The etiquettes of cutting wedding cake

Wedding cake reportedly first appeared in Roman times, which means “happiness”. Today, wedding cake-cutting has become one of the most touching scenes. Imagine that the couple with wedding dresses cutting the white cake together, how wonderful. The new people also pay more and more attention for custom cakes. About the common sense of wedding cake, how may do you understand?

cutting wedding cake

Speaking of cake, it is very easy to remind of large-scale the wedding cake on the stars’ weddings. But as today’s tendencies, more and more people prefer the custom cream cake. This is also in response to the changing needs of newcomers. The benefits of milk cake include that you can give to guests immediately after cutting the cake and you can talk with the guests while personally sending it and so on. As part of the wedding, the cream cake can bring a lot of active atmosphere.

There are many kinds of cakes nowadays of different number of layers and different shapes and colors. You have many choices on you wedding. And it seems that the more the layer number of the cake, the more luxurious it will be. Or you can also DIY your wedding cake by yourself. But the most popular form should be the custom one.

You can design the pattern what you want of your wedding cake. On the top of the cake, it will be the picture your first meeting in ski country or the scene playing golf together or your first date and so on. It will be fun in the process of customizing and it should cause a small high tide when showing it at the banquet hall.

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Feed cake to each other. There may be this part in your wedding. It is often set on a small wedding only for the family members and the relatives. On each table there will be set cake and lit candles around. After cutting the cake, the couple feed it each other. In Europe there is a custom that when the couple’s eyes are blindfolded, the one can smoothly feed the cake into the mouth of the other will be the dominant party in the future life.

Make your own cake yourself. This form will be used when the number of guests is large and the venue is large. Puff cake soaked miles milkshake melts easily, so choose when to pay attention. Prepare cakes of no pattern in advance and allow the guests embellish it freely before the cake cutting. You can also prepare fruit or chocolate in advance, so that guests can leave a message trying to convey to the newcomers. It is also pretty good.

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To the custom cakes from other stores, you should be sure to confirm in advance whether you can bring your cake. There is something about customizing the cakes you should pay attention below:

Through the photographs, confirm the booking. In order to answer to the clerk explicitly what cake you want to customize, you can bring in magazine pictures or portraits. And you should depict the details of the size of the venue, the atmosphere you want and the number of guests, so as to smoothly determine cake size.

If you want a cake of the complex pattern, you should customize it as soon as possible. The cakes with particular pattern of tiny puffs as cake decorations will take much time to do. Generally it should be one week in advance.

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