10 errors to avoid when choosing your wedding gown

Everyone will be watching you on your wedding day. You want your dress to enhance you and make you feel comfortable. The choice is a delicate one. Discover the 10 mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding dress.

1. Bring too many people to your fittings

Choose one or two people maximum to accompany you. Choose people who have taste, honesty and constructive remarks. Avoid people who will confuse their own wedding dress desires with yours.

The point of taking someone with you during the fitting is to help you make your choice. Avoid having your whole gang of girlfriends or the whole family accompany you. Indeed, you might have too many divergent ideas that would complicate your choice.

2. Opt for a dress that doesn’t fit your size because you think you’re losing weight

The dress must fit you perfectly. Bet on your current size. If you are thinking of going on a diet, tell your advisor who will manage to adjust the dress to your size if you have indeed lost a few centimetres. It is generally easier to shrink a dress than to enlarge it.

This dress must correspond to your style as well as to the wedding you organize (casual, formal, classic, natural, bohemian,…). It is also important that you feel comfortable in your dress and that it fits your budget.

3. Wear inadequate underwear for fittings

You will spend your time undressing… Wear underwear that you will not be afraid to show and in which you feel beautiful. No more underwear that has defects (discoloured, perforated, folkloric, not to your size). Ideally, wear underwear that is discreet and comfortable.

Take your dress into account: wear a strapless bra if you are a bra fan and a suitable bra if you wear a backless bra.

Two tones Color block Halter Wedding Dress

If possible, wear the bra you have chosen for the wedding day. If you don’t have it during the first fitting, at least try on the bras you will wear on D-Day. Indeed, the necklines and halter wedding dresses are often more open than for other clothes and you need to be comfortable with your underwear. You will thus avoid unpleasant surprises on the big day when you get dressed. (I personally know brides who had to give up their bras because they hadn’t tried it with the dress and it was really too visible)

4. Not respecting the budget

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to THE dress for your wedding. However, try to respect your budget and also think about a budget for accessories (shoes, jewellery, sailing, etc.). To determine the budget for your dress and other wedding items, follow the advice in this article step by step to ensure that your wedding is the one you really want.

5. Choose a dress that is not adapted to your morphology

Princess Mint green Wedding dress for petite brides-to-be

You know your morphology and you know what suits you or does not suit you: mermaid dress, A-shaped, princesse or with sleeves… Take this into account when choosing your wedding dress so that it enhances you.

6. Renounce comfort

Choose a dress where you will be comfortable because you will wear it for almost 24 hours. You need to be able to walk and dance in your dress.

And above all, put on comfortable shoes, it will be a long day and before the D-day, train at home to soften the shoes and take spare shoes with you in your Survival Kit.

7. Choose your dress at the last minute

Royal Blue cortege in a themed wedding
Let your bridesmaid wear the same color & same dress to match your wedding theme.

Doing it at the last minute limits the chances of finding the dress of your dreams. You may also be more stressed and buy at any price or a dress that will not satisfy you.

As soon as you have chosen the theme of the wedding, start looking for your outfit. Find out more about specialized sites. Look for ideas on Pinterest. A minimum of 6 months is required to find or order your outfit.

8. Choose a dress style that is out of sync with the wedding theme or season

If your dress does not match your wedding theme, you may feel out of step. Indeed, if you wear a very formal dress for a casual wedding or on the contrary a very casual dress in a very classic wedding decor, you will not feel at home. Avoid wanting to shine with a thousand sequins for a country wedding or, on the contrary, improvise yourself “barefoot bride” in a castle. Lace gives a romantic note, silk seduces with its elegance and the one with a bohemian soul chooses linen or crocheted lace.

If there is a religious ceremony, also remember to ask the officiant: depending on the religion and the officiant, some clothes may not be allowed (bare shoulders,…). Sometimes it is enough to add an accessory to your outfit such as a bolero or stole to make it suitable for the ceremony. You can then remove it later to wear the dress you have chosen.

9. Neglecting details

Have yourself photographed by taking detailed images of the neckline, back, tail. This can be useful for the later choice of accessories, hairdressing, shoes, lingerie.

