How to find best Bridesmaid dresses in 2016?

Recently, two people asked me ideas for bridesmaid dresses and spare them the same dress that will make them sad all day:
They kindly share the glory of the bride is his crew of super girlfriends, it is necessary that you see! It is therefore not the moment to pie look, (especially if they are single it is the time of  attracting the cousin of the groom) they will want you for years. This is so my two favourite tracks.

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1 – A theme – several dresses in different styles
I had fallen in judgment before this small group of bridesmaids.
The bride bought several types of fabrics in the same motif or the same color range that it has distributed among her bridesmaids, making them each choose a cut of dress. The result is awesome! It is necessary to paste but it’s worth not?

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Blue bridesmaid dresses

2 – Accessories that make fly
Alternatively, you can leave them free to wear their fetish dress, perhaps by setting a simple theme and bright colors for example, everyone in a pretty dress colorful in his closet 🙂 And to distinguish you offer an accessory to them.

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And you? Have you planned for your bridesmaids? It interests us! In 2016, you can buy the perfect bridesmaid dresses online.

Why Choose PERSUN!

PERSUN is a modern boutique featuring chic, elegant and timeless gowns. Our production line includes gorgeous wedding dresses; formal gowns for mother of the bride, mother of the groom and bridesmaids, cute formal dresses for flower girls and junior bridesmaids; graduation dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses and dresses for Quinceanera and other special occasions.

” height=”747″ />In a few years after the establishment of PERSUN, our bridals line came to be known and grew much faster than expected. also quickly rose to fame for luxurious wedding gowns of exquisite handcraft and fine quality. As one of the world’s biggest wholesaler in wedding gowns and formal dresses, PERSUN has gained rich experience during the past years, which in turn has been instantly continuing to stimulate us to provide you services of the best quality and satisfy your needs in an all-around way.

Year after year, we exert ourselves to help our brides-to-be find the perfect attires for the big event. So sacred and significant is the decision of walking down the aisle for a bride that we are pretty proud of being part of it. We can never emphasize it too much how important it is for brides to find the perfect wedding gown. A right wedding dress not only can flatter the bride-to-be in all aspects, but also can truly compliment the whole holy event. Therefore, that customer comes first has always been our management philosophy. You are the inspirations of our top designers.

t=”900″ /> Jo Kenworthy from Canada, in the A-Line Sweetheart Bow Lace Court Train Wedding Dress from PERSUN for her casual outdoor wedding.

Every bridal wedding gown at PERSUN will turn you into the most special and happy bride in the world. We don’t provide ticky-tacky machine-made dresses. Any suggestions for improvements are welcomed here. Let play a proud role of your wedding attire decisions, or trust your unique customized wedding dress to us, we will guarantee you the wedding in your dream. PERSUN is your home, therefore, feel free to come home and start your journey of creating sweet memories that will last forever!

Thread for Your Own Weddding Dresses, Head for Persun

The most important purchase ever in a girl’s life is bound to be a unique wedding dress for her big day. That’s not because the dress can make you look breathtaking, but for the meaning it bears as well as the special memories it will bear. What kind of wedding gowns you will choose for you big event also reflects your originality and personality. At PERSNU, you can choose to be a breathtaking mermaid, or a dreamed princess in your fairytale, or a noble queen in your splendid kingdom as long as you want.

However, it’s quite a large expense to prepare a perfect sweet wedding nowadays. PERSUN tells you how to cut down your expenses by hunting for perfect mature wedding gowns with fine quality as well as adorable price, thus helps you push your budget even further. has collected a variety of exquisite wedding gowns to meet all the different needs of our would-be brides. From short backless wedding dresses for a fantastic beach wedding or a creative outdoor wedding to mature a taffeta mermaid wedding dress for a unique vintage wedding or a traditional church wedding, we have everything you need. No matter what styles your dreamed wedding gowns are, your dream can come true here. You can customize exactly the same wedding gowns as you want.

