Sparkling Silver Craze in 2014 Evening dress

Silver tide struck again this winter!

In the advent of Christmas and new year, have you got any new dresses for your upcoming parties? In winter, snow is a romantic and fantastic element. Driven by the inspiration of snow, talent designers use silver fabric to add the winter atmosphere to our silver evening gowns wardrobe.

Marchesa Silver Evening dress with sheer top

People with dark hair generally look better in a silver gown. Exemple: Lea Michele looks absolutely stunning in this platinum couture gown designed by Marchesa. Nowadays with increasing designers like Marchesa are making creations in deeper shades of silver, they are making it easier for all types of skin tones to wear.

The Lure of Silver Gown

A sheer skirt version for your silver party wear gowns.

At this season of every year, silver dress for evening party can catch the heart of every human beings easily. Out of question, white is popular in winter, and so is silver. It is sophisticated, cheerful and romantic. What’s more, silver dress is more charming than white. With the style of hollow out and sparking sequins in these dresses, a lithe and graceful figure was spread out to its full capacity. So, a silver evening dress is endearing and glorious in your formal parties.

The most popular fabric for silver evening dress?

Which style do you want Persun to make for you?

In fact, there isn’t most popular one. As you can see in the picture, silver in different fabric can create different visual effect. Flowing, graceful or vintage. It’s up to you to choose for your glamour under the spotlight of party. An amazing silver evening gown can give out attracting beam of light. At that moment, you look just like an angel in moonlight with gentle breeze moving through. Therefore, no more hesitate to opt for a silver evening dress which is perfect for your upcoming parties. Where to buy such a perfect dress at an affordable price? Persun is one of the online silver evening gowns shops that can meet your desires with customer-oriented service if you want to buy one.

What accessories to complete the Silver evening wear outfit?

A great way to display your beloved silver dress in your wardrobe is to pair it with accessories in another color. It is immediate thing for an all silver dress. In the terms of sight effects, silver can wash most people out to some extent,while wear a special accessories will add more glamour to you. For example, when wearing a silver prom dress, wearing a vibrant necklace to break up the silver from your face is fine.

Silver Mermaid Evening dress with ruched top & beading details
Price: 171.26 USD

With a special accessory, silver dress refresh anther vigor of life! For most fair ladies, a pewter purse, jewelry and shoes are always a fun choice and it’s a good way to incorporate silver into your everyday fashion.In the end,

One strap Mermaid Evening dress in Silver
Price: 183.49 USD

don’t forget your makeup is also an accessory!  A smoky eye always compliments silver clothing, and if you really want to stand out, do a radiant red lip will help you!  Definitely, silver is  becoming more and more popular in this season. Even if you are not walking the red carpet like Lea Michele, be sure to incorporate silver into your wardrobe because silver dress is a good taste for your coming parties. Enjoy your parties!

Best Evening Dresses 2014

With the advent of Christmas holidays, it’s time to make preparation for it and reflect what to wear. At every year of that time, we will put on new dress during our Christmas and New Year’s vacation. Today i will make a review of evening dress trend 2014 and give some specific tips on choosing a best evening dress for party.


To begin with, let’s see the evening dresses that we could see on the catwalks during latest fashion weeks’ shows. If we take a glimpse of all dresses that designers created, you will find that most of them see the evening dress in maxi style, decorated translucent details, with embroidery, prints, leather, feathers, beads, and sequins. Such styles – it’s a hit of recent seasons and they still continue to be popular. Also silhouettes new-look,tulip, dress in retro style with a low or a high waist (empire, pin-up ) are still in fashion. The most actual materials are translucent, light, or very hard, structured fabrics, materials with elastane, shiny and silky velvet. Let’s take a look what kind of evening dress designers have created for the upcoming season.



How to choose the best evening dress for yourselves. It is  a question of the fact which dress will match your own image and body shape rather than the fashion trend only. At least those models on the catwalk are not a standard.In all fairness, dresses actually hang like a creepy sack on some of them! We, Chinese, are pretty far from real fashion trends, but appreciate fine style sense. If you know the basic rules of selection of clothes – to hide flaws and emphasize advantages – go choose dresses from these premises! Short model is suitable for girls with slim and long legs, dresses with bare shoulders – for owners of beautiful shoulder line. If you have a curvy figure – forget about the tight silhouettes and three-dimensional details. Deep cuts will suit if you don’t have any doubt about the beauty of the open parts of your body .


Color also can play crucial role in the selection of the best evening dresses. Choose dark and neutral tones, if you want to hide flaws, or simply do not want to be the center of attention, or the vibrant and light shades – if you intend to emphasize the advantages and are willing to everyone’s admiration. Do not forget about the accessories – for a richly decorated bright dress is better to choose a more neutral shoes and austere handbag. And vice versa – dress in strict silhouettes and colors require more vivid and good-looking jewelry and shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the current models of evening dresses 2014.

Shoulder formal dress


Women Are Flowers, Dresses Are Leaves

The majority of female are keen on dresses with floral prints. Born with some disposition like flower, ladies have strong desire for beauty. Meanwhile,the gentle temperament are endearing and charming.If they choose a dress which can reflect their vigor of life, they will be the most charming and endearing ladies. Hence a floral dress become a fashion and resonate in female world.

white floral evening dress

At the advent of your forthcoming parties,you may dress up in floral evening/prom dress. That’s a good idea. Despite you are pretty enough, but perhaps some tricks will be conducive to your glamour.

Go with different patterns

The floral prints can be varied in styles for different lady. For example, if you’d like to be a simple and adorable one, it will be all-right to opt for those minimal patterns dresses with slightly brighter colors.

Cute A-Line One Shoulder Chiffon Cocktail Dress
Daffodil One shoulder Homecoming dress

As for a absorbing and retro appearance, you can go with those bold and attractive patterns.Without doubt, the occasions also determine the patterns of your floral dresses. The light patterns are better choice for the relaxing and casual parties or dates.While some semi-formal or formal events may as well take floral dresses with large and bold patterns into account.

Co-ordinate your floral dress with a belt

Belt is another perfect element to decorate your floral dress. Various options are available, including a sash belt, a skintight belt and so forth. Sometimes a little change can bring some surprise for you.How to select the belt depends on the style of your floral dress. If you are wearing a dress with depth of stripes or a stylish one, a close-fitting bright belt will  light up your look and add some tenderness to your ensemble. Anyhow,a sash is good for those soft and flowing dresses with floral prints.

Floral prints dress with beltOther popular accessories for floral dresses

Apart from a belt, there are still other proper accessories to go with your floral dress. To salute the advent of cooler fall or winter days, you can buy a light and unbuttoned cardigan for yourselves. But the color of your little jacket or cardigan should in accordance with your dress. Besides, it is sweet to choose a string of pearls for your floral dress.

Every lady deserve to our respect,we should pay a tribute to their passion for beauty and their loyalty  for life.