Wedding bouquet pale champagne

Ask for a sample of the dress fabric to match the colour of the accessories, the bouquet, your shoes…

10. Choose a dress that doesn’t suit you

You need to like your wedding dress, you need to love it.

The best thing would be to choose it to please your mother or someone else who accompanied you during the fittings.

Finally, your main asset being your dress, don’t overload your outfit with countless accessories. Instead, rely on a few well-chosen accessories and keep a low profile on the rest.

Are you looking for other tips on how to avoid mistakes when choosing your wedding dress? You will find further advice on the websites of Cosmopolitan and Zankyou. Have you already chosen your wedding dress?

Beautiful wedding gowns for plus size brides

It is not just shopping for your favorite hobbies, because you carry a few extra pounds on the hips? Or try out a new love, but grab now and then beside it? Then maybe one or the other dress also leads to you a lonely shadows in wardrobe … This guarantees no false purchase happens at wedding dress and it feel good, we give you some advice about buying plus size wedding dress.

Taffeta white Beading V Neck Court Plus Size Bridal Gown Wedding Dress
Taffeta Plus Size Bridal Gown Wedding Dress

Your Future loves you just as you are, why you should have your great curves hide then? There are many charming Plus Sizes bridal dresses, which emphasize your most beautiful pages. Important for fuller women are a perfect fit and the right material.

Organza Applique Sweetheart white ivory lace Plus Size Wedding Dresses
Organza Applique Sweetheart Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Your figure is particularly in wedding dresses with A-line advantage. The clever cut directs the views of the pretty neckline and smaller waist. At these points, it must be something like playful and sparkle or glitter! The lower body is concealed by the gently expiring sectional shape. The skirt should be rather simple in any case, because ruffles, sequins and ruffles carry on. The result: A wedding dress in A-line conjures chubby brides a harmonious, beautifully feminine silhouette and always holds the wedding dance thanks enough legroom step.

Trumpet Strapless Sweep Satin Lace Plus Size Wedding Dress
Mermaid Satin Lace Plus Size Wedding Dress

At the bust it fits perfectly, but from the waist fabric hangs down just tired: Many chubby women faced with the problem that the upper clothing size is not the same as the bottom. Thanks to Persun.cc, who can however easily cope with most wedding dresses. So to choose the wedding dress a bigger size and the seamstress sewed the wedding dress in the appropriate places close – there and see, the wedding dress fit perfectly!

Do not neglect the way should the accessories for wedding dress. Boleros, stoles or bridal gloves perfectly conceal something to wide arms and let the plus size bridal gowns even more elegant. Even small sleeves are very much in vogue.
wedding dress

Five classic wedding dresses for bride

Empire wedding dress is elegant and nobel

Elegant Chiffon Empire Wedding Dress for Pregnant brides

High waist wedding dress is more often referred to as “Korean wedding dress” in the home, it is known as the “Emperor political style wedding dress” in foreign wedding dress. High waistline can mask the lower body which is not satisfactory lines, it is also make the body more slender, more atmosphere to create a goddess.

Mermaid wedding dress is full of charming scene

Mermaid Lace appliqué Strapless Wedding Dress

The fishtail wedding dress is the most popular wedding dress for bride. Satin, organza, lace and other fabrics can deduce fishtail wedding dress for brides, it is suitable for the body full of curves, you can enjoy to show graceful figure.

A short wedding dress is playful and lively

Persun Vintage Brocade Short wedding dress
Chic Brocade Persun Wedding Dress XHC31330

Short wedding dress is tender and lovely, it is the best choice for petite bride. Only need to add a veil, holding a bouquet of blooming, you can create a fashionable style of the bride!

Red wedding dress of aristocratic temperament

Red A-line Wedding Dress with Red veils
Red Persun Wedding Dress : NW24065

A-line red wedding dress is elegant and without exaggeration, which is the best choice for aristocratic style of the bride. Because the skirt silhouette of convergence, but also allows the bride to move freely, elegant appearance. Shapely fit, slightly tall bride.

Tutu princess style wedding dress


Tutu is also known as princess dress and prom dress, it is the most classic style for wedding dress. Because it is the realization of a dream princess bride, countless brides dream since childhood, and for almost all of the bride.