What’s more, an incredible amount of delicate and affordable mother-of-the-bride and groom dresses as well as very super adorable flower girl dresses are spotted at There are always surprises for you on We have had new styles updated constantly. Be sure to check them out. You will be pleasantly surprised to crop up one or two formal dresses for your next dazzling debut. There are multifarious fantastic fabrics, colors and styles to choose from as well.

There are a variety of unique dress styles analyzed at length below which flatter any figure in order to help you with your shopping experience at


Combining elegance with sweetness, a line wedding dresses can be very attractive and have always been bride’s most preferred choice. If you are having a traditional church wedding, a-line style is definitely your first choice. Classic and simple, this style enjoys great popularity among all the other dazzling styles. Any figure in an a-line wedding dress is perfect suitable. I just like the feel that the fitted bodice with no waist but gently flares at or near the natural waistline.

Ball Gown

Every girl has a fairytale dream where they are the princess walking down the aisle towards their prince charming. While at PERSUN, your dream can come true on the most important day of your life. Super sweet and stylish princess ball gowns with mellifluous designs for mature brides who want to be forever young are available as PERSUN. Ball gowns create a style combining traditional elegance with young girl’s sweet dreams.


Mermaid wedding gowns have once been considered the sexiest dress on a formal occasion. For plump brides, mermaid wedding dresses can show your curves to the best ever. Mermaid designs turn out to be the best option for mature and sexy brides. Every bride deserves to look her best on her big day. With a well-fitting mermaid wedding gown, you can make that happen. If slip into one super fitting mermaid wedding dress, get ready to be the most breathtaking mermaid ever!


For a sheath wedding dress, the seam runs vertically from the shoulders down to the hips smoothly, just to compliment how fabulous the brides figure is. What’s more, chiffon or silk and satin sheath dresses always enjoy the best popularity among brides who want to show their fabulous figure and make their appear remarkable. Sheath wedding gowns are also perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Basque Waist

Waistline dips below natural waistline and sits more on hips Empire. High waistline is just under bust Princess Cut. Many wedding dresses types, especially a-line wedding gowns, have no waistline, and shows the brides’ figure as an integral way. While this basque waist style is specially designed for your slim waist. That the waistline sits between the empire and dropped waistlines is just perfect for both slim and plump brides. With an illusion of length, the basque waist is an extremely flattering dress style for almost all the body types.


Empire wedding gowns are specially designed for both slim and plump brides as well. A fabulous bodice ending right below busts, the style is perfect for pregnant brides as well as petite brides.

No matter which style you will pick, the most suitable one always turns out to be the perfect one. Meaningful as it is for you to find the one that flatters you the best on your big day, it is more important for you to be happy. And always.

Real customer’s reviews for Persun Dresses

You just come across and you have seen the gown you want to buy but don’t know whether this site is reliable and professional? This is a little blog containing real customer’s reviews from !

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We want to thank Rachel again and welcome any future clients that she will bring to us.

