well as the grand wedding function.  There is no hard and fast rule how you have to invite your guests. You can consider extending a personal invitation by visiting your guest personally. This type of invitation will be very much time consume and tiring. But, it will definitely create a kind of personal touch and they feel they are honored.  If the venue of the wedding party is quite far away it is better to organize transportation for all your guests.  The guests will be more than happy moving together to the party destination.

When a cocktail party is also organized part of the welcome party, you can deploy cocktail party volunteers in cocktail dress to manage the welcome party.  When planning for the welcome party, you can put ward experimental menus that are small. The ideal behind small menu is that the guests will be getting enough time to understand and get acquainted each other.   There is no restriction to limit the welcome party in a particular style. You can design your welcome party in your own unique style.

The Way of Cocktail Dresses can be worn

Cocktail dress come out usually with a shorter length than evening gowns. So when you wear a cocktail dress, it is a best opportunity to show of your elegant pumps & legging.

The cocktail dresses appear in a diverse shapes, sizes and lengths. However, one of the most popular dresses is the little black dress. While selecting one from a wide array of cocktail dresses, the user needs to be accustomed to the lengths that she likes to face.  In the contemporary fashion trend, the length of a cocktail gown is varied. There are some cocktail gowns that appear over the knee. The others dresses come out two inches high above the ankle. These dresses are called as the tea length cocktail dresses.  While a cocktail dress is touching the ankle it is called as the ballerina length. This is generally linked with an evening gown and it is difficult to postulate the difference between the two dresses.

wedding dress

Tea length cocktail dress

Nowadays, the cocktail dresses appear in a wide array of nice materials including chiffon, satin and silk. These are the most well-liked selection. There are some people that can receive an invitation towards an event or party. And they do not have any clues to wear. There is a terror of decoration over or under dressing for the event. There are some clues that can be trailed as you are in mystery. When the invitation is used as a clue, you are more likely to dress carelessly if the invitation comes through the email or by telephone. There are the options of having a cocktail dress.

celebrity dresses

The ballerina length

When you are invited to participate at an event that is to be conducted by a charity or the other association, a cocktail dress is perhaps the outfit that you should consider. While participating at the Cocktail Party, you should not put on a sequined dress. This is for more formal event including the anniversary party or wedding ceremony. The length of the cocktail dresses starts ranging between the mini length and slightly over the ankles. The materials in these sorts of dresses can be silk or satin and flattering jewelry, handbags and the other accessories can flatter these sorts of dresses. The shoes that you can choose can match with a cocktail dress. It is a significant factor when you choose a sporting or a shorter length.

Sequined dress

Sequined dress

Selecting the color of cocktail dresses, you need to consider some specific colors in the summer seasons. The color can be light pink, sky blue, yellow, pale green or the floral prints. It is wise not to wear the cocktail dresses that are too short or tight. Wearing this kind of dress can bring the terrible situation. The diverse sorts of dresses are available for the different events. You need to select the right kind of dress. The party dresses are also the diverse kinds.