Among these 5 fabulous wedding gowns, which style do you prefer ? Leave your message to tell us !

Cute knee length wedding dresses 2016

In general,short formal gowns are common for bridesmaids. There are two advantages of short gowns: Convenient and lovely. At the weddings, adorable bridesmaid will highlight the charms and nobility of our brides at the wedding ceremonies. Then how about knee length wedding dresses for our brides?

Dressesmall Beautiful Organza Boat Neck Lace Ruffle Formal Dress

knee length wedding dresses

In my opinion, such short wedding gowns are widely used at informal weddings such as beach weddings and destination weddings. Besides, if possible, our brides will glad to choose a second short bridal gowns at the reception. After all long wedding gowns are not that comfortant and convenient for our brides for a whole day, especially in summer. It’s no wonder that our brides will need their brides at their wedding ceremonies.

Dressesmall Ruched Beading Halter Chiffon White A line Knee Length Formal Dress

Short white formal dresses

In fact, knee length wedding gowns are also very charming and elegant. Lovely short style and gorgeous laces will make your gowns more gentle and beautiflul. So where to buy your cute knee length wedding dresses online? Based my personal experiences, there are various style to select your perfect knee length wedding dresses 2016 online.If have no ideas now, Persun dress shop deserve you try it!

Blue Wedding Dress, will you try?

blue-wedding dressElegant and captivating, the blue turned the darling of some brides and today, in addition to being key piece for decoration, also managed to invade the catwalks and come with all the bride’s dress. If you like the color and thought about abandoning the traditional white dress, how about using a blue?

Remember that colors can be used in detail. No need to use the entire wedding dress in blue, can play with accessories or pieces of tissue, nothing too exaggerated, or radicalize in color and leave all guests chin dropped to his courage, boldness and personality.

Blue can be as romantic as the traditional white dress and is a color that blends well with all skin tones. Similarly, you can use blue wedding dresses any season of the year in vaporous fabrics like tulle or more hard like silk taffeta or satin duchesse.

short-Wedding-Dresses-under-100Blue dresses does not necessarily need to be used at weddings daylight. You can marry at night with your Bluey and delight alike. It may not look it, but the color is also very elegant, as well as darker shades. But careful not to overdo it with blue decoration, after all, you are already wearing the color.

Picked by Persunca.com!

The charms of sweetheart wedding dresses

Beautiful wedding dresses are sweet dreams for our brides. Nowadays there are large quantities of wedding dresses with different styles online, and you can find your right bridal gowns. The differences of wedding gowns come from lots of factors such as colour, fabric, neckline, embellishment, etc. In this article, I will introduce sweetheart wedding dresses.

What’s sweetheart wedding gown like?

buy discount white organza wedding dresses UK online
Sweetheart white organza wedding dresses

In most cases, sweetheart wedding dresses are special examples of strapless bridal gowns. The distinct heart pattern will be most important marks to tell you a sweetheart dress. For example, halter sweetheart wedding gowns are also charming for your weddings.

The sweet design for your wedding theme of love

buy discount mermaid style wedding dresses UK online
Sweetheart mermaid style wedding dresses Aiven

Wedding is an important event of your claim for love. At that day, everything is about your holy love and you will have wonderful wedding time. If you pay more attention to some details on your dresses for something else, you will create big surprises at the wedding day. For example, the sweetheart bridal dresses will display your elegance and reflect your consideration on that special occasion. The longing for love will be written by your delicate and beautiful sweetheart skirt.

The charms of sweetheart gowns for weddings

Buy discount elegant A line wedding dresses UK online
Floor length A line wedding dresses UK online

Though strapless wedding dresses or halter bridal gowns are elegant enough, the sweetheart design will add more glamour to your best dresses for wedding. In terms of sight effects, it will display your enchanting curves and contribute to your confidence. In my opinion, confident brides are the most beautiful in the world.

In short, sweetheart wedding gowns will be very nice for your weddings. If you want to be a pretty and confident bride, why not choose such a dress for your best time?

More articles about chic dresses from http://www.shoutoutny.com/profiles/blogs/elegant-long-sleeve-wedding-dresses-uk-2015

Six Classic Bridal Gowns, which one is your favorite?