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By Tracey:
Thank you Persun for my happy special day and thank you very much for your work. I am totally satisfied. If in the future I will need a formal dress, now I know where to find it.
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By Angella: Very nice dresses!! i bought a white one from your shop, and it looks perfect for me ,thanks so much for Persun dresses.
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By Joe:I would just like to say I am over the moon happy with my dress. It is so perfect and exactly what I wanted. You have met every expectation and I can’t wait to look like a princess at my 21st. Thank you so so much!
Please see attached photos. I loved wearing my dress so much I felt just like a princess 🙂
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By linda: Very gorgeous red evening dresses! i received it in time and it looks nice on me. thanks so much for Persun dresses.
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By Adah: it way really gorgeous for me. i bought a blue one from your site, and i received on time. i love it.thanks for Persun dresses.
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By jonna: Very gorgeous dresses! it looks nice on me ,and i love it. thanks U!
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By Fannie: I love this high low evening gowns,and i bought a white and blue one from your site. it arrived on time. love it sooo much. thanks.
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By Ralph: Very glad to buy my white high low prom dresses from Persun. i received it on time,and it looks nice on me. Thanks a lot.
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By Maryline; Hello, as you asked me, I send you a picture of my dress. I order this custom dress, it is very beautiful, the price is reasonable and the fabric is comfortable to wear.The making is remarkable. I am very satisfied. thanks for your beautiful dress to attend the wedding of my son.                                           buy cheap mother of the bride dresses
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By Anne Vide: Hello, I have received my dress last Friday, it arrived the same day as your mail, so it’s ahead of the initial date. I am fully satisfied, the custom-made dimensions have been complied with and even length (I had asked at ground level), very nice finish and respected color. I recommend your site definitely , I am very happy with my purchase. Photo support, length different from the picture on the site, longer and more dressed up for my taste. Thank you.
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By Karla: Very gorgeous, i love this dress very much. i received it on time, and it looks very nice on me.i can’t wait to wear it at my prom night. thanks for Persun.
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By Maisie: I want to thank you, and I’m delighted with my order! The dress is perfect!
I enclose a photo during a fitting, but I will send one of the early September wedding day.
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By Macy: very nice dress, it looks nice on me. glad to received my dress on time.thanks Persun.
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By Lauretta: Many thanks for your good dress, and we all love them. we had a wonderful party time with the beautiful gowns. I have ordered the gowns from your site more than once, very professional, and i will keep focus on you all the time. Thanks again.
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By Maggie: Very nice dress!!! the first sight i saw, i’m interested in it. i bought one from your site last month, and i received it on time. thanks so much for good gown.

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By Madonna: It ‘s the same with the gown show in picture, i can’t wait to wear it at my upcoming wedding parties. besides, the shipment is also fast. thanks for your beautiful gowns.
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By Maisie: Very beautiful and elegant! thank U!!! i love this wedding dresses and its charming designs. though it’s a little big, but it’s fine on me. thanks for your bridal gown.
(To be continued)

Everything about PERSUN Dresses —High Quality, Small Budget

The PERSUN Story

PERSUN is one of the best online clothing stores. Operating exclusively over the Internet, this 21st Century clothing company has become legendary for its exceptional dresses.

PERSUN is specialized in supplying all kinds of dresses including energetic prom dresses, elegant evening dresses, lovely cocktail dresses, youthful homecoming dresses and romantic wedding dresses. Providing you with high quality dresses at small budget is what PERSUN pursues.

PERSUN Dresses

PERSUN Dresses

1 High Quality

A high quality dress should be made from classy fabric and elaborate work. All of the PERUSN dresses are crafted in gorgeous and luxurious fabrics, such as glamorous satin, luxurious taffeta, starched organza and silky chiffon and feminine lace and so on.

Apart from the great fabric, what important is the design. All of the PERSUN dresses are designed by our professional designer group who are have more than ten years’ experience in cloth area. One of the PERSUN designers even achieved Hong Kong Young Designer of The Year Award in 2003 and two achieved the Creative Awards 2009. Their profession made great attribution to high class designs vary from classic, contemporary, to vintage.

A great designer dress with right tailoring always will shape a stunning silhouette, which is important consideration during a purchase.

2 Favorable Price

Usually, the high quality dress is related to high price or low price to low quality. Actually, it is not always the case. PERSUN dresses are high quality but at favorable price. Especially considering that high school students can’t afford high price for a prom dress or cocktail dress. Or a bride with a tight budget really does not have the ability to spend thousands of dollars on her wedding dress.

Fortunately, PERSUN has successfully provided them with lower price dress by cutting the produce cost. Because PERSUN possessed of his own dress factory and creative production-after -order selling model, which has saved some shipping fee, intermediary fee and stock fee. PERSUN takes this advantage to save cost and consequently has the ability to provide customers with relatively lower price.

Girls need not pay much and drain wallet for the ideal dresses.

2012 PERSUN Fashion Trend

Any of the dresses will present to the owner confidence of the femininity and irresistibility.

Let’s find out, what fashionable dresses are deserve to take an honor place in the modern fashion woman in 2012, PERSUN promises that will take great effort to design and produce stylish and modern prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming and wedding dresses for customers.