How to Alter a Prom Dress

Before you get the prom dress from an online shop, I thought you should have intended to alter a prom dress. A well-fitting prom dress is critical for both comfort and looks. Maybe you would have a skilled tailor or dressmaker to alter your prom dress. However, professional dress alterations can be expensive, so why not make many your simple alterations on your one shoulder prom dresses or strapless prom dresses at home with only a needle and thread. If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you may even be able to re-size a prom dress.

What you should prepare


Needle and thread


There are 5step to help you finish the great alteration:

Step 1 Determine any fitting issues

Try on the prom dress with the appropriate bra and shoes. Determine any fitting issues. Is the length right? Does the bust fit? Strapless dresses should fit close from bust to waist, while a dress with straps is designed for a looser fit.

Step 2 Pin

Pin your prom dress to correct the fit. Ideally, the dress should be inside out when you pin it. To alter the bust, pin at the bust darts, rather than the side seams. Even out substantial alterations between seams, when possible.

Step3 Sew

Baste alterations into place. Use a needle and matching thread, or a sewing machine set to a long stitch length. For best results, sew hems by hand. If you remove fabric, stitch over the cut edges with a serger or zig zag stitch to prevent the fabric from fraying.


Try on your prom dress and assess the alterations. Make any necessary adjustments.

Prom Dress

If you are not confident your skill on alteration on your beloved prom dresses, you can first use with those old and useless dresses for practice. Believe that practice makes perfect.






Prom Dresses Ideas– Sexy Spring 2012 Trends

For the season alternating turns warm again and brings a wealth of fashion inspiration. Sexy design in prom dresses is declared in advance the arrival of spring, the beginning of the year for the wardrobe into the joy and anticipation.

The Spring 2012 Fashion Shows revealed some great new sexy trends, ranging from historical V-neck to peplum to ethereal slit. Get inspired and use the great selection of online prom dresses out there to make yourself the next teen fashion icon.

Spring, it is time to show your sexy side.

Deep V-neckline

A deep V-neckline turns an otherwise demure full-length white dress into a sultry stunner. A tall and slim girl will worked this look in V-neck prom dress, which is ideal for those with smaller chests.

V-neck Prom Dress

Peplum Dress

Have a boyish figure? Create an instant hourglass with a peplum top over a straight skirt. You will accentuate your curves in peplum dress. Cute and a little sexy peplum dress maybe your style, why not select one for your prom night.

Peplum Prom Dress


Dare to bare your shoulders in an ultra-feminine dress””just don’t forget the strapless bra! Off shoulder prom dresses reveal your feminine charming and show your sexy side in modest way at the same time.

Off Shoulder Dress


It is always a good choice to show some (but not all) leg in a skirt or dress with a high slit, which is famous sexy Hollywood actress favorite in public occasion. This spring, you also can select a slit prom dresses for your next prom.

High Slit Prom Dress

All of the above trends are available through PERSUN. They have a fantastic selection of online formal, such as prom dresses and cocktail dresses and so on.

Spring Trend 2012: Ball Gown

On the New York Fashion Week’s runways, one of the strongest trend of spring 2012 is Ball Gown. Floor-length skirts in silk taffeta, tulle, and organza are paired with everything from boxy lace to spandex tube tops to address everyone’s inner princess””even those who favor biker boots.

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When Girls put on ball gowns , she will turns into princess. Wearing ball gown at prom will make an incredible impression.

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Prom Trend 2012: Mermaid Prom Dress

Mermaid prom dresses have always been popular, but this year, the selection is much greater and more diverse. A mermaid dress is usually form-fitting and is a great way to show off your figure, whether it’s trim or full. PERSUN have gorgeous designs in the mermaid silhouette. Let’s have a look at these dresses!


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  • Pink Mermaid Prom Dress: Cute, Sexy, Elegant

Cute&Sexy Pink Mermaid Prom Dress

Sweetheart Beaded Ruched Slit Side Chiffon Prom Dress,$149.99

  •  Rose Flower Mermaid Prom Dress
Roses Mermaid Prom Dress

Sweetheart Applique Taffeta Mermaid Prom Dress,

  •   Sweetheart Purple Prom Dress
Lilac purple sweetheart prom dress
  • Royal Blue Mermaid Prom Dress: Slit Front


  • Adorable Yellow Prom Dress


2012 Spring Five Best-selling Prom Dresses at PERSUN

PERSUN presents a vast range of formal dresses and adorable wedding dresses for the young ladies who are young by heart. PERSUN strive to offer the most beautiful and delicate dresses. They make pieces which when you wear and go to the streets, make all eyes turn to you.