For a romantic wedding, to choose a beautiful wedding dress is a must. If you have not selected your wedding style, then take a look at the six kinds of recommended classic wedding gowns.simple wedding gown1. Colunm wedding dress

Straight, hanging skirt. The most classic style is strapless, empire waist.

Fits for petite brides.

Not suitable for plump brides.princess wedding gown2. Princess wedding dress

Down expanding skiry make this style restrained, but with girl temperament too.

Almost fits for all kinds of brides, especially brides with pear-shaped body, wide hem is a good way to hide the body.A Line Wedding Dresses3. A Line Wedding Gowns

Difference of this style with the princess dress is, the skirt is smaller than princess dress , the overall is a standard A-form.

Fits for any kind of bride, especially brides with not so slim waist, which will brings a visual effect of tighter waist.

mermaid wedding gowns 2015
Affordable mermaid wedding gowns

4. Fishtail wedding dress

Also called trumpet dress, which is synonymous with sexy. It is tightly wrap the waist and hips, spread a fishtail at the knee.

Fits for slender brides in hourglass figure with voluptuous curves.ball gown wedding dress5. Ball gown wedding dress

This is the most classic wedding style, the inspiration came from prom style of aristocratic women .

Suits for brides in pear-shaped.

Not suitable for plump body.sexy wedding gown6. Spaghetti straps wedding dresses

Ultimate sexy style, closly fits from the hips to the thighs.

Fits for the brides with perfect body. This style will magnify all figure flaws, so, be careful to choose it!

Picked by Aiven.co.uk! Leave a comment to let us know which one you love best?

New York 2016 Wedding Fashion Week

2016 wedding trend

The semiannual New York wedding week starts. The Fashion Week brings together the world’s best wedding dress designers and their latest series. Pure lace and tulle dress interwoven, showed a white sea world. Today, let us enjoy the beauty of the new wedding season, create a fantasy wedding!

Top 5 spring and summer fashion trends!

1. Simple and elegant design

The 2016 spring and summer wedding design tends to be more simple, adding sophisticated decor on tulle, soft fabric. From shoulder Marchesa crocheted lace stitching to Houghton lace design, exquisite and beautiful.2016 wedding weeksimple wedding gown2. Sweet crepe skirt

Integration between the layers of sparkling lace crepe, which brings unusual beauty. Exaggerated puff skirt or wave-like soft dress, or starry stitching lace skirt, showing the most touching look of the wedding dress.sexy wedding gown 20162016 wedding gowns

3. Bold deep V

The corset dress deep V-neck design has long been popular on the major red carpet this year, this design also appeared in the 2016 spring and summer wedding in New York Fashion week. Simple V-neck design, without a trace of excess decorative embellishment, everywhere are very sexy and impressive.V Neck Wedding Dresses2016 v neck wedding gowns4. White suit

Though such suits not suitable for all, but there still a lot of designers introduced this style. This year’s design tends to be more classic suits, no exaggerated decoration and shape, clean and pure.

2016 bridal suit wedding suite5. Fantastic layers

Different tulle appear in the 2016 spring and summer wedding dresses, Monique Lhuillier empire design, Theia and lace cloak design, as well as Houghton’s details of back, all will surprise you!wedding dress with sleeves 2016 designer wedding


Bridal gown with sleeves: Hard to say goodbye to them

In 2015, backless lace wedding dresses are sweeping all the world.The combination of gorgeous lace and sexy open back design aims to create gorgeous image for our brides. Everything is so perfect for your wonderful wedding parties. Indeed, sleeveless bridal dresses are very popular in recent years. No matter elegant strapless wedding gowns or luxury backless wedding dresses, it seem difficult to find bridal gowns with sleeves. Should we say goodbye to bridal dresses with sleeves?

Recently, i launched a discussion about bridal gowns with sleeves in UK. Quite a few people hold that these gowns are not attractive and charming. Is it true? No, i don’t think so. Today let’s see the charms of bridal gowns with sleeves.

The same theme

buy discount bridal gown with sleeves UK 2015
Bridal gown with short sleeves

Wedding, is the most important  event for our brides. I’m sure that a beautiful wedding gowns for their special will outweigh much than any items in their hearts. It’s no wonder that prospective brides will spend much time and money searching for the perfect dresses for  the weddings prior to the weddings.Every brides is unique in this world, and it’s their right to choose their favorite bridal dresses. Based on my surveys, there are still lots of young ladies have soft spot to bridal dresses with sleeves in their hearts. In my opinion, such wedding gown will add more glamour and elegance to our brides with plump figures. Therefore, the right wedding dresses will be your best gowns, which will adorn your wonderful weddings.

Different forms

Buy cheap wedding dresses UK plus size online
Plus size wedding dresses with sleeves

With the development of our times, bridal gowns with sleeves are also join the trends for differences. For cap sleeves to half sleeves, then to long sleeve gowns, you will see the surprises of tradition and innovation. Elegant sleeves are present into new forms, and that’s charms of bridal dresses with sleeves

Classics that never fade away

buy discount sexy lace wedding gowns UK 2015
Lace wedding dresses with sleeves

Generally speaking, wedding dresses are common is winter weddings,but the climate can’t stop people’s love for these dresses. Even though you have summer weddings, wedding dresses with short lace sleeves are very popular. If you are brides-to-be in this summer, why not choose a wedding dresses with sleeves? It will add your noble nature of princess and adorn your beautiful weddings as an angel.

In short, bridal wedding dresses will be in fashion again in the following years. Despite it’s not that popular than strapless wedding gowns, but classic wedding dresses will never fade away from our world. Then where to buy your cheap bridal gown with sleeves UK 2015? I think it will be your top priority for forthcoming weddings.Congratulations!

More information about stylish special occasion dresses from: http://www.persun.cc/>>>


Long sleeve wedding dresses 2015 in UK

Wedding dresses, it’s difficult to say “almost” for our brides when they pick their best gowns. It’s a sweet dream that haunts young ladies many years to wear their beautiful wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are most attractive gown at the weddings, and there are large quantities of styles are avaiable at online dresses shops. Do you like wedding dresses with sleeves? Today, let’s talk about long sleeve wedding dresses.

With regard to the workmanship of your perfect wedding dresses, there are so many things to say. I think every design of wedding dresses is deserved to see, because each of them are created painstakingly by talent designers. Let alone those vintage and classic wedding dresses are in vogue for many years. According to the sleeve length of wedding gowns, wedding dresses with sleeves have different features and patterns. The emerging of long sleeve wedding dresses  often appear in chilly days. That’s why such wedding dresses are welcome in cold winter weddings all over the world. In 2015, how about long sleeve wedding dresses at spring or summer weddings? I think it’s all right for your romantic beach wedding dresses in summer or garden wedding dresses in spring. Chiffon wedding dress with lace sleeves will flatter you a lot even in hot seasons.

buy discount princess style wedding dresses 2015
Long sleeve princess wedding dresses

In UK, the climate is fine. Neither it’s too cold nor is it too hot in the whole years. If you intend to  choose long sleeve wedding gowns for your special day, just got it. This  elegant designs are widely used in vintage wedding dresses. In most classic wedding dresses as far as I know, the wedding gowns with sleeves are more enchanting than others. In 2015, lace wedding dresses seem sweep across the world and become a storm in fashion, and the love for long sleeve bridal gowns with lace sleeves become hits for many young brides.

Where to buy cheap long sleeve wedding dresses UK 2015? In the market of wedding dresses today, a best but cheap wedding dress is not easy to find, despite you have spent much time and money searching it.  For most brides, they have tight budget for their wedding items. Indeed, it is very wise to narrow down your wedding budgets with cheap but high quality dresses. Currently, if you are interested into cheap long wedding dresses, buy your dresses online is very chic and economical. For example, Aiven is professional and reliable stores online, where you can find your best wedding dresses with good discounts, and most importantly, the good service here will make your shopping time more exciting.

buy affordable bridal gowns with sleeves 2015
Wedding dresses with sleeves

In short, we can draw the conclusion that cheap vintage wedding dresses will enjoy its popularity in this new year. If you have order your elegant long sleeve wedding gowns for your marvellous wedding time. Terrific!  Finally, wish our brides have their best wedding dresses at their important days. Good luck!

More information about dresses from: http://www.persun.cc