For the best prices and widest selection, the 2012 spring five best-selling PERSUN prom dresses are as follows.

Top 1 Sweetheart Beaded Prom Dress

Sweetheart Beaded Prom Dress
Sweetheart Beaded Prom Dress

A-line strapless beaded chiffon prom dress is dramatic elegance! This stunning chiffon dress has matching beads over the bra and a full chiffon skirt that will flow across the dance floor. The gathered empire seam waist beautifully creates a small waist. A variation of pleats on the front creates a fabulous fit, released down to a floor length.

Top 2 A-line Beaded Tulle Ball Gown

A-line Beaded Tulle Ball Gown

A-line strapless sweetheart beaded prom dress features stunning beaded bodice, fitted waist sash cinched to waist to create a small waist, show off your perfect figure. Classic elegance.

Top 3 Sexy High Slit Prom Dress

Sexy High Slit Prom Dress

High slit prom dress is ready for the red carpet moment with this prom dress. The front has a gathered bodice and a chiffon skirt with a side slit. You’ll look great from the front and the back with its V-neck bust and flowing front slit skirt. The open back peeks around the side while the six straps meet in the middle.

Top 4 Sexy Beaded Cut Out Prom Dress

Sexy Beaded Cut Out Prom Dress

Side cut outs and crystal embellished shoulder straps that criss-cross the open back for a stunning effect. A plunging V-neckline is accented by ruching across the bust and a dazzling center front crystal adornment. Sparkling crystals trail down the back towards the floor length skirt with a graceful flair and small train at back.

Top 5 Elegant One Shoulder Beaded Print Prom Dress

Elegant One Shoulder Beading Prom Dress

Elegant one shoulder prom dress is gorgeous chiffon gown! This elegant one-shoulder is stunning with silver stones and a pleated open back. The open back reveals a pleated elastic shoulder strap, while a zipper and back waist ties adjust the fit to your body.

These dresses are the best-selling prom dresses this spring because of the following reasons. The way one looks in a dress is everything and most of the people look good or better on a PERSUN Dress. PERSUN offer dresses on sale and give benefit to the customer by selling an excellent dress at a very affordable price. These dresses give a lady an overall good look and she looks attractive to her counterpart.

Michelle Williams——-Dress like Marilyn

Michelle Williams dress like Marilyn  at My Week With Marilyn’ Japan Premiere!

The Oscar nominee looked gorgeous in this fabulous white long dress”” and she reminded us SO much of her character!

white formal dress

As Michelle Williams continues to promote My Week With Marilyn, (in the film she did a fabulous job portraying legendary movie star Marilyn Monroe, we can’t help but notice that the

 nominee may still be replicating the style icon’s infamous look with her latest getup at film’s Tokyo premiere on March 13. While working the red carpet, Michelle posed  for the cameras in a beautiful white, draped evening dress. Keeping the look simple and elegant, she accessorized with Forevermark jewels, her blonde crop cut and raspberry lips.

The 31-year-old looks amazing as usual, and while she looks strikingly similar to the famous star, isn’t this simple white dress more of Marilyn’s signature style?

Like this white long dress? You can shop a same style one at PERSUN

Sheath V-neck Beaded White Tencel Prom/Evening Dress, shop now

Marilyn Monroe style white cocktail dress

Wedding Dresses Trend Part II

Welcome to Part 2 of the wedding dress Report for 2012! If you are still on the hunt for that perfect wedding gown, look no further””we’ve put all the latest trends in one place just for you! From slim silhouettes to ball gown shapes, show off your curves in this season’s most chic dresses.

Here we will highlight three fabulous trends that each bride should be aware of, embellished illusion necklines, fluffy ruffles and cap sleeves. These styles have certainly been seen before, but 2012 will breathe new life back into them with more elaborate designs.

Each gown has its own unique virtues, so take a look around and decide which style is right for you! Be sure to check out our PERSUN Wedding Dress Collection for other elegant options.

Click on a picture to go to the product page.

Embellished Illusion

While lace has been the adornment of choice for sheer necklines for quite some time, crystal and pearl appliqués give these see-through styles a more glamorous look.




Fluffy Ruffles

Flirtatious and flattering, these fun layers are certainly having their moment in the spotlight.




Cap Sleeves

Put a classic twist on even the most flashy, body-hugging gowns with dainty cap sleeves.